White House Blues - Part 3



"This is my room?!" Kallie Bartlet exclaimed in amazement as her eyes darted quickly about the massive bedroom infront of her. She had never thought that the rooms in the White House Residence would be that big.

Zoey smiled. "Yeah. Cool huh?"

Kallie, despite the fact that she was tired and angry at her father, found herself smiling. "Is that MY bathroom?"

"You bet it is," came a voice from behind the two girls. Kallie turned around.


"You made it!" Abbey said, enveloping the young girl in a warm embrace.

"Yeah....long trip....annoying trip." Kallie replied. "Look, I know you're probably really upset about all this-"

"Kallie, don't even say it." Abbey cut her off. "You're welcome here with us, we're glad to have you." Abbey and Kallie walked over to the bed and sat down. Abbey put her arm around Kallie's shoulders.

"I'm glad you're happy Mom...." Zoey said, trying to hide her surprise.

Abbey glanced over at her daughter and continued speaking. "In fact, we're looking forward to something new around here.....I hope you can manage to provide some amusement, some fun to this family...." she smiled warmly. It was obvious that Abbey was truly welcoming Kallie into the Bartlet home.

Zoey set Kallie's bag down on the floor. "Well, I'm going to leave you two to catch up....."

"Where are you going?" Abbey asked curiously.

"I just wanted to see what Charlie was up to....maybe invite him for dinner?"

"Of course. He should be here to celebrate Kallie's arrival"

Kallie blushed. "It's not a big deal. Don't do anything big, Abbey."

"It's a little late for that....actually it's just Charlie coming and maybe a few members of the Senior staff....would that be okay?"

Kallie nodded and then she layed back on her bed. "This is nice," she said approvingly.

Abbey stood up, noticing how pale and tired Kallie looked. "I'll let you get a few hours of sleep before dinner." She kissed Kallie's cheek. "Nice to have you here sweetie."

"Thanks, Abbey. A nap sounds great."

Abbey left and shut the bedroom door behind her with a smile. Maybe having Kallie in the family wasn't going to be as different as she originally thought it would be. A few minor changes, but Kallie was just like her daughters and Abbey decided that it was officially time that the two of them became closer.

As the door shut, Kallie leaned back further into the pillows. She was still angry at her father for picking up and leaving but she was now seeing a bit of light at the end of the dark tunnel. Perhaps she would fit in at the White House with Jed, Abbey, Zoey, Ellie and Elizabeth....maybe she really was a part of the family already.

A knock on the door was all it took to wake Kallie from her nap. It had been a restless sleep, like usual and Kallie was glad that she was awake.....

"Kallie?" came a soft voice. Kallie slowly sat up, walked over and opened the door. Her head was pounding. Ellie Bartlet immediately hugged her cousin enthusiastically.

"Hi Ellie....when did you get here?" Kallie asked, almost groggily. Ellie smiled. I came for your 'welcoming party'as Mom put it. My godmother, Millicent, is here.....so are Leo, Charlie, C.J., Sam, Josh, Toby, Donna, Margaret-"

"I thought this was supposed to be a small gathering." Kallie said wryly.

"Well, if Mom told you that....you should have seen it coming."

"Ellie....are you serious?"

"Unfortunately. I know how you feel, trust me."

Kallie smiled. "It's really nice of her but-"

"I know. You're not in the mood to meet people. Mom thought of that and wanted to do it tommorow but Dad and a few members of the Senior Staff leave for L.A. tommorow morning....Presidential business.....you know the deal......at least you will know the deal."

"Yeah, I guess so. Is Elizabeth coming?"

"No. She can't make it down. She sends her best 'welcoming wishes' and her love."

"Cool. Can you tell everyone I'll be down in a few minutes....I just want to freshen up."

"Yeah, sure. See ya down there.....and Kallie?"


"Welcome to the family" Ellie smiled and left.

"Thanks." Kallie whispered.





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