White House Blues-Part 2

"Kallie!!" Zoey Bartlet cried to her younger cousin when she saw the fifteen year old by the luggage claim area of the airport.

Kallie Bartlet's head snapped up and a slow smile spread across her face.

"Zoey...." she began and then found herself wrapped up in the arms of the First Daughter. "You came to get me?"

"It's so good to see you," Zoey started. She looked at Kallie's pretty face and gasped. "You look tired!"

"Thanks, you too." Kallie replied jokingly with a smile. She shifted her heavy backpack further on to her shoulder and parked her suitcase closer to her side. She felt tired.

Zoey led Kallie over to where Leo and some secret service agents were waiting to escort them back to the car. "Hey, kid." Leo said, enveloping Kallie in a hug as soon as she got over to them.

"Hi, Leo," she replied, hugging him back.

"Long flight?"

"Yeah. I'd say so!" Kallie told him, sighing. She wanted to go to bed. Immediately. The whole trip to Washington had been terrible. The flight was awful and Kallie was still really pissed off at her father for heading to Australia without her even knowing.

"You okay?" Leo asked sympathetically.

"Will be," Kallie assured him. "I'm just kind of pissed off right now."

"I would be too, Kid."

Zoey smiled and put her arm around Kallie's shoulders. "This isn't all bad....I mean, at least you get to come and stay at the White House."

Kallie tried to smile at that one but couldn't. "Yeah, because I have no other place to go," she said glumly.

"Hey-you're family and we're all glad that you're coming." Zoey said, ignoring the fact that her parents still weren't one hundred percent enthusiastic. They would be. She was sure of it.

"Lets just get you back to the Residence so you can have a nap." Leo suggested, seeing Kallie's tired eyes.

"Thanks. I'd appreciate that. Thanks for coming to meet me." Kallie said, trying to be polite.

"Hey-once you've slept for awhile, Uncle Leo can give you a tour of the White House," suggested Zoey. Leo nodded in agreement.

"Sounds cool." Kallie said. With that, she followed her second cousin and the white house chief of staff to the car.



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