I guess I just like juggling balls in the air. For anyone who is interested this is the sequel to Collision Course, in whcih CJ adn Toby get caught out and the rest of the staff find out about their relationship.

TITLE: Debris 

AUTHOR: Morgan morgan@camelot72.screaming.net 

SUMMARY: In the sequel to Collison Course, CJ and Toby deal with the consequences of the rest of the staff finding out about their relationship. 

DISCLAIMER: The West Wing belongs to NBC et al. I'm not quite sure why I'm doing this, I just am - but its for entertainment purposes only - no disrespect is intended.

Debris - part 1

Leo McGarry nodded as Josh completed his suggestions for handling the situation with Senator Fox - and failed to notice the uneasy looks that the three men standing in his hotel room were sharing.

'And then there's this other thing,' Josh said and promptly clammed up.

'What other thing?' Leo enquired, an ominous note creeping into his voice. 'Sir?' The President of the United States thought about answering his oldest friend - and then decided there had to be some privileges to his rank.

'Josh - you tell him,' he said. Josh looked horrified at the prospect of being the subject of Leo's wrath, when really it should be focussed on CJ and Toby, who weren't even here.

'Sam - tell Leo about the thing.'

'Why me?' Sam asked, a note of panic creeping into his voice as he realised that whatever he did here and now either Toby or Leo was going to be mad at him.

'Will someone just tell me what the hell is going on?' Leo demanded, getting more irate by the second.

'Well, its the thing with CJ and Toby,' Sam said anxiously, hoping that was going to be sufficient explanation.

'What thing with CJ and Toby?'

'The thing, the big thing.' Josh and the President exchanged glances, both wondering if it was possible that Sam was actually going to make this situation worse.

'Will someone else explain this to me, someone normal if that's possible.'

'What Sam means,' the President began with an amused look in the direction of his Deputy Communications Director, 'is that we know who sent CJ the flowers, it was Toby.'

'Toby sent CJ flowers?' Leo shook his head, 'very funny, now what's really going on?'

'That's really what's going on Leo,' Josh put in, 'CJ and Toby are involved.'

'In what?'

'Leo,' President Bartlet gave his oldest friend a look, 'come on, help us out, put two and two together here.'

'CJ and Toby are involved?' Leo looked stunned and disbelieving and stunned all over again. 'As in having a relationship? CJ and Toby? Toby Ziegler?'

'The one and only.' He'd had less time to absorb the information than they had and even the President's last remark didn't seem to make it sink in.

'Are we sure about this?'

'She's in his room right now, wearing a bathrobe,' Sam put in, 'well I suppose she might have put some more clothes on by now.'

'Its what, ten to seven in the morning? Are we really surprised that she isn't dressed? I notice Josh is looking at his best right now.'

'I was in the gym, not someone else's hotel room,' Josh put in defensively.

'Leo, it wasn't that she was there at six thirty this morning, it wasn't even that breakfast for two arrived... it was the shoes that really gave it away.'

'Shoes? Mr President, its early, I have other things on my mind - humour me.'

'CJs shoes were by the bed... last nights shoes.'

'Has she lost her mind?'

'There you go, now he's at the same point as the rest of us,' President Bartlet observed with evident amusement.

'How long has this been going on? Why are we just hearing about this now?'

'We don't know,' Sam replied.

'Don't you think we should find out?'

'Oh we will, but not right now.'


'We dispatch Fox first, that's business, CJ and Toby can wait until we're on the plane.' He looked from Josh to Sam and finally to Leo, 'I don't suppose this is very easy for either of them . We're going to ask some questions, we're going to talk about this and we're going to listen to them. OK?'

'And then we're going to ask CJ if she's lost her mind.' Josh concluded.

To Be Continued



Debris - 2




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