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I'll be

By Mer

Part 6

I had been a married man for a few days now and I was loving it. For the time being we lived at Donna's apartment. She said that there wasn't enough room in my apartment, to which I had kind of agreed. We went house hunting and Donna saw this quaint little house that she adored. The problem was that it needed a lot of work. What she didn't know was that I went and put a down payment on it. I had plans of secretly fixing it up and surprising her with it.

"Josh are you sure that Donna won't figure out we aren't at a meeting?" Sam protested as he was scraping paint off a wall.

"Yeah Josh, how you get her to believe you?" C.J. asked.

"I have my ways." I laughed devilishly.

I looked around and all the members of the senior staff were helping me fix the house up. Even Leo had agreed to help. President Bartlett knew that he wouldn't be able to sneak away so he sent Zoey and Charlie in his place. Everyone looked like they were having fun. They all agreed to come and help whenever they found a free moment, today was only the first day but they were all working hard at stripping the paint off the walls.

"Do you think that Donna would appreciate a picture of all of us hard at work?" Zoey asked and was answered by moans.

"I am not getting my picture taken." Toby stated angrily.

"Ah, Toby lighten up, being covered in paint chips suit you." Leo joked.

"Too bad that your father isn't here to see you." Charlie said as he picked a couple of paint chips out of Zoey's hair.

"Believe me I'm sure he has someone spying on us." I joked.

"Oh is that why there is a video camera here?" Sam said as he pointed to a camcorder on the counter.

"That is not a video camera." Leo protested.

"Oh really then what is it Leo?" C.J. asked.

"It's a..." Leo's voice trailed off.

"I knew it, I knew I never should have agreed to this." Toby complained.

"But Toby..." C.J. began.

"We wouldn't what you left behind to spill the beans on our plan." I finished.

"Like I would tell anyone." Toby protested.

"Ginger would." Sam joked.

"Oh and Cathy is Ms. Quiet?" Toby retorted.

"No, but she asked for the day off." Sam responded.

"Joshua, would you please explain to me why this has to be a surprise?" Toby whined.

"Because he wants to...yeah Josh why does this have to be a surprise?" C.J. asked.

"I know, I know." Sam said jumping up and down like a little boy.

"Okay, why Sam?" Charlie asked as he almost doubled over with laughter.

"He wants to surprise her to show that he can do some things on his own." Sam replied.

"Not exactly." I replied as Sam's face fell.

"But, but..." Sam protested as the room filled with laughter.

"I think Josh wants to surprise her with a house to show how much he has appreciated everything she has done for him." Leo offered.

"Well, if that's the reason then couldn't you have sprung for a bigger house?" C.J. piped up.

"It's the one she really wanted." I protested.

"Hey we should be grateful, can you imagine how long it would take to re-paint a mansion?" Zoey joked.

"I would help spring for professionals." Toby replied with a laugh.

We broke for lunch a few minutes later. Leo had money for pizza that he said came from the president. It was kind of fun to sit around on the floor with some of my closest friends knowing how much Donna would appreciate their efforts. The video camera hadn't been on but we decided to make a video of our progress to show how hard we worked. Toby was reluctant, but he said it might be kind of fun to watch later on.

"Josh, can I talk to you a moment?" Leo asked as I grabbed a piece of pizza.

"Sure, why don't we go back to the bedroom?" I replied.

"Josh, I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you." Leo stated.

"Why thank you." I replied with a cocky smile.

"No, I mean I am proud of what you said at the briefing." Leo clarified.

"How did you know about that?" I asked.

"Donna left the video on my desk. Josh, I want to apologize to you." Leo said seriously.

"Why?" I asked, confused.

"I think I may have been the leak." Leo said in an apologetic voice.

"Don't worry about it. I'm glad that it's finally out. It can't hurt me anymore." I said with a proud voice.

"I am also proud of you for marrying Donna. I know that sneaking away to get married is a pretty big step. I also knew that when you came and told me that you were willing to anything to keep her happy. I think that you were even willing to give us all up for her." Leo stated.

"Yes, I was. I was so afraid that you would ask her to be fired. I wasn't about to let that happen." I answered.

"How are you, Josh? I mean with losing Amy and all?" Leo asked quietly.

"I know that this sounds ridiculous but Amy's death helped me realize that I loved Donna. Amy wasn't married and she didn't have any kids. I didn't want to be like that. I didn't want to be alone. Donna has always been there for me, and I have always cared about her which is probably why my relationships have all sucked." I replied.

"After you were shot no one could believe it. We didn't know what to do. Donna was the one who offered to stay near you. She was the one who gave us updates and who later kept us from making you come back to work too soon. I knew that she loved you I just wasn't sure that the feeling was mutual." Leo admitted.
"I have loved her for a while now. I was just too stupid to see it." I replied.

"Yeah, C.J. always said that you would never have a clue." Leo laughed.

"Hey, I think I found the clue." I protested.

"Yeah, because a neon sign fell on your head." Leo replied.

"I can see where I am not loved." I pouted.

"Josh, if we didn't love you we wouldn't be here. Only you could get us to do free manual labor." Leo pointed out.

"Yeah I guess." I said as I flashed him a cocky grin again.

"I never thought I could watch your ego expand by the second." Leo joked.

"Hey that was my piece of pizza." We could hear Sam yell.

"Yeah well, you spilled Mt. Dew on mine." Toby replied.

"I think we had better get back before we spend the next couple of hours cleaning up after a food fight." I stated.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Leo responded.

We worked for the rest of the afternoon until I had to leave to go and pick up Donna. Everyone was exhausted but they each signed their names on a calendar for when they could come back and help some more. C.J. had helped me make a chore list and a supply list. Everyone agreed to work off the lists, so that everything would eventually get done.

"And just where have you been?" Donna asked as I strolled back in to the office.

"At a meeting." I replied with a serious look.

"Uh huh, which is why the person you were supposed to be meeting with has called twice for you." Donna replied with mild annoyance.

"Donna, it's top secret I can't tell you yet honest." I replied.

"But you will tell me eventually?" Donna asked in a childish voice.

"Only if you are a good girl." I replied with a grin.

"Oh please." Donna said as she rolled her eyes.

"Come let's go home." I said as I held out her coat.

"I don't really think of my apartment as much of a home." Donna replied.

"Well, it's our house for now." I answered.

It was killing me not to tell her. She would probably be upset that I was missing all of the house hints that she was throwing at me. I had to laugh at that one. In a couple of months or so, she would have the house that she dreamed off. But for now, she would have to be kept in the dark. Besides, I heard that paint fumes were bad for pregnant women.

A cold February drizzle was coming down as we walked out to my car. Donna just laughed and she twirled around in the rain.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Enjoying the weather. Come on Josh, dance with me." She begged.

"I guess." I replied as I set my book bag in the car.

I'll be the sun
When your heart's filled with rain
I'll be the one
To chase the rain away

We danced around in the rain. I was just happy to be with her. I loved her enough to dance around in the cold. Donna smiled and she giggled as she pulled me closer. We danced to the silent music that played in our heads.

I'll be your shoulder
When you need someone to lean on
Be your shelter
When you need someone to see you though
I'll be there to carry you
I'll be there
I'll be the rock that will be strong for you
The one that will hold on to you
When you feel that rain falling down
When there's no one else around
I'll be

(I'll be Written by Diane Warren)




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