Unwelcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 16

Rosslyn Long Term Care-Sam's Room

Sam sat at his bed wondering if the evil therapist nazi was going to come visit him today. He was extremely sore from the workout the day before, and pain was not something he handled very well. He picked at his crappy breakfast as he kept his eye trained on the door. If she came through it he planned on launching a banana or something at her.

Sam also wondered how his buddy Josh had been the past couple of days. He wondered how far back Josh had regressed. He hoped it was a ways back. Josh acting guilty was a beautiful thing. Sam considered it as payment for pretending to be Josh's stupid sister for a while.

"Hello Sam." Stanley said as he entered Sam's room.

"Stanley, what a surprise. Are you having problems finding Josh's room?" Sam asked in a hostile voice.

"No Sam, I need to talk to you again." Stanley replied slowly as he saw Sam with a banana in the launching position.

"But Stanley have you even talked to Josh? He's the one who really needs help." Sam asked, his eyes gleaming.

"Why are you so concerned about me talking to Josh?" Stanley asked arching his eyebrows a bit.

"Because I think he needs help." Sam replied suspiously.

"What kind of help does he need Sam?" Stanley asked curiously.

"The other day I was worried about his PTSD returning." Sam replied in an unconvincing voice.

"Did Josh do anything to make you believe that he was going back down that road?" Stanley questioned.

"Yeah now that you mention it, he was acting a little strange." Sam replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Did you tell him anything that would make him act strange?" Stanley asked curious to find out the answer.

"All I did was talk about the fire." Sam replied innocently, which Stanley was starting to have an idea that he was far from.

"Really? How did he react?" Stanley asked, having a pretty good idea that Sam was trying to take the attention off of what he had done to Josh.

"He was upset by it. His sister died in a fire you know and he almost killed me, and I'm his best friend." Sam replied.

"How did he almost kill you?" Stanley asked.

"Didn't I answer this question the other day?" Sam asked.

"Humor me please Sam." Stanley urged.

"He stopped in the stairwell and I couldn't get him to move." Sam replied and Stanley knew he was lying.

"And then what happened?" Stanley asked.

"We were trapped." Sam replied.

"That must have been horrible." Stanley replied.

"Yeah, that's right. But that wasn't the worst part." Sam replied.

"Why wasn't that the worst part?" Stanley asked.

"Josh was bleeding and he couldn't even use his arm it was so mangled but he was trying to dig his way out. When I tried to stop him he got blood on my new suit." Sam replied.

"That must have been terrible." Stanley said with a slight eye roll.

"And then the other horrible part was that I was pretending to be his sister. I hated trying to talk like a girl. Your voice starts to hurt after awhile, you know. I couldn't keep up the high pitched voice and he got upset every time I stopped." Sam replied.

"Did he know that you were there as Sam as well?" Stanley asked.

"It took long enough for him to figure that out." Sam muttered angrily.

"But he did eventually figure it out though right?" Stanley asked.

"Yes." Sam replied with a hint of bitterness.

"And what did he say?" Stanley asked.

"He was horrified that he thought I was his sister. It was almost like he would rather of had her there." Sam replied.

"Did he actually say that Sam?" Stanley asked.

"No but he acted like it." Sam said with a pout.

"Sam what about your friends at work, how have they reacted to what happened to you?" Stanley asked.

"As I stated earlier, I have no friends at work " Sam replied coldly.

"Okay co-workers then." Stanley covered.

"They hired a dumb bitch to take my place." Sam replied.

"And that has upset you?" Stanley asked.

"Am I upset? You must think be crazy to not think that I would be upset over something like this. You would be upset to if you had someone as awful as her writing speeches for the president." Sam remarked angrily.

"His speeches have been wonderful Sam." Stanley replied trying to see how Sam would react.

"That's probably because Toby wrote most of them. Mandy can't even write her phone number, let alone a speech." Sam said with very little emotion.

"Sam do you think that they have any idea what you went through?" Stanley asked.

"I had to put up with Josh, I think they have some idea." Sam replied with a wicked smile.

"Josh is that bad huh?" Stanley remarked causally.

"He was at his worst when he was having those episodes. I wanted to kill him." Sam replied.

"Do you still?" Stanley asked slowly not sure that he was going to like the answer that was going to come next.

"I would in a heartbeat." Sam replied with a huge grin.

"You understand that you just said that you would kill your best friend, right?" Stanley asked.

"As I stated earlier, I have no friends." Sam replied coldly.

"I'm sorry, I forgot. Well, thank you for talking to me Sam. I'll go try and find Josh now. But would you answer me one last question?" Stanley asked.

"Of course." Sam smiled sweetly.

"If Josh isn't your friend why were you so worried that his PTSD was returning?" Stanley asked.

"Because I don't want to be anywhere near him if he decides he can't continue living. I almost lost my life and once is enough thank you." Sam replied.

Stanley walked out of the room shaking his head in disgust. He had finally figured out what was wrong with Sam. He believed that Sam had a personality disorder. It also seemed that he had lost the ability to distinguish between what was right and what was wrong.

Federal Prison-Senator Herman's cell

For almost as long as he had been locked up, Michael Herman looked for a way out of the godforsaken hellhole that he was placed in. The judge had denied his bail because he was considered a flight risk. Michael's attorney had scoffed at that notion, but the truth was the judge was right, he could leave the country if need be.

Michael did however have the presence of mind to fire his attorney as soon as the bail hearing was over. A powerful attorney was supposed to get beyond that loophole. But since he wasn't able to do the job, Michael had been forced to hire someone else.

Throughout his prison ordeal he had been given updates on Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman's conditions. It was too bad that the bastards hadn't died in the fire like they were supposed to. When he got out he was going to have to finish the job on at least one of them, if not both of them. Someone had to pay for his prison time.

Michael had wondered about the fate of his sister, but he had been told that she was committed into a mental faculty. He hoped that some time in there would do her some good. She still had a chance in this life; hers wasn't over like his was.

Shortly after the bail hearing his wife had come up to him and handed him some divorce papers. So much for standing by her man, he had mused. He signed the papers and she was now out of his life. Only problem was that she was going to get the house and most of their stuff.
Michael moved his prison cot away from the wall and he picked at the wall grate. Every day he managed to loosen the tight screws a little bit. Once they were loosened he would be able to escape and to finish what he had been paid to do. And maybe then he would be at peace with himself. He laughed at that suggestion, because he knew that the only peace that would come was to see two tombstones with Sam and Josh's names on them.




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