Crack of the Whip - 3


See all pertinent information in Part 1.

Sam and Josh were also making an effort to show Toby that they were growing up. Both remembered back to that overheard conversation several days ago. They were going to make sure that Toby was by their side on Inauguration Day many years from now.

Sam's speeches were still beautifully written, but now punctuation had been carefully and correctly added. Sam even seemed to lose his penchant for tripping over his own feet. Josh had been doing very well at the meetings on the Hill. His political savvy shone through his now articulate, mature and calm demeanor. Leo was sending him more often because, quite frankly, Toby didn't appear interested anymore.

Leo didn't know what do. Toby hadn't said more than two words at the staff meetings since the President admitted the truth. The rest of the time Leo had become "persona non grata." Every time Leo tried to broach the issue, Toby had politely but coldly apologized for having to be somewhere else just then. Leo was haunted by Toby's words of that night. "You stood there, Leo, and shook hands with me, knowing the truth all along," He was taught, as was Toby, that your handshake was a personal guarantee of integrity and respect. Leo knew he had sullied that with Toby.

Crack of the Whip - 4




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