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Bargaining Chips

By Mer

Part 2

(Across the street from a hotel in Jerusalem)

"Have they arrived yet?" A man named Amir asked in Arabic.

"Not yet." His friend Armand replied.

"Did Abdul say who he wanted us to kidnap?" Amir asked.

"Someone important. Like the Deputy Chief of Staff or something, here is his picture." Armand replied as he threw it at Armand.

"Do you think they will react kindly to this?" Amir asked with a chuckle.

"That we plan on killing one of their own? I can't see why they would approve." Armand replied with a smile.

"I wonder if any of them are Jewish. That would be even better." Amir commented.

"Yeah I know. But Abdul said that doesn't matter. Look the limos are pulling up." Armand said as he pointed out the window.

"Pretty soon they will find out what a waste this peace idea was." Amir laughed.

"Or at least Mr. Lyman will." Armand joked.

(Inside the hotel)

"Okay guys, it's now eleven and we don't have anything pressing for you to do this afternoon. So you are free to go sightseeing. Just remember what I told you." Leo said as he looked at Josh and Sam.

"Well, I'm going to bed." Toby commented.

"Me too." C.J. replied as everyone raised their eyebrows.

"C.J." Josh mocked.

"Joshua, you know what I meant. In separate beds!" C.J. exclaimed angrily.
"You don't know how easy it is to set you off." Josh chuckled.

"Well, some of us aren't as dirty minded as you." Toby commented.

"Really, I saw that grin on your face." Josh replied, to which Donna gave him a playful smack on the shoulder.

"Be nice." She warned.

"What did I do?" Josh asked innocently.

"Try to survive the afternoon in one piece." Leo commented dryly.

"What time do you need us back?" Josh asked excitedly, ignoring Leo's remark.

"He looks like a newborn puppy." Donna joked to which Josh frowned.

"Meet at my room at five." Leo said as he walked away

"Okay, and try to stay out of trouble guys." C.J. warned.

"Trouble, who is going to get into trouble?" Josh asked with a grin.

"Donna, I pity you more and more every day." Toby replied before he turned to leave.

"Sure you don't wanna come with us C.J.?" Sam asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. And I meant what I said about staying out of trouble." C.J. replied as she walked away.

"What does she think is going to happen anyway?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. Come on let's get out of this hotel and see the glorious city." Josh stated.

"Oh boy, I'm in trouble now." Donna muttered as she trailed along behind them.

They began to walk down the street and Sam's eyes lit up. He saw an old bookstore. He stopped and gave them both a pleading look. Josh laughed and Donna groaned.

"Can I go in?" Sam pleaded.

"Well, I don't really want to, but that doesn't mean that you can't." Josh replied with a sigh.

"Hey where are we going anyway?" Donna asked.

"The Wailing Wall." Josh said softly.

"The what?" Sam asked.

"The Wailing Wall." Josh repeated slowly.

"How much further down is it? I mean we could meet at that café in like an hour if you want?" Sam asked as he pointed across the street.

"Okay with you Donna?" Josh asked.

"So I do get some say in this?" Donna questioned.

"Well, yes..." Josh stated as his voice trailed.

"Please Donna." Sam begged.

"Okay, Sam can go into the bookstore and I'll go with Josh to the Crying Wall." Donna replied as she threw her hands up.

"The Wailing Wall." Josh corrected.

"Whatever, see you guys in an hour." Sam said as he dashed into the bookstore.

"Why are we going to see a wall?" Donna asked.

"Because it's not just any wall. It's kind of a holy wall. Besides, I promised someone that I would visit it if I ever got the chance." Josh replied gently.

"Who did you promise?" Donna asked as they stopped in front of the aforementioned site.

"Not now." Josh said quietly.

Donna watched as he went over closer to the wall and he knelt down. Figuring that it was the polite thing to do she went over and knelt down beside him. She closed her eyes as Josh had done and she could hear him faintly whispering something. She strained a little more and realized that it was in Hebrew or something.

While they were kneeling Amir and Armand began to walk up behind them. It had already been decided that they were going to grab Donna as well for good measure. They hadn't expected to get so lucky by having Josh go out with Secret Service protection. Now, he could easily be abducted from a public place.

Amir jabbed a gun into Donna's back and Armand did the same to Josh. Donna's eyes widened with fear. Josh glanced over at her and gave her a pleading look, which she took to meant to stay calm. Amir made a command in somewhat broken English. Josh and Donna got up slowly, but not before Josh emptied out the contents of one of his pockets. Thankfully, this action had gone unnoticed.

Amir and Armand lead them to an awaiting van. They opened the slide door and they shoved Josh and Donna inside. Donna grabbed a hold of Josh as he tried to sooth her silently. Before the van took off, Armand jumped in the back and he jabbed them both with a needle. Josh and Donna were asleep before they could even protest.

(At the café an two hours later)

"Okay guys where are you?" Sam asked aloud to nobody in particular.

Josh and Donna were late and they weren't just mildly late, they were extremely late. Sam was a politician so he was used to having everybody run behind. But they were in Israel and nothing should have delayed them. Sam was starting to get very upset.

He finally asked a waiter for directions to the wall that Josh had wanted to see so badly. The waiter laughed as Sam had called it the Crying Wall. Sam just shrugged it off as the man gave him directions. Leave it to Josh to be the only one who knew the thing's proper name.

Sam reached the site but was dismayed when he didn't see Josh or Donna. Sam knew that Josh and Donna cared about each other and that neither one of them had acted on that notion.

"You two had better not be in bed somewhere." Sam muttered aloud.

He turned to leave when he noticed a familiar pager on the ground. He rolled his eyes because he figured that Josh must have dropped it. From the scratch marks on it, it looked like he dropped it quite often. But Sam also noticed Josh's Security Pass and a picture. He gingerly picked them up.

A sinking feeling struck in the pit of his stomach. There was a reason that this stuff had been left behind. The pager could be explained but not the other items. The picture appeared to be one of a little boy Josh and an older girl. The creases in the picture told Sam that Josh had looked at it often. No, something definitely wasn't right.

(Somewhere else in the city, the same time)

Josh woke up with an extremely dry mouth. He suddenly remembered being thrown into a van. He looked over and found Donna sleeping peacefully next to him on the couch they were on. Josh went to touch her but realized his hands were tied behind his back.

As he struggled to loosen whatever he was tied with Donna woke up. Her eyes filled with horror as she too remembered what had happened.

"Josh, where are we?" Donna asked in a shaky voice.

"I'm not sure." Josh replied slowly.

He looked around the room for anything that could give him a clue. But he found none. He also noticed for the first time that his shirt had been removed. A sick feeling formed in the pit of his stomach as he also realized what else was missing.

"What is it Josh?" Donna asked frightened.

"My necklace is gone too." Josh replied quietly.

Donna gave him a puzzled look. She didn't know that Josh wore a necklace. She had no problem with men who did it was just that Josh didn't seem like the type who did. She gasped when she remembered a necklace that she had given him for Christmas. With everything that had happened since then she had forgotten.

"Do you think they will hurt you because you had on the Star of David?" Donna asked slowly.

"I don't think it was their original motivation." Josh replied.

"I'm sorry." Donna moaned.

"Don't be. I have a feeling this has nothing to do with you." Josh stated as the door flung open.

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