Author's notes

Title: In the Poppy Fields
Author: Miss_Lucy21
Rating: R, for mature and difficult themes, including abuse and suicide...much angst...
Pairings: none
Summary: "He could not stop her from dashing against the stones, from falling, despite his best efforts. As he prepared to try again, he wondered if in this, the last chance he might get, if his best would be good enough."
Spoilers: This time, everything is fair game, up to and including "Two Cathedrals." There are many references to episodes, especially Second Season, but very little that would give away an episode.

Disclaimer: They captured my imagination and made me crazy enough to write this, but they aren't mine. Aaron Sorkin is the wunderkind who devised my playmates here. I just tell stories he doesn't tell.

This story is part of my "universe" and there are references to my other stories within it. I don't necessarily think it's necessary to have read all of the previous stories before this one, but it may help.

The rest of these notes are explanations and references. Feel free to jump right into the story if you wish.
Quite some time back, I mentioned a long project that had been kicking around my brain. Then "Invincible Summer" decided to become longer than the quick little piece I had envisioned, and this long project got the backburner until my detour into the world of the first presidential campaign concluded. And as I was writing "Invincible Summer," Aaron Sorkin gave us the MS crisis and all the wonderful twists and turns that took over the last 6 weeks of the season and also changed the shape of what I was trying to do. And so, it is now months later.

The title refers to a song called "Children's Crusade", by Sting. Here are the relevant verses:

"Young men, soldiers, nineteen fourteen
Marching through countries they'd never seen
Virgins with rifles, a game of charades
All for a children's crusade

Pawns in the game are not victims of chance
Strewn on the fields of Belgium and France
Poppies for young men, death's bitter trade
All of these young lives betrayed"

All other songs used are identified with their excerpts. Fair warning- this may be difficult to read. It deals with a variety of dark things, and the battles they bring, and the amount of effort it can take to fight them. If that bothers you, feel free to not read this story.

A note on format. Each chapter has three parts. Parts 1 and 3 deal with the same event. Part 2 is a separate event, but it connects to the other two parts. I think it makes more sense once you start to read it, but I hate reading things and being confused, so I wanted to give some sort of explanation.

And finally, as I said above, this is part of my "universe". And as I said, I don't think you should have necessarily had to have read all the other stories for this one to make sense, but I personally would not choose this to be the first story you've read in this conglomeration. In chronological order, the other stories are: "Beyond Misconceptions", "Nervous", "Invincible Summer," "Choices Revisited", "Winter Warriors" and "Garden Thoughts". I tend to stick fairly close to the show, but certain aspects are a bit different.

Feedback is as always welcome at Also, if anyone is looking for someone to collaborate with on a new story, I have an idea that I would like to try out that might work better with two people, so if anyone's interested, email me.

I've rambled enough, onto the story. Enjoy :o)



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