White House Blues - part 4


Kallie trudged back up to her bedroom at a very late hour. Her new good friend, Perry Lyman, Josh's young cousin whom she had met a few hours earlier, politely escorted her to her room. Although they had only known eachother a few hours, Kallie and Perry were getting along famously.....and Kallie even found Perry to be extremely cute.

"Thanks for walking me up, Perry. It was very nice of you......kind of weird, but hey, it's weird just being here right now."

Perry Lyman smiled. "It was my pleasure, Kallie. It's been great meeting you tonight." Perry was only one year older than Kallie but he seemed to have all the courtesy of a man twice his age.

"It's been nice meeting you.....I have met so many people tonight....I hope I can keep them all straight in my crazy mind."

"You will, don't worry."

"Thanks. When will I see you again, Perry?" Kallie asked rather boldly.

Perry smiled. "Soon....we'll do something fun, okay?"

"Sounds wonderful."

"I better go, Josh wants to go home and get some sleep and since I'm staying with him, I better go too. Good night."

"Good night." Kallie turned slowly and opened the door to her room. She saw Zoey peering around the hall corner.

"Oh, he is the cutest guy that has walked in these halls in a really long time....other than Charlie of course."

"Perry's great.....we're going to do something.....go out, on a date I guess."

"That is so cute...." Zoey said. "Wow, and this is still your first day here....wait till next week!"

"Oh be quiet."

"Kallie.....you two are so cute....." Zoey repeated. She excitedly made her way to the room she occupied when staying in the residence.

Kallie retreated into her own room and stared at her bags, still on the floor where they had first been placed. She suddenly felt very thirsty and even more run down than she had earlier in the day. She went into her massive bathroom and filled up a glass of water....thank goodness someone had left a glass in her room. She drank it and filled it up again. How can I be this thirsty? she wondered. This isn't like it usually is. She put the glass down and headed towards her bed. She searched through her bags and pulled out what she was looking for.....her insulin kit. There had been a time when she hated giving herself insulin injections but now is was like normal.....almost. Her diabetes was a severe case....and she knew it. She had known that for four months now....and only her father knew.....she wanted to keep it that way. Kallie hoped that sleep would take it all away.

Bright and early the next morning, Kallie awoke to sunshine streaming through the curtains in her room. She felt rotten.....she realized how much her father's departure hurt her and she was getting sicker.
Kallie got a drink of water from the bathroom and frantically went over the previous night's dinner in her mind, making sure that she hadn't eaten anything she wasn't supposed to.
"I did everything right" she said to her reflection in the mirror. She looked like crap and she knew it. She was, however, determined not to let anyone know how sick she truly was.....especially Abbey. She didn't want her to figure anything out or she would constantly be on her case....being a doctor, that was what she would do. She would have to work really hard to hide it from her.

"Kallie?" Abbey appeared in the doorway as Kallie was coming out of the bathroom.

"Good morning, Abbey."

Abbey was silently alarmed at Kallie's appearance....the poor girl looked completely tuckered out-even after hours of sleep. She decided to keep quiet though, knowing that Kallie was having a rough time, just arriving at the White House the day before.

"Did you sleep well?" Abbey inquired cautiously.

"Yes. Great. I'm ready for my first full day in Washington!" Kallie said, faking her energetic response.

"Good. Good. Why don't Leo and I take you on a tour of the White House? Jed, C.J. and Sam have already left for L.A. and Leo and I are just looking for something fun we can do with you!"

"Sounds good, Abbey."

So, the rest of Kallie's day was filled with endless tours of the White House halls and offices. Although she enjoyed it, Kallie was just trying to stay on her two feet. Kallie put a little more effort into her visit with Josh because she wanted to learn more about Perry but other than that, it was a struggle just to get through the day.

"Leo, can you show Kal the mural room? I just want to check my calls....Jed promised he would leave me a message...."

"Sure, take your time. Come on, Kallie..you'll like the mural room....just about everyone does."

It turned out that Kallie did like the mural room. She looked around eagerly while Leo caught up on a few things with his secretary, the hilarious Margaret. Kallie looked closely at the walls and the furnishings. Then, the room started to spin. She instinctively reached out for a chair and closed her eyes, praying that it would pass and she wouldn't be noticed. She felt Leo's hand on her shoulder and her heart sank.

"Kallie?" he asked, his concern was evident. "What? Are you alright? Here, sit down." He guided her slowly into one of the chairs. She sat, catching her breath.

Leo looked up at his secretary. "Margaret, can you get Abbey please?" She nodded.

"No-" Kallie tried to object.

"Thank-you, Margaret."

Margaret nodded again, her eyes wide. She hightailed it out of the room to find the First Lady.

Kallie shook her head. "I'm fine, Leo. I don't need Abbey. I'm just tired, that's all."

Leo shook his head. "Honey, you're shaking....."

Kallie hadn't noticed. "I'm tired. It happens," she lied. She couldn't let Abbey see her like this.

She tried to think up a dozen ways that she could get out of this situation but they all dashed out of her mind as Abbey hurried in and felt her forehead.

"Abbey, I'm fine...." Kallie started. Abbey stopped her.

"Margaret told me that you almost passed out....I just want to check you over. Relax."

"I'm just tired," she objected again.

Abbey decided that Kallie should be taken back to the residence first and asked Leo to help Kallie up to her room. Abbey went to get her bag.

Kallie knew she couldn't stop Abbey. Abbey didn't like to told what to do and she knew that it was impossible to convince her that she was fine until Abbey found out for herself.

Kallie felt defeated as she layed down on her bed. She knew Abbey wasn't going to stop until she found out everything. She closed her eyes as Abbey rolled up her sleeve and checked her blood pressure. When Abbey didn't say anything about the reading, she sighed inwardly....in relief.

"Take a deep breath" Abbey ordered as she placed the end of her stethescope against Kallie's chest. "Again". She did.

Abbey went into the bathroom and returned with a glass of water for Kallie. She gave her some Aspirin.

"I want you to get some more sleep, Kal. Take these to help your headache.....and I want to check you later."

Kallie felt hopeful. "That's it?"

"For now. Your blood pressure is slightly elevated but that could just be nerves....your heart rate is normal. Lay here and get some rest. I'll be back to check on you soon." She gave Kallie a kiss on the forehead.

After Abbey left, Kallie began to feel hopeful. Abbey really wouldn't be able to detect her diabetes without a blood test.....she could just keep blaming it on her lack of sleep.
Her secret was safe for now.

Kallie woke up the next day, not feeling any better but determined to try to enjoy her time at the White House. She was now feeling optimistic about her new life and willing to give it a really good try.


-sequel on the way!




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