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Author's Notes: Yet again I would like to thank Kat
and Lin for beta reading this. Oh, there will be four
stories in this series, this is the second.

Feedback: Even though finals are over it's still a
nice thing.

A Blessing and a Curse that Love is Blind


In another's eyes
I can do no wrong
He believes in me and his faith is strong
I'd never fall or even compromise
In another's eyes

There are times that it seems strange to have someone
to come home to. Even after four months of marriage,
CJ still wasn't certain she was used to it. She
wondered if she ever would get used to it. She had
spent so many years of her life alone. Now she wasn't
alone anymore. Danny was a good husband, kind,
considerate, in truth she wondered if she could ask
for a better husband. He had quickly learned that
there were times when she needed some space. It
shocked her sometimes that he had no problem giving
her that space. He was able to immediately tell when
she needed it.

She was happy, or at least she told herself she was.
It wasn't that she was really unsure of how she felt.
She knew she wasn't unhappy, so the only other choice
had to be she was happy. Her friends thought she was
happy. Danny thought she was happy. So they all had to
be right. She was a happily married woman, or at least
that was the aura she gave off.

There were times that the depth of Danny's feelings
frightened her. He loved her so much. She was close to
perfect in his eyes. Maybe that was what scared her
the most, not that her feelings were not as deep as
his, but the perfection he saw in her. She wasn't
perfect, in fact nothing could be further from the
truth. CJ felt that he was putting her on a pedestal.
Invariably, she would fall from the pedestal someday.

In another's eyes
I'm afraid that I can't see
This picture perfect portrait
That they paint of me
They don't realize
And I pray they never do
Cause everytime I look
I'm seeing you, in another's eyes

He would still take the letter out and read it
occasionally. He tried not to, but sometimes at night
when he had consumed either too much, or too little
alcohol, he would take it out and read it. Sometimes
he wondered if he should just burn the damn thing. One
night he had even held it to a flame, but he couldn't
bring himself to allow the flames to consume her
words. So he continued to read it occasionally, and
curse himself for not reading it earlier.

He would not, under any circumstance, interfere in
her marriage. It was something he could never do.
Truthfully he hoped for her sake, that it would be
successful. He didn't want her to go through the same
things he had suffered when his marriage to Andi had

He was watching her across the room. There was a
state dinner that night, and Danny was there with CJ.
It was the first time since the wedding that he had
observed them together. Even with the knowledge he
had, he was certain they were happy. They appeared to
be at least. He watched as Danny got up and left the
table. Toby walked over to the table.

"Are you having a good time?" He asked CJ.

"I think you know the answer to that." She laughed.

"It's not exactly a requirement to have fun at these
things, is it?"

"No, it's not. Sit down."

He did. "Does he miss this place?"

"What?" She asked.

"Does Danny miss the White House?"

"Sometimes I think." She smiled. "He went to say
hello to Katie and a couple of others actually."

"That's nice." Toby said as he started to get up.

"Why did you come over here, Toby?"

"To say hello."

"We work together. You saw me less than two hours ago
in a staff meeting."

"Yeah I know." He said as he left.

She watched him go, feeling a little conflicted. She
didn't know why he had really come over to her. There
were times that she wondered if he had read the letter
she had written to him. He had never mentioned it to
her. It was always possible that the letter had been
lost in the mess that was Toby's desk.

And what they don't see is killing me
And it's a blessing and a curse that love is blind.

Shortly after their marriage, their had developed a
pattern. Danny would sit in the kitchen working on his
stuff, while CJ would sit in the den working.
Occasionally she would go in and talk to him, and he
would do the same with her. She walked in one night
to find him starring at his computer.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"The computer is messed up. I don't know what it is
but I can't get it to work right."

"You need to get that editorial finished, don't you?"

"Yeah, I don't want to go back to the office, but I
guess I'll have to."

"You could use my computer."

"CJ, your computer has stuff on it I'm not supposed
to see, but thanks anyway."

"I wasn't talking about the White House one."


"I was talking about my personal one."


"It doesn't have anything White House related on it."

"So, you're saying I could use it?"



"It's in the hall closet."

"I'll go get it." Danny said.

It was nearly two hours later when CJ walked into
the room again. Danny was sitting in almost the same
position as earlier.

"Please tell me you haven't screwed up my computer
too." CJ laughed.

"No." He said not looking up.

"Okay, what's wrong?" She asked noticing something in
his voice.

"Nothing." He said a little too quickly.

"Danny." She said as she walked up behind him.
Although she didn't mean to, she gasped when she saw
what was on the computer screen. It was the letter
that she had written to Toby. A letter she had never
intended Danny to see. When he turned around and
looked at her, she could tell she had fallen from the
pedestal she had believed she was on.

The end.



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