Eminent Figures by MelWil
Category - General
Rating - PG - just to be safe
Summary - Sam wonders how they got there and where to go next
Archive - Just let me know where
Disclaimer - They are not mine. They are merely dancers in my choreography
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Author's note - Sam's POV. Thanks to Beth for beta-age.

Did you know that there is an actual difference between the air inside the White House and the air outside? The White House is slightly musty, the airy rooms crowded with history, purpose and fear. Sometimes you think the air is going to smother you, but if you can talk quick enough you can pull yourself above it all.
The lynchpins of the Bartlet campaign: none of us were really going anywhere until we joined up. We were the victims of the Hoynes' campaign, movies and television, Dr. Freeride, a long string of campaign failures, Gage Whitney. It had all come to absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. But we had pulled ourselves out, pulled ourselves to where we sit today.
If I was to ask Josh how on earth we managed to get here, he'd probably make noises about goat sacrifices and personal alters in each office. But then Josh's no where was considerably brighter than the rest of us. Hoynes would have been able to win with Josh's support and Josh would have become the chief-of-staff. But he wouldn't have cared so much.
Myself on the other hand...
I almost got myself fired from Gage Whitney. Or worse, I could have been moved to a dead end department and found myself trapped there for all eternity. Thank god that Josh came along and rescued me.
I once talked to Ainsley about these ideas. She believed that all our lives had reached this seemingly dead end spot so that we would have been able to join the Bartlet campaign. I thought this was kind of a strange thing for Ainsley to be saying. Her beliefs usually lie in fact, not in fate. But she had admitted that she too had been going no where before Bartlet had asked for her. She said that she had not been winning any favors in the Republican Party, they had really just trotted her out whenever they had wanted a pretty, albeit intelligent, blond to put on show.
We aren't ignored anymore. We may not have a long string of successes to fly in the wind, but everyone knows who we are. And when people try to ignore us, when they think that we are not capable or are not brave enough, they get burnt.
But I wonder. Would it be possible for us to be invisible again? For we are facing another dead end and the future has dimmed just a little too much for my liking. Maybe this is the time for me to find an escape hatch? Maybe this is time for me to question if we really did find the real thing? Maybe it's just time to stop...?



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