White House Blues

by Maddy

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters....except for Kallie and James who are my creation :)

Category: New Character

Rating: PG

Summary: Kallie Bartlet arrives at the White House.(Kallie Bartlet #1)

Saturday. Two p.m. Sunny. Hot. Jed Bartlet, the President of the United States, relaxed in the White House gardens, enjoying completely the late spring weather. He sighed, adjusted his sunglasses and leaned back in his chair. It was days like this that helped him gather his thoughts and quite frankly, these days didn't occur often. A hectic schedule was more characteristic of his current lifestyle and if weren't for the First Lady pressuring him to slow down, Jed may not have even tried to relax at all. Now, in the Sun's rays, Jed was very glad that he had obeyed Abbey. It was almost perfect. Almost.

"Good afternoon, Mr. President......"

Jed groaned inwardly and looked over his shoulder to see who could have disturbed his peaceful state. Josh. Who else?

"Hello, Josh. Do you see what I'm doing right now?"

"Um, yes."

"What am I doing, Josh?"

"Uh, you seem to be relaxing there Mr. President and may I add, with all due respect of course, that it seems to be quite abnormal."

"Yes it is....and that's why it's so precious."

"I'll take the hint," replied Josh. He started to creep away with a large smile on his face.

Jed saw it. "What's funny?"

Josh smirked. "First Lady made you do it?"

Jed returned the look. "Yes....and I actually am enjoying it which is something Abbey is never to find out, right?"

"For sure, Mr. President."

Jed sighed. "What did you need?"

"Oh, nothing much.....just wanted to let you know that the First Lady just returned and she's on her way over right now. You better put on a miserable face sir."

"Thanks, Josh."

Josh left just as Dr. Abbey Bartlet entered the garden area. Instead of the romantic greeting Jed expected, he was greeted by Abbey's serious face.


"Jed, I was just speaking with James."

Jed almost fell out of his chair. "My cousin James?"

"The one and only."

"God, we haven't spoke-"

Abbey cut him off. "In years....I know. He's on his way to Australia.....and apparently he doesn't give a damn about his daughter. Kallie is on her way here as we speak. James didn't bother to make arrangements with us....he's just shipping here."

"Kallie Bartlet is coming here....now?"

"That would be correct, Jed." Abbey sat down next to him, her lips pressed together tightly, her face showing her level of anger towards James Bartlet. "Poor Kallie." Jed grumbled and stood up. He loved Kallie but he couldn't believe she was now on her way to stay with them at the White House. A fifteen year old girl can be quite a lot of work!

"Well, there goes the peaceful afternoon"




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