Didn't Fool Anyone by MelWil

Category – Sam/Ainsley

Rating – PG13 (Just to be safe)

Summary – It's time for Sam and Ainsley to make a decision.

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Sam wondered how many times in the last week he had made this trip. It was a walk that he compared to the Minotaur's maze, with its endless halls, countless flights of stairs and the lurking monster in the office at the end. Most of the senior staffers avoided it whenever they could. But not Sam. He actually relished the chance to go down there, to argue and debate. And being able to work with her wasn't too bad either.

Ainsley was buried among piles of paper when Sam arrived. He stood at the door for a few seconds just watching her as she read through some lengthy brief or another. Her hair was hanging loose, framing her delicate face. In one hand she tapped her pen rapidly on the desk top, evidently frustrated with what she was reading.

"Are you trying to understand the Democratic theories again?" Sam asked her softly from the doorway.

She looked up at him, a smile playing around her lips. "I didn't hear you coming."

Sam entered her 'office' and closed the door behind him. "I was quiet. What were you reading?"

"Some long, lengthy speech by one of the senior staff writers. Lots of descriptions, not too many verbs." Ainsley stood up behind her desk as Sam crossed the room.

"Have you been talking to Toby again?" Sam asked as he reached forward to kiss her.

Ainsley once again wondered how a man who was so hard in his politics could be so tender in his kisses. She totally melted the minute that his lips met hers and she was thankful that there was a desk full of paperwork between them stopping the passion from rising any higher. As the kiss finally ended she sat down in her chair, exhausted. Sam sat down in the chair across from her.

"That was nice." She commented. Sam nodded picking up a piece of paper from her desk.

"You got the bipartisan dinner invitation as well did you?" He asked as he quickly skimmed the paper.

"Yeah. Now I've got to find myself a dress to wear." Ainsley hadn't even thought about the invitation since she had received it this morning. Now she walked around her desk and took it off Sam. As she looked at it more carefully, Sam gently pulled her onto his lap.

"Are we going to be brave enough to go together?" He asked as he nuzzled her neck.

Ainsley turned around to look at him. "With all those rabid Democrats and Republicans? Are you absolutely crazy?"

Sam looked at her, "Quite possibly." He smiled. "I'm just wondering how much longer we can keep this quiet. I mean people are going to start asking why I come down here so much, and why you always drop by my office before you leave each day. We can't keep it secret forever."

Ainsley pouted. "I wish we could." Suddenly her expression brightened. "But leaving unpleasant thoughts behind, why don't you come to my place for dinner tonight?"

Sam's grin also grew. "Will we have desert?"

Ainsley opened the door to let him out. "If you're very lucky."


Sam was whistling as he made his way through the communications bullpen. Rounding a corner he almost skipped into his office. Suddenly a voice came out at him.

"You're in a mighty good mood today." Josh was sitting in Sam's chair, his feet planted on Sam's desk. In some eerie way, Sam was inexplicably reminded of CJ. That was precisely the way she always sat whenever she was cranky with any of them. Sam suddenly hoped that Josh hadn't been taking lessons from CJ on getting mad, he's had more than enough of that last year.

"I'm just excited about the bipartisan dinner." Sam said airily as Josh vacated his chair. Sam sat down and pulled his laptop towards him in order to begin writing.

Josh looked at him skeptically. "Yes, you usually love spending time with republicans don't you?"

"It's my secret hobby." Sam replied, hoping that Josh would take the smile in his tone merely as sarcasm.

"OK." Josh replied. "Leo wants to see that speech soon. And then CJ will want to see it so you'd better get going on it."

"It's done." Sam replied, trying to get thoughts of the dinner and Ainsley and everything else out of his mind as he sat down to work.


Sam couldn't believe Ainsley's place. He'd expected some old fashioned, fussy, ultra girly apartment. Not this minimalist, modern look. Ainsley wrapped her arms around him in order to receive a kiss before gesturing towards the table in the kitchen.

