Unwelcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 14



Georgetown Hospital-Josh's Room

"What do you mean that I might die?" Josh asked softly, suddenly wishing he wasn't alone with the doctor.

"Mr. Lyman, you were given an experimental drug while you had you had some brain swelling. The film showed a white bulge pressing against your skull. In other words it appears that you have a mass, a tumor, pressing against the base of your skull. We believe that is what is causing the blindness." Dr. Schwartz replied.

"Can't you just go in and remove it?" Josh asked quietly.

"No. If we tried to remove it from it's current location, it would probably leave you severely brain damaged, if the operation didn't kill you first." Dr. Schwartz replied.

"So if you leave it there then I just stay blind right?" Josh asked.

"Well, yes and no. It appears that it might be cancerous." Dr. Schwartz replied.

"You think I have cancer?" Josh asked slowly.

"Yes, we believe that it is a side effect from the experimental drug." Dr. Schwartz answered somberly.

"So what does that mean? Can it be cured?" Josh asked.

"Well, we could try radiation therapy to shrink it down but with your tumor placement we aren't sure that will make much difference." Dr. Schwartz replied.

"What does that mean?" Josh asked quietly.

"It means that if it is cancerous you probably have less than six months to live." Dr. Schwartz replied sadly.

"And if it's not cancerous?" Josh asked.

"Then we can try and shrink it down with radiation anyway. But if that doesn't work then you will probably be blind for the rest of your life." Dr. Schwartz replied.

"So I'm either going to be blind or dead, huh." Josh replied.

"Yeah it appears that way." Dr. Schwartz answered.

"I guess I will take blind then." Josh answered.

"That's if you get the choice." Dr. Schwartz replied.

Josh nodded as the doctor left the room. He suddenly felt so overwhelmed. It made him wish that he were dead. At least if he were dead everyone would have had enough time to move on by now. But instead they were going to have to endure the torture that he was going to endure. They would either have to deal with a blind Josh, or a blind and dying Josh.

A shiver went up him as he thought about that. And how was he ever going to patch things up with Sam now. Sam was already pissed at him and the fact that he might die probably was going to make Sam happy, but not in the way he wanted it too. Sam was different and he could tell that news like this would only keep this new Sam around.

Josh struggled to recall the fire but nothing came to him. All that he could remember was his little display with Donna's underwear. He had to admit that he still found that humorous even if Donna didn't. He couldn't remember a thing about the fire, or anything that could have given Sam a reason to hate him.

What Sam had said to him had been cruel. He had tried to ignore it but he couldn't. Maybe he didn't deserve to live. Josh tried to shove those thoughts aside but he couldn't. Something made him want to believe Sam, even though Sam had been so mean about it. Sam was his best friend after all, and would he really be purposely mean? Josh didn't think that was possible. But he was wrong.

The Oval Office

"Well, I think I'm going to turn in for the night Charlie. If anyone needs me I'll be upstairs asleep." Jed told his young assistant.

"Sir, I know that you had the Notre Dame basketball taped and..." Charlie began to tease.

"Shhh, I promised Abbey that I wasn't going to watch the game." Jed said with a smile.

"I know, sir which is why she left me explicit instructions to give you the score of the game so you could go to bed." Charlie replied.

"You wouldn't would you?" Jed asked.

"No, I value my job too much, sir." Charlie smiled.

"Keep smirking Charlie and I'll get you assigned..." Jed threatened.

"To the Yukon I know. Good-night, sir." Charlie laughed.

"Hi, can I grab a minute?" Leo asked from the doorway.

"He's got a game to watch." Charlie laughed.

"Of course I got a minute. See you tomorrow Charlie." Jed replied.

"Goodnight Sir, Leo." Charlie said as he left the room.

"What can I do for you, Leo?" Jed asked as he sat down on the couch.

"It's about Sam and Josh sir." Leo replied slowly.

"What about them?" Jed asked softly.

"Stanley went to talk to Sam tonight and he is afraid that Sam has a disorder worse than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." Leo began.

"What does he think Sam has?" Jed asked.

"He's not sure." Leo replied with a heavy sigh.

"And what about Josh?" Jed asked.

"I guess he was blinded by the accident." Leo replied.

"What? I just talked to him yesterday." Jed mumbled.

"I know, I guess he was trying to hide it from us." Leo replied.

"Is it permanent?" Jed asked.

"He's getting some tests run on him right now." Leo answered.

"If I could kill that Senator Herman I would." Jed threatened.

"I know, sir." Leo replied.

"When does his trial start anyway?' Jed asked.

"Next week I believe. C.J. would know for certain." Leo replied.

"He had better get the book thrown at him!" Jed ordered.

"They are going to try, sir." Leo replied.

"Do either Josh or Sam have to testify?" Jed asked.

"They were in a coma at the time that the trial date was set, so as of right now, neither one of them has been subpoenaed." Leo answered.

"Can you imagine if Sam were on the witness stand?" Jed asked as he buried his head in his heads.

"I think it would be a nightmare." Leo answered.

"And do you think that it would do any good?" Jed asked.

"To have Sam on the stand?" Leo asked.

"Yeah. I mean even if he wasn't evil, he still has been in a coma and that could be used against him." Jed replied.

"You mean his testimony?" Leo asked.

"Yeah." Jed answered,

"Maybe." Leo replied.

"And I don't think Josh is ready to go on the stand." Jed stated.

"I don't think he remembers the fire sir." Leo replied.

"He still doesn't need to relive it." Jed answered.

"True." Leo nodded.

"Neither one of them deserve what has happened to them because of that night. I hope the Senator and his sister pay dearly for their sins." Jed remarked.

"Please don't say you are going to be vigilante now." Leo begged.

"No, I would never do that. But all I have to say that there is going to be hell to pay if they don't get punished the way that they deserve." Jed threatened.

"What about checks and balances, sir?" Leo asked.

"I think our fore fathers will understand." Jed replied as Leo gave him a stern look. "Relax, I'm only kidding."

"I know, sir. But sometimes I wonder where your ideas stop and plans begin." Leo commented.

"I guess there is nothing I really can do. But Leo if I could Senator Herman would have been hung a long time ago." Jed answered.

"Hung, sir?" Leo asked.

"Yeah an injection would be too harmless for him." Jed said through a forced smile.

"I see your point." Leo replied.

"Leo I think it's about time that we started to stand up to threats against our own." Jed stated.

"I'm afraid to ask this, but how do you propose we do that?" Leo asked.

"When I figure it out I'll let you know." Jed smiled as he turned and walked away, humming the Mission Impossible theme.

"Oh God, when did you allow my best friend to become a madman?" Leo asked as he looked up at the ceiling.




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