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TITLE: Summer Vacation With The Bartlets II
CATEGORY: General / Shipper / Romance
SUMMARY: Summer Vacation For The First Family Ends With Cherished
COUPLES: Jed & Abbey ; Charlie & Zoey

September 1, 2001
Camp David, Jed & Abbey's Room
10:00 AM

Jed Bartlet woke up with enthused energy. He, Abbey, Zoey, and
Charlie had finished their long summer vacation with stops in
Connecticut, Cape Cod, and New Hampshire. They were having a ball
being away from the confines of Washington.

Abbey was the same way. She & Jed had a great time being with Zoey &
Charlie and having time to themselves. To her it was a welcome
relief to have some free time. But it was time for them to get back
to Washington and to their normal routines.

"Honey, you know it's been great spending time with you and Zoey &
Charlie." Jed said.

"Jed, Let's try for another vacation, just you and me." Abbey

"Abbey, I think it's going to be hard with everything going on back
on the front, but I promise you that will a first on my agenda."

They both held each other gave a long kiss, signifying their happy
life as a married couple.

"Let's round up Z & C and get some breakfast." Jed said with a
growling stomach."

"Honey, don't fill your stomach with all eggs, you know how I get
about that." Abbey fiercely remarked.

"Oh boy, I'm going a field day back at the residence with Dr.
Dolittle." Jed sarcastically remarked.

Abbey replied, "Oh sweetie, if you think that bad, wait till we get
back home tonight."

Camp David, Zoey & Charlie's Room
10:30 AM

Charlie Young was already dressed and ready for a new day. He was
spending time with the most wonderful and most beautiful girl he
cherished, Zoey Bartlet, First Daugther of the United States.

Zoey was awake and was put her arms around Charlie, and kissed his
neck softly. Charlie couldn't help laughing and being aroused at the
same time.

"Zoey, have I told how much I love you, and how kisses always
brighten my day." Charlie remarked.

"Charlie, I love you with all my heart. Your kisses have the exact
same effect on me and I welcome it anytime." Zoey remarked and to
signify it, she gave Charlie the most passionate & juciest kiss yet
which made their relationship blossom even more.

Their kiss lasted almost an eternity to them. They really had a
great time. Spending time with Jed & Abbey, going to see the big
summer blockbusters: American Pie 2, Pearl Harbor, and the one they
cherished the most, Planet Of The Apes.

When their wet lips parted, They both held each other with a big bear
hug. Both of them had their normal routines to go to when they got
back. Zoey was starting her 3rd year at GU and Charlie to his
presidential duties with Jed.

Charlie then said to Zoey, "Zoey sweetie, I love you more than I can
tell you. This vacation has been wonderful both us, spending alot
time with each other has really made my life worthwhile, and there's
something I wanted to give you.

He then get on one knee, took out a small box out of his bag, and to
Zoey's surprise and wonder, an engagement ring.

"Zoey Bartlet, will you marry me?" Charlie asked.

Zoey only took a minute for her answer. With happy tears in her
eyes, she replied, "Oh Charlie, you bet I'll marry you, Yes!!!"

"Zoey, you don't know how happy you made me." Charlie happlily said.

They both looked at each other and gave each other great big hug and
long kiss. They were going to be a very happy couple.

"Let's go tell your folks the news, Mrs. Young." Charlie said.

"I'm right with you, Mr. Young." Zoey replied.

They both walked hand-in-hand to tell Jed & Abbey the news.

Camp David, Main Dining Room
10:55 AM

"Mom, Dad, we have something to tell you." Zoey said.

"Honey, what's up." Jed replied.

"Charlie proposed to me this morning, and I said Yes." Zoey told her

Both Jed & Abbey were so happy to hear about news, in fact the night
before Charlie talked to both of them about it, and Jed & Abbey gave
their new son-in-law a hug and sincere blessings.

Jed said, "Kids, you have no idea how happy you made me and your Mom."

Abbey gave Zoey a great mother-daughter hug and a Charlie a hug and a
kiss on the cheek. She was so happy for both them.

"I'm the luckiest mother & wife in the world, both you & Charlie
deserve happiness. We are gonna have a wedding like none other."

Jed cut in to say, "You kids have our blessings and we will help out
in anything you need."

Zoey & Charlie looked at each other with love in their eyes & asked
at the same time, "How about a White House Wedding?"

Both Jed & Abbey nodded in agreement. Zoey & Charlie were looking
already like a newlywed couple.

Jed gave Charlie a firm handshake and hug, "Charlie, welcome to the

"Thank you sir."

"Zoey, you are my baby girl, and I am so happy for you. Charlie is
lucky to have you." Jed said giving Zoey a long hug.

"Thank you Dad."

Jed finally said, "How about one last breakfast before Marine 1 takes
us home."

The four of them sat down for their last summer breakfast.

Camp David, Heliport Pad
12:45 PM

The first family were packed and ready to go. They had such a great
time and it will be a vacation they will never forget.

Jed wanted one more set pictures done before they left. Jed & Abbey,
Zoey & Charlie, and finally the four of them as a family.

Zoey and Abbey both gave their men a final summer kiss before they
got on Marine 1.

Their lips parted, and so did the four of them. Jed, Abbey, Zoey &
Charlie looked at each other with cherished feelings and the memories
they had while on their unforgettable vacation.





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