"We have chicken and noodles." She announced. "It's not real fancy, but I didn't have much time."

Sam took hold of her hand and led her to her seat. "It looks perfect." He told her, holding her seat out for her.

"So what did you think of the comments from the hill this morning?" Ainsley asked, an evil grin growing on her face.

"They was mean-spirited and un-American." Sam smirked as he sat down on the other side of the small table.

Ainsley laughed. "I was talking about the Democratic comments!"

Sam stuck his tongue out at her. "Well those were patriotic and well defined." He clarified as he picked up her hand. "But the White House response was the best." He continued as he drew her hand closer to him, as if he needed to examine it carefully. "It was eloquent." At these words he kissed her hand, "spirited." Another kiss, "Poised, intelligent and passionate." With each new adjective she received another tender kiss.

"Hmm." Ainsley mused. "When did you and Toby start letting CJ perform her own work?"

At this, Sam reached around the table and caught Ainsley in a bear hug. Laughing too hard, the pair of them suddenly fell to the ground. Before Sam had a chance to respond, Ainsley tickled him in the side and was amazed to see him curl up in a ball of giggles. Rocking back on her heels she began laughing again.

"Well Mr. Seaborn is ticklish. My suspicions have been confirmed." She mocked. But before she could get too smug, Sam reached up and pulled her back down next to him. As she opened her mouth to protest, she found his mouth covering hers and within seconds they were again in the midst of a passionate kiss.

Sam didn't let go when the kiss had finished. Instead he held her a little tighter. "What would you say to desert now?" He asked, a question which was not entirely teasing.

Ainsley pretended to be shocked. "Now? Right here?" She asked.

"Well if you like." Sam replied as he left a trail of kisses down her neck. "But I'm willing to try the bedroom as well."

Ainsley laughed and got to her feet, pulling Sam up with her. "Why don't you go out and sit in the living room?" She suggested, with a quick kiss. "I'll bring some wine out for us and we can think a little more about this desert idea."

"Tease." He joked as he headed into the next room. Settling down on the soft couch, he ran his eyes over the reading selection on the table in front of him. As expected, Ainsley had the usual political and law magazines, but there were also a couple of surprises. When she returned, wine and glasses in hand, he held up one of the to show her.

"Dance USA?" He questioned.

She smiled sweetly. "The childhood dream." She answered putting the wine and glasses down on the coffee table. "Now I just watch and enjoy."

He nodded in understanding. Then a mischievous look passed over his features and he held up another magazine. "Today's Bride?"

Ainsley blushed. "It's not mine!" She protested. "It's one of my friend's! She's getting married soon and she wanted my advice on something."

Sam nodded, enjoying how beautiful she looked when she was embarrassed. "It's ok. I believe you."

"You know Sam," Ainsley had decided that now would be a good time to change the subject. "After that little effort in the kitchen, I have come to the conclusion that bi-partisan bickering can be incredibly enjoyable." She filled a glass and handed it to him.

Sam grinned as he took a sip of wine. "I keep telling you that don't I?"

She snuggled up next to him, her own glass in hand. "Well you were right." She conceded.

"So why aren't we going to the bi-partisan dinner together?" He asked, a brash note entering his words.

Ainsley pulled away from him. "Are you bringing this up again Sam? Do you really want us to become such a big deal? I mean, can't we just hold it off for a bit longer, I've been enjoying myself so much without anyone knowing."

He shrugged, a little upset at her attitude. "I still think it's a good idea." He said. "Everyone's going to find out soon enough and I would rather it was us that told them and not some tabloid. And this way we can tell everyone accompanied with the feelings of goodwill and alcohol which are always present at these dinners."

"I still don't know Sam." Ainsley said, her voice rising a little. "I'm just not sure if it's the right place or the right time or if I'm even ready to come out in public with this. I mean, what will my parents say?"

