Title: Nobody Wants to be Lonely

Author: ML

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Rating: PG, maybe PG-13

Disclaimers: The characters do not belong to me. They belong to the genius Aaron Sorkin, NBC, et al. The song Nobody Wants to be Lonely is Ricky Martin's and the writers.

Subject: Josh/Donna

Spoilers: To be safe, everything up to The Leadership Breakfast

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at writing WW fanfic. Feedback appreciated, but please be gentle with me! This goes way back to a challenge of having Josh & Donna go ice skating.

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Nobody Wants to be Lonely

"Josh, Leo's on the line," came Donna's voice from the bullpen.

"Thanks, Donna," I yell, picking up the receiver. "Leo, my man, what's up?"

"How's it goin' Josh? Isn't it a great day today? The sun's out and it's a crisp winter morning..."

This can't be good. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to meet with Congresswoman Hatcher. We need her vote on the upcoming education bill and she's the only one who can convince Robinson and Mitchell."

"No problem. Just give me five minutes and I'll head over to her office."

Silence came from the other end of line. This *really* can't be good. "Well, you see, she's not *in* her office today. She's going to be ice skating with her daughter. I assume you do know how to skate?"

I suddenly feel a headache coming on. "Yeah, I do."

"Good. By the way, take Donna with you. The Congresswoman likes her and she can keep her occupied while you speak with her. Meeting's at 1:00. And I *do* expect to hear good things afterwards." And with that, he hung up.

"Great, just great!" I look at my watch-12:00. I still have time.


Donna peers into my office. "You bellowed?"

"Donna, do you know how to ice skate?"

Donna just looks at me like I've just asked her to explain the theory of relativity. "Uh, yes. As a matter of fact, I was crowned the 'Moss Family Frozen Pond Ice Skating Champion' four years ago."

"A simple yes or no would have sufficed, Donnatella."

"Yes," she huffed. She looks so beautiful when she does that. Wait, did I just think that? Don't start thinking those things, Lyman. Don't start!

"Joshua, why do you want to know? Are you buying me skates as a late Christmas present? Because I'd really like that DVD player..."

Now my headache's definitely getting worse. "No. Leo wants me to meet with Congresswoman Hatcher on the upcoming education bill. And here's the kicker - we have to meet her and her daughter at the ice rink."

"Excuse me, what do you mean by *we*," she asks, placing her hands on her hips. I think she looks even sexier like that. Oh no, not again!

"Well, um, you're going to look after her daughter while I speak with the congresswoman."

Her alabaster skin is starting to turn red. "Oh no, Josh! I am *not* a baby-sitter! I'd rather go bring you coffee for the rest of the President's term that baby-sit some precocious monster."

I can't help but smile at her. "Well, no matter how much I would *enjoy* having that happen, Congresswoman Hatcher happens to like you." I come out from behind my desk and stand in front of her. "Please, Donna. We really need her vote. I tell you what, I'll buy you dinner for you troubles."

I wonder if she notices the incredible heat between us. Lately, I've started to notice her in a differently light. Especially after my talks with Stanley. He's made me realize that my feelings for Donna go much deeper than any employer-employee. I continue to stare into those bright blue eyes, when she immediately moves towards the couch.

"Oh, all right. But I want more out of this."

What? More? More what? That's almost as powerful as her philately comment. I mean, I would love to. But we just can't. We work together - in the White House of all places. If it were a different time, a different place.... "M-more? Like what?"

"Like when the education bill passes, and it will, I get taken out on the town. Dinner, Play, Drinks, the works."

Whew. That was close. "All that for baby-sitting?"

Donna just looks at me. "I think it's reasonable. After all, I'm the one doing physical labor here. Do you even know how hard it is to look after an eight-year-old?"

I think I now have a migraine. "All right, Donna. You've got a deal." I stick out my hand. She takes it and we shake. I keep hold of her hand for a few seconds longer that normal. I think I'm blushing. "Thank you Donnatella."

Now it's her turn to blush. "Your welcome, Joshua. What time is the meeting?"

I look at my watch. "It's at 1:00. It's 12:10 now, so..."

"Josh! It's actually 12:30!"

"Really, because my watch..."

"Still sucks. Let's go. I need to change."

Now it's my turn to look at her strangely. "Why? You look fine."

"I'm not going ice skating in my best work suit. Now, if you want me to go, you will drive my to my apartment and let me change into some proper attire."

Yep, it's definitely a migraine. "Fine, let's get moving."


Nobody Wants to be Lonely - 2



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