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Rating: PG-13

Category: CJ/Josh (yes you read that correctly)

Summary: I don't think I'll give one.

Author's notes: Some people have suggested in the past
that I should branch out and write something
different. I guess you could say this is the result.
Thanks to Lin for beta reading this.

Unexpected Occurrence


It had been such a long day. CJ had been in the
office since four o'clock that morning. She and Josh
were the only two members of the senior staff who were
at the White House that day. Sam was in California
because of a family emergency. Toby was in New York
talking to a Senator about a bill. Leo and the
President were in Nevada for a fundraiser. So it had
been CJ and Josh running the office all day.

"I bet they all think this place has gone to hell in
a hand basket." Josh said.

"Well, they left you in charge, so they know it has."
CJ laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So would you like to go out and

"What are we celebrating?"

"That we made it through the day."

"Without any major catastrophes?"


"Sounds good to me. What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, go out for a drink or something?"



"No way, am I going out for a drink with you."

"Why not?"

"Because you'll get mad when I try to limit you to
three drinks or less. Then you'll go ahead and drink
more I'll have to take you home. Do you know what that


"I'll have to make certain I stay sober."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do. I have to make sure you don't do anything
stupid that will end up in the paper for me to

"I won't do anything stupid."


Later, much to her chagrin, she found herself sitting
in a bar with Josh. She stared at the beer in her

"Drink up." Josh said.

She took a drink of the beer.

"So it's been forever since we talked."

"Yes it has been."

"So what's up?"


"Nothing?" Josh asked raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing, Josh. Why?"

"I've just noticed you and Toby are flirting more
than usual."

"Joshua! I don't flirt with Toby."

"Okay. So nothing's up with the two of you?"



"You know I could ask the same question about you and


"You and Donna."

"What about Donna and I?"

"You and Donna flirt. In fact I would say you have a
thing for each other."

"We don't have a thing for each other!"

"Yes, you do."

"I'm going to get another beer." Josh said. "You want



The next morning CJ woke up with a pounding head. She
turned slightly in her bed and encountered someone
else in her bed. She slowly opened her eyes and closed
them again. She then pinched herself. "Ouch." She

"What?" Josh said sleepily.

"I pinched myself."


"I wanted to know if this was a nightmare."

"Nightmare?" Josh cried sitting up.

"The waking up part of this seems like a nightmare."

"The other definitely wasn't."


"Well, it wasn't."

"No, it wasn't." CJ blushed.

"Well at least we agree."

"We are also going to agree that *no one* is to find
out about this."


"No one, Josh, no one. That means Sam doesn't know,
Toby doesn't know, Donna doesn't no know. You can't
tell anyone about this."

"I understand the meaning of no one, CJ."

"We are also going to agree this will never happen
again. Unless it is under the same circumstances."

"The same circumstances?"

"We have to be the only Senior Staffers at the White
House. Sam has to be in California because of a family
emergency. Toby has to be in New York talking to a
Senator. Leo and the President have to be gone on a
fundraising trip. We have to go out that night and get
drunk. Do you understand?"


"Good." She yawned. "I guess I should get up."


"Because it's morning and I have to get ready for


"What happened stays in this room. We never speak of
it again."

"Okay, CJ."

"I'm going to take the comforter."

"Yeah go ahead, CJ."

CJ wrapped the comforter around her and then got up.
Josh watched her as she disappeared into the bathroom.

The end.



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