December 25 ~ 10:30 pm


    The party was winding down, and it was time for the First Family and the

Senior Staff to leave for a separate, private party in the residence.  As they sat around on the couches the President stood up, "What is..."  A loud groan was heard for the group of people around the room.

    C.J. spoke up first, "Sir, itís Christmas, take a break."

    "What is..."  Another groan.

    Josh was next, "Sir, donít you ever get tired of useless inane trivia?"

    "The correct answer to that, Josh, is no.  What is the last proper noun in the dictionary?"

    "Zodiac," Sam said.

    "Sam, not only is that not a proper noun, it is very incorrect."

    "I donít know why you bother," Abbey said, "We stopped listening to his questions years ago," she said smiling at her husband.

    "Ziegfeld," C.J. said.

    "Rather creative, C.J., but no."

    "I donít know which is worse, the fact that the President knows the last proper noun in the dictionary or that weíre sitting here trying to figure out what the last proper noun in the dictionary is," Josh said nonchalantly

    "Itís Zwolle," Brooke said walking up to the group from the stairs. 

"Itís a city in the central Netherlands."

    The mouths of the senior staff fell open as they looked at Brooke.

    "OK, now I donít know which scares me more, the fact that the President knows, that weíre guessing, or that a 17 year old girl knows,"  Josh said.

    "Josh I really hope the emphasis of that wasnít on the fact that Iím a girl.  And my dad has used that one before.  I was unfortunately there at the time," Brooke replied with a smile.

    Abbey smiled at her daughter.  "Would you like to introduce us to your friend?"  she asked looking at the boy who was holding Brookeís hand.

    "Oh yeah, everybody, this is Andrew.  His dad is a Senator."

    Jed looked up at Brooke and Andrew.  Before Jed could open his mouth

Abbey had spoken up, "So, Andrew, who is your father?"

    "Nathan Crossfield, Maíam."

    Toby nearly choked on the drink he was drinking.  Zoey had a questioned look on her face.  She leaned in to Sam who was sitting next to her, "Why does everyone have those looks on their faces?"

    "Well, I canít be sure, but Iím pretty sure that itís because Nathan Crossfield is a Republican."  Zoey sat back up and started to laugh.  Pretty soon everyone was laughing and joking around again.

    Jed leaned back and took a sip of the drink he was holding.  "Four daughters.  A granddaughter, a wife, one son-in-law, and three boyfriends of daughters, and one is a Republicanís son.  Oh boy," he said.


*~The End~*



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