Monday ~ 9:30 am


    This Monday at the White House started out like every other.  By 9:30 the

President had already finished his morning security briefing and was talking with Leo before the Senior Staff arrived.

    "Leo, why do you suppose Brooke really came home?"

    "A boy," he answered, choking back a laugh.

    "Now thatís not funny."

    "Yes, Sir."

    "I knew I should have built a dungeon when Charlie told me Zoey asked him out."

    "I donít believe you could do that."

    "Iím the leader of the most powerful nation in the world and I canít get a measly little dungeon built?"

    "No, Sir, I donít think so."

    "Damn.  Now, thatís the problem with this country today."  Just then there was a knock at the door.  Without waiting for a reply Josh, Toby, Sam, C.J., and Mandy all walked into the Oval Office.

    "Well, we finally have the entire Senior Staff here at one time, on time.

 Who would have thought?"  the President said as he took a seat on a chair near the couches where they were all waiting.

    A collective "Good morning Mr. President" was heard from the group.

    Leo spoke up, "You would think that they would be more happy to come to work in the morning, wouldnít you, Mr. President."

    "I would think so too, Leo.  But at least theyíre all here.  Iíll take what I can get.  And before Mrs. Landingham walks in and tells me that I have to do something I donít want to letís get started."


Monday ~ 10:17 am


    After the Senior Staff meeting had finished the group left the Oval Office with about the same energy that they had when they walked in.

    "You know, they shouldnít make us come to work after a State Dinner,"

Josh said to Sam as they headed back to their offices.

    "I totally agree.  Although I donít think the President would go for something like that."

    "We can always hope," Josh added in as they separated.


    "Carol!" C.J. yelled from her office.

    "Yeah, C.J.?" Carol asked as she walked into C.J.ís office.

    "Have you seen my papers about the Presidentís trip to France?" she asked without looking up from a stack of papers she was going through.

    "Iíll get another copy."

    "Thanks.  Oh, and by the way, can you ask Danny to come by here around 3 before the briefing?"



    "Hi Mrs. Landingham," Abbey said as she walked towards the secretary.

    "Good morning Mrs. Bartlet.  How was your trip?" she asked, standing.

    "Boring.  Is he in there?"

    "Yes, go ahead in."

    "Thanks.  Oh, may I have a cookie?"

    "Yes of course."

    "Thanks, again," she said taking a cookie from the jar that sat on the womanís desk.  After getting her cookie she headed over to the door of the

Oval Office.  She knocked and with out waiting for an answer headed in to talk with her husband.

    "Hello, darling," Abbey said as she closed the door behind her.

    "Darling, well at least its better than Gumdrop.  Good morning."  The President made no attempt to get up from his desk.  "Ahh, I see a cookie from

Mrs. Landingham.  You know she always gets everyone with them.  Who can turn down a lady with cookies?"

    "You know I could always go back to Gumdrop, if you like."


    "Well, then."

    "Please tell me that you didnít come in here to talk to me about nicknames that you plan to use to embarrass me more in front of my staff," he said looking up from his desk again.

    "No, no.  I came to warn you."

    "Warn me?  About what?"

    "Itís actually a who.  Our daughter, who thoughtfully decided to come home for spring break has been trying to get money out of me all morning."

    "Thatís Ďcause youíre the softy."

    "Excuse me?" she said with a shocked look.

    "Yep.  Out of the two of us, youíre the softy."

    "Well then.  Iíll just stay and watch as you turn her down.  I believe sheíll be on her way soon."  Right as Abbey finished speaking there was a knock at the door.  In walked Brooke, as if on cue.

    "Morning Daddy."  Soon after saying that she noticed her mother sitting on the couches in the middle of the office.  "Oh.  Iíll come back," she said while starting to back out.

    "No.  What did you want?"

    "Well, looking from the smirk on her face, Iím guessing she told you my motivations for coming here?"

    "Maybe, maybe not.  But you could always try me."

    Taking one big breath she gushed everything out without stopping, "I wanted to borrow 20 bucks because Lauren and I are going to the mall and I havenít been there in so long and I just wanted to get a couple of things please please please."

    "Ok, now breathe."  Brooke took a big breath.  "Good.  No."

    "But, Daddy!"



    "Final answer is no."

    "You know, Mom, I blame you for this."  Brooke turned to face her Mom.

    Abbey stood up and looked surprised.  "Me!  What did I do?"

    "You warned him I was coming."

    After about five minutes of back and forth between the two the President spoke up, "Do I really need to be here for this conversation?"

    Abbey looked up at him.  "Probably not."

    "Well then, would you mind exiting.  See, contrary to the beliefs of you two, I actually do things around here."  The duo exited the office still arguing.  "How I managed to stay sane with four girls and wife is still beyond me.  And Iím talking to myself once again."  He shook his head and looked back down at his papers.


    Outside of the Oval Office the First Lady and her daughter continued to argue.  "You know, Iím done with you now," the First Lady said as she walked away.

    "Fine be that way," Brooke called as she walked the other direction.

    Brooke headed over to where she saw Sam standing doing nothing.  "Do this often?" she asked making him snap back into reality.

    "Huh?  What?  Oh sorry, do what?" he asked regaining his composure.

    "Zone out in the middle of the hallway."

    "Oh, yeah.  I guess I shouldnít do that.  What can I do for you?"

    "Sam, you know, I think youíre my favorite off all of my Dadís staff."

    "Thanks, what do you want?"

    "Can I borrow 20 bucks?  I promise Iíll pay you back next week."

    "You know both of your parents are home right now.  Oh wait, let me guess.  They both said no."

    "Well, I wouldnít exactly put it that way."

    "Your Dad basically does pay my salary, so Iím gonna have to go with him on this one," he said as he started to walk back to his office.

    "I donít think youíre my favorite anymore."

    "Iím hurt, Brooke. Really hurt."  Brooke groaned and walked away.

Next stop was Josh.

    ĎHeíll be easier,í she thought as she headed towards his office.

    When Broke got to Joshís office she looked around for Donna who was absent from her desk.  She moved over and listened to the door.  She didnít hear any noises and decided to go in.  She opened the door to see Josh and Donna kissing.  Before they could even look up Brooke quickly closed the door.  She suppressed a laugh and quickly walked away.  ĎI give upí she thought and headed back to the residence.







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