Unwelcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 18

Rosslyn Long Term Care-Sam's Room

"Who the hell are you?" Sam asked coldly from his bed to a doctor that entered the room.

The question rang out against the silent room. Sam had been very upset about his not being able to leave the room. A nurse told him that someone needed to speak with him first. Sam wasn't in a very patient mood either.

"I'm Dr. Kelly Gorman. Samuel Seaborn I presume." The doctor replied as he noted something on a notepad.

"It's Sam, nobody gets away with calling me Samuel." Sam snapped.

"My apologies Sam." Dr. Gorman replied.

"Well are you going to answer my question?" Sam asked angrily.

"Sam, I'm a doctor that specializes in traumatic memory cases." Dr. Gorman replied slowly.

"You think I have a problem dealing with my traumatic memories?" Sam accused.

"Yes, frankly I do." Dr. Gorman replied firmly.

"Stanley sent you huh?" Sam asked in a frustrated voice.

"Yes, actually he recommended that I come and visit you." Dr. Gorman replied.

"Well, I hope you have to go and visit Josh too." Sam spat out.

"Josh?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"The other person involved in the fire with me." Sam replied with an eye roll.

"I'm sure that I will meet with him to, but I'm more concerned about you right now." Dr. Gorman replied.

"What kind of name is Kelly for a guy anyway?" Sam asked changing the subject.

"I don't know Sam, I didn't name myself." Dr. Gorman replied.

"Just wondering." Sam smirked.

"Okay Sam I need to ask you a bunch of questions. Please answer them as truthfully as you can." Dr. Gorman requested.

"Whatever." Sam replied glumly.

"What can you tell me about what led up to you being at the hotel?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"I was at a meeting, I spouted off and I got sent to the hotel as a punishment." Sam replied with little emotion.

"That's great Sam but can you tell me a little bit more about the meeting?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"I was supposed to go to this meeting with Josh but he wasn't there and..." The doctor stopped Sam.

"Why wasn't Josh there?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"His assistant was a little mad at him so she wasn't really giving him all of his messages at the time." Sam replied.

"Okay go on." Dr. Gorman insisted.

"So it was just me and the Senator. I can't tell you what it was about or exactly what I said because its government business, but I let my mouth get away from me and I upset the Senator." Sam replied, still lacking any emotion in his voice.

"Why did it matter if you pissed off the Senator?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Because it was on a bill that we really needed and since I angered him he was going to take some of the bill's supporters, which we desperately needed back with him." Sam replied in a monotone voice.

"Okay Sam when did you get punished?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"The Senator called my boss Leo and he was really mad, so Leo called Josh and me into his office to yell at us. The Senator had given him the hotel idea and because we really needed his vote Leo agreed to send us." Sam replied coldly.

"Josh to?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Yeah Leo didn't believe it wasn't his fault. Josh usually has the run away mouth." Sam replied, some slight emotion creeping into his voice.
"Did Josh say anything to you about the fact that he wasn't there?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Yeah but I was kind of mad at him for something that had happened a few days earlier, so I didn't defend him." Sam replied.

"How did you feel about his not being at the meeting in the first place?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"I was upset because we were both supposed to do this together and he wasn't there." Sam replied and Dr. Gorman saw a look of hatred briefly flash across Sam's face.

"Were you upset that you were punished?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Hell yes I was. I was supposed to be working on the State of the Union Address with Toby and by not being there I knew he would be crabby at me and give me extra work later." Sam replied.

"How did you feel about Leo?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"I was upset that he was sending me but I knew I had messed up." Sam admitted.

"So let me get this straight, you were mad at Josh and Leo. You were also mad because Toby was going to give you extra work?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"That's right." Sam replied.

"Okay without going into any physical details, tell me what happened between you and Josh once you reached the hotel." Dr. Gorman asked.

"Without going into physical details? Feeling a bit squeamish are we?" Sam asked.

"No Sam, I need to know what was going on mentally between you and Josh. Some details are okay but..." Dr. Gorman tried to explain.

"Okay, I think I got it. I sort of made up with Josh and then we went to the Senator's suite. He offered to let us back out, but Josh said that Leo would be mad if we did." Sam replied and Dr. Gorman detected a hint of rage in his voice.

"Okay." Dr. Gorman replied.

"Then all of sudden we heard the smoke alarms and we headed to the stairwell, Josh and I were both injured." Sam replied doing his best to limit his response.

"Good Sam. Continue." Dr. Gorman urged.

"Josh started freaking out. It was almost like he wasn't even really there. It was like he had been replaced by a new Josh, a crazed Josh." Sam replied.

"And what did you do?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"I tried to calm him down and after awhile he began to think I was his late sister." Sam stated angrily.

"What did you do then?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Well since I didn't want him to die, I pretended to be his sister for awhile." Sam replied, though it was obvious by the way he stressed the word die that Sam was having second thoughts.

"How did his sister die?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"In a house fire when he was little." Sam replied with an evil grin.

"What made you decide to stop being his sister?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"He kinda figured it out that she wasn't really there or something like that. Then he felt really bad about thinking she was there." Sam replied.

"How did you feel?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Like shit. He didn't even realize I was there and he's supposed to be my best friend." Sam replied angrily.

"Did you tell that to him?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"No but I eventually snapped at him because he was whining and he took it the wrong way. He started to give up hope and I had to promise him that we would make it okay." Sam replied.

"Did you intend on keeping that promise?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Sort of, but I was more worried about getting myself out." Sam replied coldly.

"And having him to talk to helped you to stay awake, correct? Even if you were upset because he was neglecting you?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Yes." Sam replied.

"Sam did you hear any voices while this was going on?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"Yeah I think so, but that part is a little fuzzy." Sam replied honestly.

"Do you know if that voice was telling you to be upset by what was happening between you and Josh?" Dr. Gorman replied.

"I don't remember." Sam replied.

"Were you experiencing any physical trauma?" Dr. Gorman asked.

"My leg was bleeding a little and I was trying not to choke on some smoke for awhile." Sam replied crossly.

"I see." Dr. Gorman replied.

"What does that mean, I see?" Sam asked.

"Nothing Sam." Dr. Gorman replied.

"You think that I heard a voice don't you?" Sam accused.

"Yes, Sam I do. I think you heard some voice inside you and you are still listening to it now." Dr. Gorman replied.

"I don't hear any voices!" Sam exclaimed.

"Maybe not now, but I think that the voice you heard is still there. You went to the hotel angry at Josh, at Leo, at Toby, and then you got angry because you had to focus on Josh's needs above your own. You had to be the rock while no one was the rock for you." Dr. Gorman theorized.

"I can't take care of myself thank you." Sam replied.

"Sam, once you let go of the hostility inside you things will go a lot smoother." Dr. Gorman replied as the doctor tuned to leave.

"Yeah well I kind of like being angry, so what do you think of that?" Sam yelled.

"Anger can only get you so far." Dr. Gorman replied as he left the room.

"I'll show you anger." Sam muttered as he threw a cup filled with water at the door.



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