TITLE: Helping a brother. Post-ep for 17 people.
RATING: PG-13 (Language)
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing and it's characters belong
to Aaron Sorkin, Warner Bros., and NBC. No copyright
infringement intended.

"Hey Josh, what's up?"
"Have you seen Toby?"
"He's been in his office all day."
"Man. He has been in his office for about a week now."
"I know. Ever since he had that meeting with the
"Did you ever find out what the meeting was about?"
"No. But it must have been something really bad. Toby
and the President have both been in a foul mood ever
since that night."
"I know." Sam looked at his friend for a minute. "What
do you think happened?"
"I don't know. Do you think Toby would tell you?"
"Josh. Toby and I don't have that 'talking' kind of a
relationship. We never talk about our personal lives
to each other. You know that. He doesn't have that
kind of a relationship with anyone like that."
"He seems to talk to C.J quite a bit."
"Well, he has known her a lot longer then anyone
"That and he wants her."
"Who doesn't?"
"Good point."

Both men smiled and laughed.

"Joshua Lyman."

Both the men turned around and saw Donna standing

"Yes Donna?"
"Do you know what time it is?"

Josh looked at his watch and looked back up at Donna.

"It's one thirty Donna."
"I know what time it is!" Donna said while smacking
Josh in the head. "Do you remember your meeting with
Mary Marsh at one fifteen."
"Oh crap. I gotta go Sam. Talk to Toby will ya."

Josh darted down the hall pushing everyone in his way
out of the way.

"I swear. If that man's head wasn't attached to him,
he would leave it somewhere and have me go find it."

Sam couldn't help but laugh. He knew she was right.
Josh was the most unorganized man he knew.

"How do you put up with him?" Sam asked jokingly
"Because he still has the cutest little but in
politics." She smiled and saw Sam do the same. "Why
did he want you to talk to Toby?"
"We got a thing. Don't worry about it. If I were you I
would go and see if Mary Marsh killed Josh yet."

Donna smiled and started down the hall. Sam stood
there for a minute and decided to go talk to Toby.

When he got to the communications bullpen, he saw that
Toby's blinds were closed and his door was shut. He
also saw C.J standing outside his office.

"What going on C.J?"
"Something is seriously wrong with Toby."
"Sam, have you seen him recently? He looks like he
hasn't slept in a week and he hasn't eaten either. He
looks like hell."
"Did you talk to him?"
"No, he won't talk about anything unless it has
something to do with work. Even that he doesn't seem
interested in."
"He has been like this since that night."
"What night?"
"When he had a meeting with Leo and the President."
"When was that?"
"Last Wednesday, remember?"
"Last Wednesday I went home early because I was sick,
remember?" C.J said sarcastically.
"Oh, that's right. Sorry I forgot."
"Anyway, what happened?"
"I don't know. That's the thing. After he left the
Presidents office, he came in and heard some of the
jokes we had to come up with for the Correspondence
Dinner, then he went in his office and never talked to
"What did they talk about?"
"I don't know C.J. But what ever it was really got to
Toby and the President."
"C.J." Carol said while she came into the bullpen.
"The press is ready for you."
"Thanks Carol."

Carol smiled and left.

"Sam. Try and talk to him. He needs some help."
"Why does everyone think that he will talk to me?"
"Because deep inside Sam, he trusts you. Now get your
ass in there and make him alright."
"Yes Ms. Craig."
"Don't get cute with me Sam Seaborn."
"I can't help it." Sam smiled at C.J as she gave him a
glare and walked out and headed towards the pressroom.

Sam turned his body and faced Toby's office. He knew
that this was going to be a long shot, but he wanted
to make sure that Toby was ok.

"Go away!" Toby said after hearing the knocking on his
"Toby, It's me."
"Go away Sam."

Sam ignored Toby and opened the door.

"Sam, you really don't take orders very well do you?"
Toby said while turning away from Sam.
"Sam, I swear, if you don't go away I will throw you
out the window."

Sam could see that Toby was really mad, but he closed
the door and came closer to Toby. Toby new that Sam
was still in the room. He could sense it.

"Didn't I just ask you to leave?"
"Yes, but I'm not leaving until you tell me what's
wrong with you."
"No Toby, let me talk. You remember when I slept with
Laurie and I thought that I was in big trouble, well,
you helped me through that. Sure, you made fun of me,
but you also made sure that I was not going to get
hurt from that. And I came out of it fine. Thanks to
you." Sam came closer and put his hands on Toby's
shoulders. "You are like a big brother to me Toby, let
me help you like you helped me."
"I can't."
"You can't what?"
"Tell you."
"Because I just can't." Toby stood and passed Sam very
quickly. Sam noticed something on Toby's face that he
had never seen before.
"Have you been crying?"
"No! Why do you say that."

Sam got closer to Toby and looked at his face.

"Because your eyes are all puffy and your cheeks are
all wet."
"I had something in my eye."
"Sam, please, will you just go away."
"Because you are my friend and in my heart, you're my
brother. I want to help you."

Toby looked at Sam and saw that he was very serious.
Toby knew that Sam meant every word he just said.

"I really can't tell you."
"Damn Toby, you are one stubborn son of a bitch, you
know that?"
"No, I tell you everything Toby, and I still don't
know anything about you........"
"Sam, will you shut up. I didn't say I didn't 'want'
to tell you. I said I 'couldn't' tell you. The
President asked me not to tell anyone this, you know
that if says that, you really need to keep it to
"Sorry, I didn't mean to......."
"Don't apologize Sam, you're right, I haven't told you
anything about me. I'm sorry. I just don't like
talking about myself a lot. But this thing that I
know, you will know soon, but until then, I can't tell
you. Do you understand?"
"Yea, It must be really important if the President
asked you to keep this to yourself."
"Yea, It is."

The two men stood there in silence. Sam looked up and
saw that Toby's eyes were watering up. Sam got closer
and put his hand on Toby's shoulders. Toby looked up
and saw Sam staring at him.

"Whatever it is, we will get trough it."

Toby smiled and looked at Sam.

"Thanks Sam."

The end

I hope you like it.




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