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NOTE: This is my second fan fic. I hope you all enjoy it. I tried
to make the story both interesting and fun. I hope you feel the same
when you read it. Since my schedule has gotten very busy, I will try
my best to post more stories in the weeks / months ahead. Thank
you. If you would like to comment on the story, or care to give any
pointers or ideas on the characters, I do appreciate it very much.
Thanks again. ENJOY THE STORY

TITLE: The State Of The Union Through The Eyes Of The Bartlets
SUMMARY: The State Of The Union
CATEGORY: General / Couple Story
CHARACTERS: Jed / Abbey ; Zoey / Charlie

The White House
January 25, 2001

Jed Bartlet was busily preparing his annual State Of The Union
Address, as he was hounded by two of his hard-working staff.

Leo McGarry, his Chief Of Staff stated, "Mr President, are you
nervous about this address?"

"Leo, I'm the most powerful man in the world, so yes I'm nervous."

"Sir, don't worry about it. You'll do fine. You have always proved
to be flawless in every sense."

"Thanks Leo, I really needed to hear that."

As Leo walked out, in stepped Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief Of Staff.

"Mr. President, how's the speech comin along." asked Josh

"Just fine Josh. I believe I'm ready for this speech."

"Knock them dead sir."

"Thanks, Josh."

Charlie Young, the president's aide, stepped in to remind Jed about
the time of the address.

"Sir, we have 45 minutes unitl your address, are you okay?"

"Charlie, I'll tell you something, every time before I prepare to
address Congress, I get butterflies the size of ping-pongs."

"Don't worry sir. Mrs. Bartlet, Zoey, and myself will be right by
your side."

"Thanks Charlie, Let's see if we can speed up the Bartlet women."

As they were in the residence, Jed asked Charlie, "Charlie, do you or
Zoey have plans after the address?"

"No sir, I don't believe we do."

"Well, I thought that the four of us, Abbey & myself, and you & Zoey
could have dinner together and maybe also a movie to watch. It's a
very good and very interesting movie, but it's a movie for all of us
to enjoy. I was going to let Abbey & Zoey & yourself know after
dinner what the movie is, but I'll tell you and the women before we

"Sir, I think Zoey & I would love it. I'll let her know."

Jed & Charlie finally got the Lincoln bedroom to collect Abbey & Zoey.

Both women looked not only stunning, but also beautiful, almost like

"Mrs Bartlet, may I say that you and Zoey truly look like angels."
Charlie commented.

Abbey said, "Why Charlie, thank you."

Zoey commented, "Charlie, have said how stunningly handsome you

"Zoey, you remind me every day, I'm so glad to have a wonderful,
understanding, and most beautiful girlfriend like you by my side."

With that, Zoey and Charlie gave each other a very passionate kiss
with Jed & Abbey looking at them with admiration and at each other
with all the love in the world, that even Jed & Abbey gave each other
the passionate kiss.

When Charlie & Zoey parted their lips apart, he asked "Oh, by the
way, your father invited the two of us for dinner and a movie. Just
the four us, I thought it would be a nice idea."

"Oh Charlie, that sounds so wonderful. It's a double date then."

"A double date it is." commented Charlie.

Just then, Jed was letting the three of them know about the movie.

"It's called "Kennedy" with Martin Sheen as JFK. It's a very
informative movie to watch & enjoy and some great performances there

Abbey then said, "Jed, that sounds great. Zoey, how about it?"

Zoey then stated, "You bet Mom. It sounds great."

Finally, Jed commented, "It's settled. I do believe that it is time
for the address to commence. Mrs. Bartlet, will you do me the honor
of escorting you to the address?"

Abbey smiled and said, "Why, Mr. President, it would be my honor."

With the same thought in mind, Charlie turned to Zoey and asked
her, "Miss Bartlet, may I escort you down to the address?"

"Why, Mr. Young, It would be my honor."

As the address drew closer, Jed & Abbey, and Zoey & Charlie all
walked in the Capitol, hand-in-hand, and ready to commence with this
historic event.




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