Sam stood up and glared at her. "Do you care about your parent's opinion that much. I mean, they're already cranky that you're working at the White House. Will they disown you or disinherit you or something because I'm from the wrong side? Is that what you're so worried about?"

"No!" cried Ainsley, tears coming to her eyes. But it was too late; Sam was on a roll.

"Maybe you think that I'm going to hamper your rise in the Republican Party? Maybe you need a good Republican boy." By this stage he was almost spitting the words out.

"Sam!" Ainsley pleaded.

"Maybe I just not good enough for you." He lowered his voice as he walked towards the front door. "Maybe you just don't care as much about me as I do about you."

As he opened the door, Ainsley called after him. "Sam!" He turned to look at her. "I love you." She said these words without reserve, without thought. They were the only words she knew how to say at the moment, even though she had never said them to a man before.

"Then talk to me when you're not so busy watching your own career." He said as he closed the door behind him.


Despite the fact she was wearing a pale purple gown, Ainsley was feeling particularly blue. She looked around the crowded ballroom and was reassured to see the usual meeting and greeting, fierce rivalries and shady deals flying left right and centre. She had wandered around the room, nodding politely when it was required, but there had been no sign of Sam. The only person he wanted to see.

It had been a week since he had stormed out of her apartment. She had wandered past his office a couple of times, hoping to bump into him so that they might work it out, but he had never been around.

Ainsley knew that she was being stubborn. But she really wasn't the only one to blame here. Sam should have heard her out, listened to the real reasons. But then, she admitted to herself, there really hadn't been any good reasons. And he shouldn't have stormed off like that; but she could have held out an olive branch. She sighed again; she had perfected the art of sighing in the last week. They had both been to blame.

Suddenly, noticing an opportunity to find Sam, Ainsley put out her arm and managed to retrieve Josh from out of the bustling crowd.

"Good Evening Josh." She said.

"Hey Ainsley." He greeted her. "Nice dress."

"Thanks." Ainsley gave him a small smile. "You haven't seen Sam around at all, have you?"

He shook his head. "No, sorry. I don't even know if he's coming tonight. He said he had some extra work to get done."

"Ok. Thanks Josh." She replied as the swarm swallowed him. Desperately trying to hold back her tears, she made her way to one of the side doors. Outside, she found herself in a charming, little rose garden. Looking around to make sure she was alone, she sat down on the small stone bench in order to mope. Sam was obviously really mad with her if he had avoided this event so that he wouldn't see her. He had wanted to come so badly. She must have really screwed things up with him, just like she always did.

Suddenly she realized that she wasn't alone in the garden. Someone had joined her. Someone who was dressed in a black tux, who had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Someone who was holding out a red rose for her.

"Sam?" She whispered, half expecting it to be a dream.

As he nodded, Sam somehow managed to fall over his own feet and straight towards Ainsley. And as she put out a hand to steady him, he somehow managed to stab her with the rose.

"Ow!" She exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry!" He apologized at the same time.

As they stood there looking at each other, it took all of a second for them to realize how silly they must have looked. Ainsley felt a smile growing , an action being repeated on Sam's face and within seconds they burst out laughing. In the midst of all this mirth, Sam held out his arms to Ainsley and she allowed herself to be enveloped in his hug.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

"So am I." She said pulling back from him a little. "It's just..."

"I know." He finished for her, holding her hand tightly. "You know I had this little speech all worked out, but with the falling over and all there's only one part I remember."

"What's that?" She asked.

Sam bought her hand up to his lips. "I love you, Ainsley. You might drive me crazy at times, but I can't live without you."

Ainsley had never felt this speechless before. Suddenly she knew how she could repay his sweetness. "Do you want to...?" She asked, inclining her head towards the party.

"With me?" He replied in mock surprise.

"Of course." She smiled as he leant over and kissed her. Together they walked into the crowded room. They didn't know what the reactions would be, or if anyone would even notice in all the action. But it was time for them to stop fooling themselves.



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