Unwelcomed Changes

By Mer

Part 8

The Oval Office

"Leo what are we going to do about Sam?" Jed asked as he paced around the room.

"What do you mean?" Leo asked, taken off guard by the question.

"I mean if he's going to be that mean he can't very well get his job back." Jed replied.

"Oh and so now meanness is a reason to withhold a job?" Leo asked, arching his eyebrows a bit.

"No, but seriously, Sam can't come back if he's like that. Can you imagine what would happen if he got loose and..." Jed began but Leo stopped him.

"Sir, first of all, Sam is not a rabid dog okay. He's just someone who barely survived a life-threatening ordeal. And secondly, I think that he's acting the same way Josh was before Christmas." Leo replied.

"Leo we went over this, he's not acting like Josh at all. Josh may have screamed and yelled at anyone under the sun, but he instantly regretted each incidence. Sam seems to be fueled on by them." Jed protested.

"We still can't keep him from his job when he gets a little better. As mush as I hate to admit it, being rude isn't a crime." Leo said warily.

"Then what are we going to do?" Jed asked as he threw his hands up in the air.

"Maybe he just needs a little time." Leo suggested.

"A little time, you think he just needs a little time? Leo, I'm afraid what giving him a little time is going to do to him." Jed replied.

"It will be fine. I think maybe he just needs a little counseling. Sir, we have seen him once, maybe we are overreacting slightly. And yes it was a shock to see him like that, but I think it was because we have been living with this image of what Sam's supposed to be for the last two months because we haven't had any other options." Leo pointed out.

"Maybe you are right. But Leo if he stays like this..." Jed protested.

"Then we will deal with it when the time comes." Leo assured him.
"Shouldn't we deal with it now?" Jed asked.

"Sir, Sam just woke up okay, maybe his mood will change in the next couple of weeks. But right now we have other problems to worry about." Leo replied.

"And that would be?" Jed asked.

"You need to figure out what your getting Abbey for her birthday." Leo replied.

"Oh smooth transition there Leo. I think I should get her flowers." Jed replied.

"And you wonder why I got divorced." Leo muttered.

White House Press Room

"Well at last I am able to give all of you all some good news. First of all, we have received word that Casey's Hate Crime Bill has passed by a large majority. Secondly, a few hours ago Sam woke up and just an hour ago Josh woke up as well." C.J. replied beaming with happiness.

"C.J. do either of them show any ill affects of the drug that they were given?" Danny asked.

"At this time they are both still being evaluated, but I can tell you that they are both alert and awake and they have both been visited by the President." C.J. replied.

"C.J. both of them have had replacements hired for them, do you have any idea what will happen to them once Josh and Sam return to work?" Steve asked.

"I'm not for certain, but I don't think that has been discussed yet." C.J. replied.

"C.J, some might argue that Casey Adams has done as good of job as Josh if not better and you are saying that he might not have any job security?" Katie asked.

"I'm not saying anything on that because I don't believe that the subject has been discussed. But I will say that Casey was only hired as a temporary replacement for Josh while he was recovering." C.J. replied.

"So basically Casey's bill passes but now he gets the boot anyway?" Katie asked.

"Like I keep saying there have been no definite plans made yet. Josh just woke up and obviously he is not ready to return to work yet. Sam is in that same boat. I have no idea what is going to happen to Casey and Mandy, but they have been a vital part of this administration for the past two months." C.J. replied a bit irritated, and then Carol signaled the end of the briefing.

C.J. hastily said goodnight and she ran out of the Press Room. Carol told her that Toby was waiting for her in his office. C.J. groaned because she wondered what she had said that could've upset him.

"What can I do for you Toby?" C.J. asked as she sat down at her desk.

"Donna is still in the Mural Room, she still thinks that we were lying about Josh." Toby replied.

"And what would you like me to do Toby, she already accused me of lying." C.J. replied.

"Can't you just call and get Josh on the phone?" Toby asked.

"Does his room even have a phone?" C.J. asked.

"You mean you don't know? Don't you go and visit them both every Sunday?" Toby asked.

"I've been slacking since they were moved." C.J. replied as she dipped her head down.

"You're a woman don't you have to go and protect the sisterhood or something?" Toby asked.

"Protect her from what? She doesn't believe that Josh is awake but I hardly need to protect her from that piece of information." C.J. replied.

"Unless a reporter got to her first." Toby suggested.

"None of the reporters ever talk to Donna because they know that Josh will kill them." C.J. replied.

"All of them except for one." Toby answered.

"I doubt that...she's going to be mad if she hears it from Danny." C.J. replied as she jumped up from her desk.

Mural Room

"Donna can I talk to you for a minute?" Danny asked from the doorway.

"I guess." Donna replied with a heavy sigh.

"Is there some place private that we could talk?" Danny asked.

Donna led him into the Roosevelt Room. Danny waited for her to compose herself. He realized that she didn't know that Josh was awake, and here he was going to ask if Josh was okay. Before he could back out of it, Donna's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"What do you want Danny?" Donna asked slowly.

"I came here to ask you something but I changed my mind." Danny replied quickly.

"Danny please I've had a rough day, will you just ask the damn question already. And don't worry I promise not to tell Josh that I talked to you. Not that it would matter anyway." Donna replied, as a hint of bitterness was evident at the end of her statement.

"Why's that?" Danny asked softly.

"If you are even afraid of a guy in a coma then you are more of a whimp than I thought." Donna replied.

"What if said person wasn't in a coma anymore?" Danny asked cautiously.

"Then I promise not to let him kick your ass then either." Donna replied.

"Donna he's not in a coma anymore. He woke up a little while ago." Danny replied gently.

"Are you serious?" Donna asked as all of the color drained from her face.

"They didn't tell you?" Danny asked.

"Well, C.J. tried but I just blew her off." Donna managed to choke out.

"I'm sorry I was just going to ask you if he was okay." Danny replied.

"I'll let you know after I see him." Donna replied.

"Of course." Danny replied as Donna ran out of the room and tears of happiness spilled down her face.

"What the hell did you say to her?" C.J. asked after she saw a crying Donna run out.

"What?" Danny asked taken off guard by C.J.'s sudden presence.

"What did you say to her?" C.J. asked saying her words slowly.

"I told her that Josh was awake. I was just going to ask how he was. I didn't know that she didn't know. Those were tears of happiness C.J." Danny protested.

"They had better of been." C.J. replied icily.

"Honestly C.J. I just gently told her that he was awake and she said that she hadn't believed you and then she jumped up. That's all." Danny replied.

"I guess I will believe you, but you know better than to ask Donna questions." C.J. scolded.

"It wasn't for a story C.J. it was done out of common courtesy. " Danny replied as he turned and left.

"Well that went well." C.J. mumbled as she stared after him.






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