Un-welcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 2

Rosslyn Long-term Care-Sam's Room

"Hi, you are awake." The nurse repeated.

"It looks that why doesn't it there genius." Sam replied sarcastically.

"Hang on just a sec while I get the doctor." The nurse ordered as she ducked back out of Sam's room.

Sam blinked his eyes a couple of times. His vision was a little fuzzy and he had one hell of a headache. He rested back against the pillows until the doctor came. Even with his blurred vision he could tell that this wasn't the same hospital room that he had been in earlier. But Sam wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, especially since he was drawing a blank at why he was there in the first place.

"Hi. My name is Dr. Winters. Can you tell me what your name is?" The doctor asked once he entered the room with the nurse Sam thought was an idiot.

"What kind of retard doesn't know his own name?" Sam asked in a harsh voice.

"Just answer the question please." Dr. Winters asked unamused.

"Samuel Norman Seaborn. Though if you call me Samuel I'll kill you. Do you need my birth date and address too?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"No, I'm convinced you know them. Sam, can you tell me what the last thing you remember before this afternoon?" Dr. Winters asked.

"I was talking to Toby and then this doctor came in and I don't remember anything else. I was upset and Toby had calmed me down." Sam replied matter-of-factly.

"Do you remember why you came to the hospital in the first place?" Dr. Winters asked.

Sam paused for a minute. He knew that he should know that answer. He tried to think back and he saw visions of the collapsed stairwell and the flames inching towards his head. The visions startled him but he realized that they must be true.

"I was in some damn fire. Don't you watch TV? I'm sure my face was plastered all over it." Sam snapped.

"Sam that fire was almost two months ago." Dr. Winters replied in a warning tone.

"How come I don't remember it being that long ago then?" Sam accused.

"Because you have been in a coma for over a month." Dr. Winters replied.

"That explains the headache then. Don't you know how to prescribe some painkillers or something?" Sam asked angrily.

"Hard to do when the person is in a coma Sam." Dr. Winters replied.

"I'm sure. So what happened to my buddy Josh? Last time I remember seeing him I kinda punched the hell out of his face." Sam stated, almost proud of that fact.

"He's still in a coma." Dr. Winters replied.

"I bet Donna is a fruitcake." Sam remarked with a smile.

"A woman named Donna has been visiting you everyday if that is what you mean." Dr. Winters replied.

"Yeah as an afterthought." Sam replied in a cold tone.


"What do you mean by that?" Dr. Winters asked in a harsh tone.

"She's in love with Josh so naturally she would be visiting him. Her visits to me must be merely pity visits." Sam remarked nonchalantly.

"Well Sam I need to go and call the White House. Your friends have been calling regularly." Dr. Winters replied.

"Yeah whatever." Sam replied as he gave a slight yawn.

"Rest up a bit. I know you have been in a coma but that was a different kind of rest." Dr. Winters urged.

"Whatever Doc." Sam said and despite his protest he fell back asleep.

"What do you think?" The nurse asked after she followed Dr. Winters came out.

"Pretty hostile to even the most simplest of questions. I have a feeling that this is not the same Sam that everyone will remember." Dr. Winters replied.

Josh's Office

Casey Adams stared blankly at one of the photo's on Josh's desk. He had been told that it was a picture that had been taken Inauguration Day. Everyone in the picture looked so happy. It was a different White House now.

Casey had agreed to take over the Josh's job before he realized how high of regard Josh was held in. Everyone in the White House seemed to love him, yet he had only thought of him as Bartlet's pit bull. He never imagined that Josh wasn't like that with everyone else.

Only a day or after taking over Josh's job he realized what a mistake it had been. Josh's assistant Donna hated to even come into the office. If Casey could get her to come in she avoided eye contact and stayed only as long as necessary. He brought her coffee one morning and she had been driven to tears by the gesture. She also demanded to be off by six every night so that she could go and visit Josh and Sam.

Casey had also learned that moving anything of Josh's was a deadly sin. Anyone who entered the office would comment if a picture was out of place or if something else had been moved. Casey had to be very careful not to disturb anything so that no feathers were ruffled.

He also learned that his style was totally different of Josh's. Everyone he talked to constantly told him of that. Casey was getting a little tired of being caught up in Josh's shadow. He had a mini tirade about that in front of Leo, but didn't find out until later that Josh had been like Leo's son. He didn't think that he could survive too much more of this.

"Casey Adams." Casey said when he answered the phone. "Yes, Donna I realize I have a meeting in twenty minutes. Thank you."

"You want a little free advice?" Mandy called from the doorway.

"If this is another thing about how I'm not like Josh I swear I'm going to scream." Casey warned.

"Oh heaven's no. Believe me honey I get enough of that being compared to Sam." Mandy replied.

"He must have kept Donna on a very short leash because she's telling me every five minutes what my schedule for the day is, and where all the reports I need for them are. How scatterbrained of a person does she think I am?" Casey asked with an aggravated sigh.

"Well Josh was really a disorganized person. She's probably not used to someone as neat as you." Mandy replied as she looked around the gleaming office.

"I have to keep it clean, if any of Josh's stuff gets moved it's like signing my own death warrant." Casey replied.

"Well tell them to kiss it." Mandy replied.

"You want me to do what?" Casey asked in an amused voice.

"All I meant was that you have to blaze your own trail. You have to prove to them that you belong here." Mandy suggested.

"Like you've done?" Casey laughed.

"Okay maybe not that wide of a trail. Casey they just are afraid to let go. I don't think that it has anything to do with you at all." Mandy replied.

"Yeah, say did Josh and Donna ever go out?" Casey asked.

"I don't think they ever made it that far why?" Mandy asked.

"She just acts like a heartbroken lover." Casey commented.

"Well, just between you and me, I don't think she has everything upstairs you know?" Mandy replied.

C.J.'s Office

"C.J. Cregg." C.J. said once she answered the phone.

"Ms. Cregg this is Dr. Winters from..." Dr. Winters began.

"Doctor we speak two times a day, I know who you are." C.J. interrupted.

"Very well then. I think you should know that Sam is awake." Dr. Winters replied.

"He's awake? That's wonderful news! How is he?" C.J. asked.

"He's seems a little hostile but okay for the most part." Dr. Winters replied.

"Thanks so much. That is great news. Can we come see him?" C.J. asked.

"I don't want too many people in his room at once. I don't think he should be upset." Dr. Winters replied.

"Okay we will be careful." C.J. replied hanging up the phone.

C.J. was so excited that she jumped up and ran through her office door, knocking down Charlie. She had been so excited that she hadn't even noticed him. The files that he had been planning on giving her were scattered all over the floor. C.J. looked down at him sheepishly.

"I guess I got a little too excited." C.J. stated as Charlie broke into a huge grin.

"I can see that. So mi lady what's the big hurry?" Charlie asked.

"Mi lady?" C.J. asked.

"You don't want to know." Charlie replied as he shuddered to think of the president's latest kick.

"Anyway I am excited because Sam is wake and he appears to be pretty much okay." C.J. replied.

"That's great news." Charlie answered.









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