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TITLE: Summer Vacation With The Bartlets
CATEGORY: General / Shipper / Romance
SUMMARY: Summer Vacation For The First Family
COUPLES: Jed & Abbey ; Charlie & Zoey

June 1, 2001
The White House
11:30 A.M.

It had been a hard working month for the Bartlet Administration.
With the senior staff working with Jed on the future of the
administration and the oncoming 2002 Election, the First Family
needed some well-deserved time off for themselves.

"Sir, might I suggest a trip to New England for a week's worth of
rest and relaxation," asked Charlie Young.

"Charlie, that's a great idea. In fact, I had in mind a trip up
there, just me, Abbey, and maybe you and Zoey could use the time
off." repsonded a very weary Jed Bartlet.

"Sir, I think you have yourself a great deal. I'll let Zoey know
right away."

Charlie phoned his girlfriend at Georgetown University. Zoey was
finished with her midterm exams, and was doing her bike excerises
when the phone rang.

"Hello?", asked Zoey

"Hey sweetie, it's me", answered Charlie.

"Hey handsome, I sure do miss you, and guess what, all A's this

"Zoey, that's wonderful, and I have just the perfect gift for your
grades. How does a week with me and your folks in New England. No
school, no work, and no interuptions of any kind. How does that

"Oh, Charlie, that's great, you bet I'll go. I can't wait for you
and me to spend some quality time together. Hiking, Swimming, and
Dancing, and whatever else we can think of. And speaking of
swimming, I saw this wonderful red bikini just for swimming that
would be perfect for you and me when do our laps. How does that

"Zoey Bartlet, I love you more than you know. I love the idea, and I
love you than life itself. I can't wait for us to spend time
together. Why don't you come on over at 7:00 and the four of us can
plan the trip?"

"You got it, sweetie, and I love you Charlie. See you tonight."

"Bye, Sweetie."

Jed had just come from the office when Charlie hung up with Zoey.

"Sir, Zoey will come over at 7 to discuss the trip. Have you talked
with Mrs. Bartlet?"

"Yeah Charlie, Mrs. Bartlet or should I say Dr. Bartlet loved the
idea and she said for us to have dinner together and discuss the

"Great idea sir, and thanks for inviting me."

"Charlie, you are like a son to me and I wouldn't have it any other
way. So 7:00 it is."

The Residence
7:15 P.M.

With Zoey & Abbey in tow, the four hard-working family members began
their planning of their soon to be wonderful summer vacation.

"Ok, I thought for two days each, it would be Connecticut, Cape Cod,
Hyannis, and New Hampshire for a day, and back home." implied Abbey.

"Mom, I love it, Charlie, Dad, does that sound good or what." asked

"Great idea, I'm all for it." said Jed.

"You bet, I'm in." responded Charlie.

Good, we'll leave tommorrow afternoon around 2:00, and Air Force One
will provide the transportation." implied Jed.

Abbey remarked, "Sweetie, now don't forget your cabinet meeting

"Abbey, I got it all planned it out. I'll have Josh and Leo remind
me about when Marine 1 is ready and saddled."

Abbey raised her glass of wine, as did Jed, Zoey, and Charlie.

"Here's to a great family vacation. Cheers."

The four of them finished their dinner and decided hold their movie
night tonight instead of tomorrow. Both Zoey and Charlie insisted on
watching "The Godfather Parts I & II." Both Jed and Abbey were in
agreement, and the four them relaxed throught the night and watched
the movie.

June 2, 2001
The White House Front Lawn & Oval Office
2:00 P.M.

Well, it was time for their vacation to begin. Jed, Abbey, Zoey, and
Charlie had their bags packed. Jed talked with Sam, Leo, Toby, CJ,
Donna, and Josh. They all knew he needed a vacation.

"Sir, have a good time, and don't worry, Sam & I will keep the staff
occupied, said Josh.

"You know, Josh, this reminds about the night before the annual
Leadership Breakfast when you and Sam started a fire and had me
evacuated in my pajamas and underwear." replied Jed.

"Sir, with all due respect, it was Josh's fault," said Donna.

"DONNA!" replied an embarrased Josh.

"Well, Josh, it's true."

"Leo, you're in charge, keep them on a leash until I get back.

"Yes Sir! Have a great time Mr. President." said Leo.

Before they left, Both couples stood by Marine 1 for a quick photo
for their family album. Then it was a photo with just the couples

Jed and Abbey looked at each other with all the love in the world
gave a each other a kiss that would last a lifetime.

"Ready sweetie?", asked Jed.

"Honey, I was born ready, Let's go!" said an excited Abbey.

Then Zoey and Charlie had their picture taken. They too shared a
very special love that no one could take away. They looked at each
other with the gleam in their eyes and gave a very passionate and
affectionate kiss that even they would remember. Jed & Abbey were
happy that Zoey was spending time with a man that could give her his
undying love and devotion. He was very special to Zoey, and even a
son to both Jed and Abbey.

When their lips parted, Charlie asked Zoey, "Zoey, you ready?"

Zoey sweetly replied, "Charlie, I've been waiting for a great
vacation with you, so I'm ready when you are."

"I love you, Zoey Marie Bartlet."

"I love you Charles Richard Young, with all my heart."

Then the two of them, with their arms aorund on another, joined the
President and First Lady for their anticpated summer vacation.

Marine 1 took off in the beautiful Washington D.C. sun where Air
Force One stood waiting.

Zoey and Charlie looked at one another as did Jed and Abbey. They
were going to enjoy a great vacation they would not forget.

They boarded Air Force One and took off into the beauiful sky and
began their vacation.

THE END.....



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