Title: Nobody Wants to be Lonely Pt 3/4

Author: ML

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Rating: PG, maybe PG-13

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The ride to George Washington Hospital was heart wrenching. I kept thinking: 'Was this the same as Rosslyn? Was I as helpless? Was Donna this distraught?'

We arrive in record time and bolt through the doors of the emergency room. Three nurses and two doctors came to the gurney and started spewing all this medical jargon. As I was walking beside Donna, still clutching her hand, I felt myself being pulled away form her. I wheeled around to see a nurse.

"I'm sorry, sir. You must wait outside."

"The hell I do," I said, shrugging her off. I resume my pace towards the trauma room.

She runs past me, again blocking my path. "Please, sir. Let the doctors work. There's really nothing you can do. Someone will get you when there's news."

"Yes...yes you're right. Thank you."

I head for a row of chairs, running my fingers through my hair. Sitting down, my mind goes back to thoughts of earlier today-how my feeling for Donna began to appear.


There you are

In a darkened room

And you're all alone

Looking out the window

Your heart is cold

And lost the will to love

Like a broken arrow

Why is that song coming to mind? Ricky Martin? I know Donna loves him. I remember her playing the CD one late night when I made her work. She played this particular song about thirty-seven times before I told her to knock it off.


Here I stand in the shadows

Come to me

Come to me

Can't you see that

Donna, what are you trying to tell me? Are you really in tune with me?


Nobody wants to be lonely

Nobody wants to cry

My body's longing to hold you

So bad it hurts inside

Time is precious and it's

Slipping away

And I've been waitin' for you all

Of my life

Nobody wants to be lonely

So why

Why don't you let me love you

Can I – am I in tune with you, too? When she wakes up, I'm going to tell her exactly how I feel for her. Screw the rules. We can overcome this. We will overcome this.

Suddenly, my phone rang. "Lyman!" I snapped into the speaker.

"Josh, it's Leo. How'd it go?"

"Fine. She'll vote our way. And she'll bring the others with her."

"Good. Josh, it's been almost two hours. Why aren't you back yet?"

"Because I decided to blow the rest of the day off!"

"I don't particularly care for that tone, Josh."

I take a moment and breathe deep. "Look, I'm sorry. It's just...Donna's in the emergency room right now."

"What? How?"

"Well, the congresswoman's daughter didn't come because she was feeling ill. Donna decided to continue skating while we discussed the education bill. Once we finished, I went to get her. Then these two assholes started to harass her. When they saw me coming, they shoved her to the ground and split. She was unconscious and bleeding when I finally reached her. The doctors are working on her now and I'm waiting for word."

Leo was silent for a moment before he began. "Josh, I'm so sorry. You just stay there with Donna. I'll make sure everything's farmed out. I'll tell CJ just in case. Call me when there's news."

"Sure Leo." I hang up the phone. Why is it taking so damn long? Oh, please let everything be ok. My eyes have been opened!


Can you hear my voice

Do you hear my song

It's a serenade

So your heart can find me

And suddenly you're

Flying down the stairs

Into my arms, baby

Before I start going crazy

Run to me

Run to me

'Cause I'm dying

"Excuse me, are you here with Donna Moss?" I look up to see a doctor standing in front of me.

"Yes. My name is Josh Lyman."

"Good afternoon, Mr. Lyman. My name is Dr. White. I'm the primary physician in charge of Ms. Moss' care."

"How is she? Is everything all right?"

"I'm pleased to report that the CT scan revealed no damage. She was just knocked unconscious and the ice lacerated her forehead. However, we will need to keep her here overnight for observation. With concussion patients, it's best to have someone wake them up every hour and ask them a few simple questions. Since Ms. Moss has no family here in DC, it's best we keep her here."

A huge wave of relief washed over me. No family? I've got to make sure that she's never alone again. "Thank you so much. When can I see her?"

"Well, the nurse is with her now. You can go back there in twenty minutes."

"Thank you again Dr. White" I wonder if I can get that man a medal? He said twenty minutes? Good, that gives me just enough time...


Nobody Wants to be Lonely - 4



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