Title: Showing Up

Category: CJ/Danny

Rating: PG

Summary: Danny just shows up

Author: MysteryAngel

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Disclaimer: as much as I wish they were mine, they're not. They belong to Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers, and NBC. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Authors note: this is my very first fan fic ever. Please be gentle but if it totally sucks let me know!

Thanks: Sparky, if it wasn't for you constantly harping on about finally getting it together and writing something then I never would have bothered, here's where we find out if it was worth all the effort!!!!



"Have dinner with me tonight"

"Danny for the hundredth time, I can't have dinner with you! Now would you stop asking?" CJ practically shouted with exasperation. She was moving around her desk rapidly rummaging through papers. She looked frustrated as she stopped for a second to rub her eyes beneath her glasses.

Danny, who had been standing in her doorway, quietly closed the door and moved inside. He stepped in front of her.

"Hey, stop for a second." He reached out to take her hand from her eyes looking into them trying to find the source of her frustration. She tried to take her hand back and move away, but he just held on tighter.

"Danny" Her voice was barely above a whisper but it was pained and weighed down with exhaustion.

He didn't let go of her but instead tugged gently on her wrist and led her to the couch. He hadn't spoken again yet but she was too tired to broker much of an argument. They sat side by side on the couch and when she realised that he wasn't going to let go of her anytime soon she gave in and laced their fingers together.

She was the first to speak.

"I'm sorry I snapped, its late, I'm tired." Her voice was quiet, like raising it would use the last of her energy. He squeezed her fingers in an effort to show her that an apology wasn't necessary and replied.

"That's a nice skirt."

She looked at the blue knee length skirt that she was wearing and then looked at him. The absurdity of his comment at that moment hit her and a laugh escaped her. It didn't have the full weight of her heart behind it but it was real.

"You wanna borrow it?" she asked before laughing again.

"Well, if you're offering to take it off...."

He didn't get any further with his thought as she turned suddenly and covered his mouth with hers. If he was surprised by her actions he didn't let it show. He kissed her back without hesitation. She separated their hands as she began moving hers through his hair. One of his found her thigh and his fingers started moving in slow circles over the material of her skirt. CJ moaned deep in her throat as the kiss intensified and pulled him closer.

When they finally broke apart CJ rested her forehead against Danny's and closed her eyes.

His hand was still moving leisurely over her thigh, she placed her own over it and stilled him.

She brought his hand to her lips and kissed the palm before whispering a thank you to him.

"For what?"

"Showing up" She offered no more explanation before standing up to straighten her outfit. She held out her hand to him and pulled him to his feet.

"I, eh have work to finish" She looked apologetic and signs of her exhaustion started to creep back into her stance.

"No problem" He took hold of both of her hands in his and looked her in the eye. "I could 'show up' tomorrow night again if you want"

She stared at him for a minute and a grin crept across her face. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly. "I have work to finish."

"Okay" He grinned back, squeezed her hands one last time and headed out the door.

CJ stared at the door for a while after he left, a smile on her face. Then she looked back at her desk, groaned, and went back to work.



Ok that's it. If it totally sucked let me know, it's the only way I'll learn.













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