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Bermuda Part 2


"Sam, what kind of storm?"

"Nothing big, CJ. I wouldn't risk that."

CJ looked at him. She knew it was the truth. But he said it so solemnly, she nearly flinched. This was a new situation for Sam. He was in charge of his friends for a change.

"It's not that I don't trust you Sam. It's just that your 'navigation' skills suck." She smiled and gave him a skeptical look.

"The guys actually running the show sail here every day. They know the weather and they use the GPS and not the stars to navigate."

"Okay, that makes me feel better."

"Make sure Toby has fun, okay? It's been a bad week for him."

"How am I supposed to do that, Sam?"

"How do you usually manage to be the only one Toby doesn't yell at?"

She smiled. She never really knew. "It's just 'cause I'm a girl."

"Okay, go be a girl, 'cause he's had a bad week..."

"Aye, Aye, Captain." She smirked at him and flashed a sloppy salute with her drink in her hand.

Sam made his way to the helm on the upper deck. He greeted the young man at the wheel. "Hey, Steve, how are we doing?"

"Fine, Mr. Seaborn. No sight of the storm yet."

"It's not supposed to be bad. Keep me posted, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

Sam stared over the rail. There were a few clouds overhead, and the wind had picked up.

He made a quick check of the sails and then rejoined the group on the deck. CJ and Toby provided the current floor show for the group.

"Toby, if you don't put sunscreen on your head, you're gonna get burned."

"CJ, go away. I'm working here."

"Why the hell did you bring your lap-top out here?"

"Sam said if I came out on this tub, we'd finish the AMA speech so I can watch the game tonight."

"At least put on that stupid ball cap."

"CJ, you are not my mother. I'd go so far as to say that this whole conversation is really screwing with my world."

Donna interceded. She handed Toby the hat he'd dropped beside him. Toby growled but put it on. He was ready to spout a vicious comment, but Leo's cell phone sounded loudly.

The group turned to look at Leo. No one should be calling them out here, unless there was a problem.

Leo flipped the phone open, and held it to his ear. "Yeah." He listened for a moment.

"Yes, Mrs. Landingham, put him on."

Leo walked away from the group. He spoke quietly into the phone for several minutes.

When he returned, expectant faces looked at him.

Josh roused from his nap to ask, "Something up, Leo?"

Leo smirked a bit. "Naah. The President needed to know what wine to serve for Abby's welcome home dinner. She's back from the England thing."

"He called you in the middle of the ocean to ask you about wine?" CJ was a bit incredulous.

"He can't pick wine worth a damn." Leo shrugged.

Donna wore her perplexed look. "Leo, how can he call your cell phone out here? All we've been getting on ours is that nasty 'you are out of provider range' recording.

Toby answered, "Leo has a special phone. It's got a military satellite up-link."

"Oh, cause if there was a war--"

Josh interrupted Donna, "--or a wine question of global import." Josh rose slowly and stretched. "I'm going for some water. Anybody want anything from the cabin?"

CJ and Donna chorused their drink requests. Sam took his spot next to Toby and opened his own lap-top.

CJ laughed at the sight of Sam and Toby sitting in floral print deck chairs as they stared intently at their computers.

"Hey, geek-boys. Donna and I are gonna go over to the sunny zone and try out our new bikinis. You guys have fun." CJ tossed over her shoulder as she grabbed Donna's arm and pulled her away.

Sam continued typing intently. Toby looked up and watched them leave. He frowned slightly at the thought of missing CJ in a swimsuit. Then he looked back to his computer and started typing again.

Twenty minutes later CJ and Donna rolled over to tan evenly. They were enjoying their mini-vacation immensely. Donna murmured sleepily, "Wasn't Josh gonna bring us drinks?"

"Yeah, that's what he said. He's probably chatting with Sam or something. I'll go get them." CJ replied, and stood up slowly. She threw a T-shirt on over her swimsuit and padded in bare feet to the stairs leading down to the small galley and sleeping quarters.

Josh saw CJ come down the stairs as he closed the door to the bathroom behind him. He leaned against the door and tried to look casual. The fact that his face was whiter than his new white t-shirt made that impossible.

CJ looked at him and shook her head. "Josh, what's wrong? You look bad."

"I'm a little sea sick or something."

"You've been throwing up?"

"Yeah." He walked slowly over to the couch and sat down. CJ followed and sat next to him.

"Do you always get sea-sick?"


The brevity of his answer worried CJ as much as the way he looked. "Why don't you lie down and rest. I'm gonna get drinks for Donna and the guys. I'll check on you later."

Josh eased his body down on the couch and closed his eyes. He tried not to move his head much, because when he did, the pounding inside his skull increased.

CJ fixed a tray with assorted drinks and took them back up to the deck. She dropped something off for Donna first. The younger woman was sound asleep in the sun, and CJ didn't wake her.

CJ put the tray down on the table next to Sam, Toby and Leo. "Hey guys."

"Hey, CJ." Sam looked up briefly from the computer. "I thought Josh was getting drinks. Did he get lost?" Sam clearly meant to heckle about her earlier comments that he was navigationally-challenged.

"He's a little sick." She looked carefully at Sam.

Sam's head snapped back up. "Sick in what way, CJ?"

"He says he's sea-sick. He's been throwing up."

Sam frowned. Josh didn't get sea-sick. They'd been sailing together before, on smaller boats and in rougher water.

Sam rose. "I'm gonna go check on him."

Toby growled, "Sam, we need to finish this."

Sam's voice was a bit harsh. "Toby, look at the ocean. See the pretty water. Stop working so hard." He turned and walked away.

Toby stared after him for a moment. He didn't understand Sam's sudden snappish words.

As Sam stepped off the last of the steps, he heard Josh groan softly. He looked closely at his friend lying on the couch. Something was very wrong.

"Josh, what's wrong?"

Josh didn't answer. "Josh?" Sam stepped to stand next to the couch Josh was on.

"Leo, I feel bad."

"It's Sam, Josh. What's wrong?" He looked carefully at Josh. His friend was pale and sweating.

"I'm not sure. I'm dizzy and my head hurts like hell and I can't focus on...anything."

Sam paused for a moment and replayed the events of the day in his mind. "Josh, how hard did you hit your head when you fell today?"

"Pretty hard. I didn't want to be a wuss, but I haven't felt right since then, so..."

"So you forgot the directors of the CIA. And you can't think straight and have a horrible headache." Sam dropped in the chair next to him. "Josh, you've probably got a concussion or something."

"Yeah. Don't worry, okay?"

"Actually, I can't help but worry. And it pisses me off that you didn't tell me that. We're in the middle of the ocean and I really don't have a clue what to do for you except get you the hell back to the island." Sam let out a small sigh of confusion and frustration.

Josh turned his head slowly to look up at him. "Sam, I'm really tired of having people hover over me. After the thing at Christmas, Donna and Leo hardly trusted me to go to the bathroom by myself. And you, Sam, don't hover well at all."

"I tried not to hover, Josh. You've been fine lately. This is completely different. You're just being stubborn." He wanted to say more but held his tongue. Josh didn't need to be lectured right now.

Josh closed his eyes again. "Sam, I'd really like to not be on a boat right now."

"I'll work on that, Josh. I'll send Donna down--"

Josh interrupted, --"Sam, don't tell Donna. I don't want her to worry and she'll yell and..."

"Fine. I'll just say you are sea-sick for now. CJ's already figured it out."


Sam looked at him for a minute longer, then bounded up the steps to the deck. He didn't stop until he reached the man at the helm.

"Steve, we need to head back in now."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Seaborn. We can't. The storm is in and we'll have to wait until it blows out before we can go back in."



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