Disclaimer: These characters belong to Aaron Sorkin and the other people at NBC.<br>

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Bargaining Chips

By Mer


Rashad, Amir, and Abdul all stood trial for their various crimes, but were not allowed to be put to death. They were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in jail and to hear the sounds of peace around them.

The peace didn't come overnight as President Bartlet said it wouldn't, but the people took up his challenge and began to unite for the common goal of living in peace. And while not all of the problems have been solved, the majority of them have been pushed aside. And day by day, things have slowly been getting better.

Josh slowly began to get better, and after a couple of months he returned to work with little sign of the ordeal that he had gone through. But unlike the last time he wasn't expected to just forget and move on, they all talked about their feelings and they made sure that he didn't have another PTSD episode.

The End



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