Unwelcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 28

The Oval Office

"Leo, how are you taking this?" Jed asked once Leo had been ushered into the room.

"Actually, sir, there's um..." Leo's voice trailed off, unsure of where to go from there.

"Leo, what are you afraid to tell me?" Jed asked softly, realizing how hard Leo must be taking Josh's death.

"Mr. President, you may not believe me but Josh is alive." Leo replied as Jed took a drink of his coffee.

Jed spit his coffee out all over his desk. If the situation had not been so serious than they both might have laughed about the incident, but as it was neither one of them even smiled about it. Jed just sat there in disbelief.

"Leo are you sure that you are feeling alright. You know as well as I do that Josh is dead." Jed informed him gently.

"Sir, you have to believe me. It will all be explained in an hour or so." Leo assured him.

"All right Leo, if you say so." Jed replied with a shake of his head.

"I'm not making this up I promise." Leo protested.

"I said I'll come to the Roosevelt Room in an hour. But Leo I am a little worried about you. I know how much Josh means to you." Jed said with a concerned voice.

"He means a lot to all of us." Leo admitted.

"So do we have an update on Sam?" Jed asked.

"Yes, Senator Herman confessed to killing the doctor and Sam is being brought here as we speak." Leo replied.

"Do you think that is wise with the way that Sam has been acting of late?" Jed asked.

"Mr. President, Sam is still a part of this administration whether he's a bit wacky or not." Leo replied.

"Calm down, I just didn't want him to freak out." Jed explained.

"Hopefully he won't now that he's been cleared of all charges." Leo replied.

"Yes, let's hope so." Jed replied.

Rosslyn City Jail-Interrogation Room

"Sam I'm not sure how I am going to be able to prove that you didn't kill Dr. Winters." Oliver replied for what seemed like the twentieth time.

"But you believe me now right?" Sam asked.

"I guess." Oliver admitted.

"Then do your job." Sam replied.

"It's not that easy Sam and you know it. Okay, answer me this, why would Senator Herman kill the doctor in front of you? Why not just kill you?" Oliver asked.

"They already tried that twice and it didn't work." Sam pointed out.

"True, but why go through the effort of framing you when he could have just killed you himself? A jury is going to have a hard time with that." Oliver replied.

"I know they will, but it's the truth." Sam replied.

"Sam would you tell me again why you faked being evil?" Oliver asked.

"I wanted attention." Sam admitted.

"Well, you have definitely received that attention now. No one is going to believe that you aren't capable of this murder. Sure, I believe you but that's because I know you. I don't think anyone else who doesn't know you will. The Prosecution is going to paint a pretty picture of you as being an out of control animal. You yelled at the President for heaven sakes. You tried to beat up a guy in a coma." Oliver pointed out.

"I didn't mean to beat up Josh. I was under the influence of Senator Herman's sister then." Sam pointed out.

"True." Oliver said as he placed his head in his hands.

The door to the interrogation room opened and Detective Williams came back in. Oliver was prepared for him to say that they were going to officially charge Sam. But that's not what the detective said.


"Mr. Seaborn you are free to go." Detective Williams said as he came into the room.

"What?" Oliver asked in disbelief.

"We have arrested a new suspect for the crime; all the charges against your client have been dropped." Detective Williams replied.

"So I'm free to go back to the hospital?" Sam asked.

"Actually you're being taken to the rehab center at G.W. hospital instead." Detective Williams replied.

"That's wonderful news Sam." Oliver replied.

"Mr. Babish, can I speak with you alone for a moment?" Detective Williams asked as he led Oliver outside the room.

"What's wrong?" Oliver asked once they were outside.

"It was on the news a few minutes ago; Josh Lyman didn't survive the operation that he was undergoing today." The detective said gently.

"Does everyone else already know?" Oliver exclaimed.

"There is also a message from the White House, they need you and Sam to stop by there before you take him to the new hospital." The detective added.

"Is it about Josh?" Oliver asked.

"I'm not sure but that could have something to do with it. In addition, Senator Herman is being charged with the doctor's murder. They have him confessing on tape." Detective Williams said.

"Thanks. I'll be sure and tell Sam." Oliver replied with a heavy heart.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked once he saw the look on Oliver's face.

"Josh didn't survive this surgery this morning." Oliver replied as gently as he could.

"But..." Sam's voice trailed off as Oliver's face told him that Josh really was dead.

"Before I take you to the hospital I am supposed to take you to the White House. I thought that you should be prepared." Oliver said gently.

"Thanks." Sam mumbled in-coherently.

White House-Josh's Office

Casey walked back from Leo's office and he noticed the somber mood that had been cast over the White House. Toby and C.J. were still in her office trying to console each other. Charlie had gone upstairs to check on Zoey who was devastated. When Casey walked by Donna's desk he realized just how hard she was trying to pull herself together.

He went into his office and sat down at Josh's desk. He remembered how when Josh was in a coma that no one wanted him to move a single thing in the office out of place. Now that they thought Josh was dead, Casey thought that they wanted to turn the office into a shrine.

A picture of Josh and Donna caught his eye. He sighed heavily. He had heard all the rumors that Josh and Donna were more than boss and assistant. With Josh being in the hospital he hadn't witnessed it first hand, except for the way that Donna used to scurry to the hospital each day. However, that was to visit Sam as well. Today was the first day that he realized that Donna was mourning over a lost love. He had to try and prepare her better for what she would see in an hour.

"Donna, can I see you for a moment?" Casey called out softly.

Donna who had been doing her best to stop crying nodded her head. She took a deep breath and tried to wipe a few stray teardrops off her face. She just had to accept the fact that she was Casey's permanent assistant now.

"Yes." Donna said as entered the office and tried to focus on him and not on anything in the office.

"Donna, there is going to be a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in about an hour at 3. I really need you to be there." Casey said softly.

"Okay." Donna replied cursing him for being so insensitive to make her work when the love of her life is dead.

"Donna, I know that Josh means a lot to you..." Casey began but Donna cut him off before he could finish.

"Don't okay, just don't. You have no idea how much he means to me." Donna snapped.

"Donna, I think this meeting will help to ease some of your grief. I think you will feel more at ease." Casey replied.

"Oh I'll go to your stupid meeting today alright, but don't you ever tell me again how to manage my grief." Donna said as she ran out of the room.

The office door slammed behind her. Casey winced at the sound. Donna was going to freak when she realized that Josh was alive.


"Well that went well." Casey said aloud to himself.