Negotiations II- Passion Flares
Cold Keys series Part 8


Sam held her in his arms and stroked her hair softly as he kissed her. He broke away after a moment and nuzzled her ear. Then he rained kisses down her throat, tracing the line of her pulse.

C.J. moaned softly and twined her fingers in his silky hair.

"Someone likes that?" Sam purred in her ear.

"Oh, yes." She moaned softly. "Don't you dare stop."

He paused briefly to shift to the other side of her neck. She leaned in to him and unbuttoned his shirt. Thank God he'd left the tie off. She didn't think she had the coordination to deal with it. As it was, her fingers shook as she undid the buttons and slid the shirt off his shoulders. She stroked his chest and it was his turn to let out an involuntary moan.

"And someone likes that." She repeated softly and smiled up at him.

His hands roamed over her back and then returned to stroke her breast through her robe. His mouth covered hers and he deepened the kiss.

"C.J., you are wearing too many clothes."

"I'll just bet you can fix that."

"Yes." He slipped the robe off her shoulder and kissed his way down to the hollow between her breasts.

The room was silent as their breathing became more ragged.

Then a horrible sound made them jump apart. It was the insistent ringing of Sam's cell phone. They groaned in unison and glared at the phone, sitting atop his discarded coat.

"Ignore it, Sam." C.J. leaned in and kissed him again.

But Sam knew they wouldn't call him on the cell unless it was important. With a frustrated sigh, he stood and went to answer the phone.

"What!!" Sam grumbled into the receiver.

"Sam, is that you?" Josh barely recognized the growling response from his friend.

"Yes, Josh. What do you want?" The irritation was still evident in Sam's voice, but only to someone who knew him well.

"Gee Sam, am I interrupting a hot date, cause you sound a little pissed." Josh's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Yes, Josh you are. I was about to take a beautiful woman to bed and you better have a good reason for bothering me."

"Yeah, right Sam. It's been so long since you had sex, you wouldn't remember how."
His voice carried into the room and a very uncharacteristic giggle escaped C.J.
Josh heard it and paused at the other end of the line.

"Sam, please tell me I didn't just hear that."

"You did Josh. I just met this gorgeous girl in the lobby, and as I said, could you just tell me what the hell you want!!"

Sam heard Josh take an audible breath. "Sam, please tell me you are kidding."

"No, Josh, but the money's already exchanged hands so if you could be quick I can get back to being discrete."

C.J. looked on with awe. Sam normally couldn't be sarcastic worth a damn, nor lie for that matter.

"Sam, We are gonna talk later. We need you in Leo's room. The AG just got arrested for driving while intoxicated."

"The Attorney General of the United States?"

"Yeah, Sam, that one."

"I'll be there in five minutes." Sam broke the connection and smiled sadly at C.J.

"Shall we bet your phone's gonna ring in two seconds?"


"We just can't catch a break, can we?"

"Doesn't seem so." Sam smiled when her phone started to ring.

He got up, smoothed his clothes into place and buttoned his shirt. He pulled her in for a quick kiss. "We aren't done, C.J." Then he left her room and went back to his own.

Twenty minutes later, Leo, Josh, Sam, Toby and C.J. sprawled at various spots in Leo's room, most of them with their cell phones attached to their ears. At one point, they were all yelling into their phones, and C.J. stepped outside the room to be able to hear. They were having a horrible time trying to control this situation from the opposite coast.

C.J. leaned against the outside balcony rail and looked up. She couldn't see any stars because the lights of the city drown them out. She thought about what had happened earlier in the evening. If they hadn't been interrupted, their relationship would now be changed irrevocably. She wasn't sure what scared her more. The thought of a romantic relationship failing or their friendship. She and Sam seemed so right together. It didn't make any sense from a logical perspective. But it worked.

Inside the room, Toby and Josh were yelling. Their voices drifted through the closed door and reminded her where she was, and what she was doing. She took a deep breath and went back inside.

Leo saw her enter the room and caught something when he looked at her. He could see she was upset. It had to be a big something for C.J. to let it show.

He looked around the room. Josh snarled into the phone. Toby banged his head quietly against the table as he tried to get information from the DC police about the arrest. Sam sat quietly at the table typing into his lap top. He looked up when C.J. came in and stopped typing while he watched her.

Leo saw the look pass between them. His only thought was "Oh, hell, this is not a good time for this." The only consolation was that the rest of the group seemed oblivious.




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