Monday ~ 7:49 pm


    "Brooke, Lauren, aren’t you tired yet?" Anna Wilson, the agent assigned to Brooke, asked.

    "Anna, we’ve only been here for two or three--"

    "Or five hours," Anna finished for her.

    "I haven’t seen Brooke in months!  And she hasn’t been to the mall in how long?  Give us a break," Lauren commented.  Lauren and Brooke had been friends since her father had become President a little over a year ago. 

Lauren’s father had been a Senator for eleven years, so she knew what it was like to have your entire life play out over the media.  Something Brooke found most people didn’t understand.

    "Oh, look!  American Eagle!  I promise, this will be the last store!"

Brooke said as she and Lauren ran off towards the store.

    "I’m sure," Anna sighed, following the girls into the store.  However, none of the girls noticed a group of three men who had been watching them since they entered the mall hours earlier...


    "Hey," Danny said as he knocked and walked into C.J.’s office.

    "Hey," she replied without looking up.  "You never stopped by before the 4:00 briefing."

    "Yeah, I know.  I had something to do."  There was a silence in the room.  C.J. got up from her desk and moved over to where Danny was standing. 

"So, you ready to go?"

    "Umm, Danny.  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  I mean, my credibility is already shaking and..."  Without letting her finish her sentence Danny pulled her into a kiss.  "Ok, I’ve changed my mind.  Just give me a second to finish something.  Do me a favor and give this to Carol."

 She handed him a folder overflowing with papers.

    "Yeah, sure."  He walked out.  C.J. grabbed her coat and walked out.



    "So where are we going?"

    "It’s a surprise."

    "Is being annoying like that part of your job?"

    "Nope, just one of the perks."  With that the two walked out side by side.


    "What do you think of this one?" Lauren asked walking out of the dressing room.

    "I think that it looks like something my Grandmother would wear!"  the girls laughed and Anna gave them ‘one of those looks’.  Both girls walked back into their dressing rooms with another armful of clothes.  At that moment shooting was heard from outside the store and someone came up behind Anna and put a gun to her head.  There was too much commotion for anyone to realize what was going on.  Within a few seconds two men had grabbed Brooke out of the dressing room and run out of the store.

    Without hesitating Anna was up and screaming into her microphone.  She ran out of American Eagle quickly noticing the two secret service agents laying on the ground right outside of the store unconscious and one shot in the leg.


    The next few minutes were all a blur for Brooke.  A blindfold was put over her eyes and she was hit in the head with some blunt object.  When she woke up she was in a moving car on what sounded like a freeway.  The car hit a bump and she was out again.


    "Danny!  How did you manage to get a reservation at this restaurant.  I’ve been trying for months and I couldn’t!"  C.J. exclaimed as they pulled up.

    "I’ve got friends."

    "You don’t say."

    The two were seated by a window over looking the city.  While the wine was being served C.J.’s beeper went off.  "I knew it was too good to be true.  A night without work.  I should have known better."  C.J. got up from the table and headed over to the phones.  After a few minutes she rushed back to the table.  "We’ve gotta go now."

    "What is it?" Danny asked getting up from the table.

    "We just have to go."  She grabbed his hand and ran out of the restaurant.


Monday ~ 10:00 pm


    The Senior Staff were all assembled in the Oval Office with various Secret Service, FBI, and CIA agents.

    "How the hell could this happen!" the President demanded to know. 

"Where are her Secret Service agents?!"

    "Sir, they’re all at the hospital," another Secret Service offered. 

"Anna Wilson is being treated for a concussion, and so is one of the other secret service agents.  The other is being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg."  The room was quiet.

    "I don’t understand how this happened.  There are supposed to be precautions taken!"


    "Shut up!"  The room was quite for a minute.  "Where’s my wife?"

    "She’s in my office, Sir," the Chief of Staff said looking at the

President.  The President walked out of the Oval Office and into Leo’s office.


    Abbey stood up, "Jed, what’s going on?  Why won’t they tell me anything?" Abbey asked with tears in her eyes.

    He walked over and put his arms around his wife.  "They won’t tell me anything either, if they even know anything.  Don’t cry Abbey.  This is all going to work out."

    "Jed, I heard you yelling.  Nothing good is happening.  I’m going to cry

if I damn well feel like it!"  She sat down and put her head in her hands. 

Jed sat down next to her.

    "I know, Abbey, I know."

    The door opened.  "Mom, Dad."  Zoey walked in with her older two sisters, Elizabeth and Emily.  "What’s going on?"

    Abbey and Jed looked up at their three daughters standing in front of them.  They both rushed up to hug them.  After Jed had explained everything he knew Elizabeth spoke up, "How did it happen?"

    "Lizzy, they’re not really sure.  But it was definitely planed out well.

 They got all three of the Secret Service agents.  One was shot and two have concussions."

    "Are they going to be ok?" Emily asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

    "Yeah, they’ve all been released from the hospital and are on their way here."

    Zoey looked up from the floor, "What about Brooke?  Do you know anything?"

    "Not at the moment."  With that the three daughters broke into tears. 

Both parents got up to comfort them.  After about ten minutes the family got up and went back into the Oval Office.  The President held on to Abbey’s hand seemingly unwilling to let it go for fear that he would lose her too.







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