See all the pertinent information in Part 1.

After Leo and the President had agreed to meet for dinner to discuss * strategy* Leo returned to his office to pace.

He had until dinner that night to think about this ludicrous plan he had rattling around in his head. No...actually he had until tomorrow. That's when *she* was going to be back. He stopped pacing and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Hmmmmm...tomorrow just might be too late." Heading back to his desk, he bellowed,"Margaret!" She was already standing by his elbow when he looked up.

"Yes, Leo."

"Damn it Margaret! You scared the hell out of me, again!" Then in a hushed voice, "get in touch with Mrs. know what...never mind, I'll take care of this myself."

Margaret rolled her eyes and turned to leave. "Oh, Margaret," he started sweetly, "I know what you can do." She backpedaled and turned again looking at him expectantly.

With all seriousness came, "you can check if any local pet store will give the White House a discount on buying cat bells in bulk." That'll teach her to roll her eyes at him.

Margaret gave him a "ha ha you're just so funny" glare as she turned and left.

He smirked behind her back as he picked up the phone. She headed back to her desk smiling with satisfaction knowing that he was finally figuring out how to save their friend.


"Mrs. Landingham! MRS.LANDINGHAM! Doris get in here!"

The petite older women quietly stepped in the room facing the petulant Leader of the Free World with disapproving pursed lips.

"Don't look at me like that," was the response. Jed Bartlet was holding the phone in his hand. "I have been trying to get a hold of Abbey for the last 15 minutes and the phone is busy. Who the hell is she talking to?"

If Doris had any clue, which actually she did, she wasn't letting on. "Sir, contrary to popular belief, I am not a psychic. I am however a grand old lady who should be treated with the proper respect due her station. My best guess, Mr. President, is that the First Lady is talking to someone she knows.

"Well...yes...thank you, Mrs. Landingham...that was just so helpful."

She ignored the sarcastic barb. "You're welcome Sir. Why don't you try in about 5 minutes." Mrs. Landingham turned and left the room for her desk. Margaret popped in and winked at her. For the first time in a week Doris felt that "her boys" had a chance of being all right and just maybe they would come out of this stronger than ever.


"Well, at least we know whatever's eating at him has something to do with the President."

" happened when we were working on the jokes. How long was Toby with Leo and the President that night?"

"A pretty long time. Did Leo or Toby say anything unusual that day or maybe the day before?"

They both were racking their brains, trying to remember, as they stepped into Josh's office.

"No, not really. Listen though, this morning, did you see him give me that death ray look when I stood in his spot?"

"Yeah, I thought his was gonna grab you by the throat, buddy."

Sam looked at Josh with a little hope. "Right, so I'm thinking..."

"Don't be thinking too much there, Sam," was Donna's snarky comment as she saliled in.

"Donna, don't be listening in on conversations that don't concern you," was Josh's hot retort.

Unfazed Donna shrugged her shoulders. "I'm just saying the time for thinking is over." She pinned them both with a hard stare. "It's time to be doing, before it's too late. "Guys," she pleaded softly, "you have to hurry."

They blinked at each other and leaned into the desk whispering, "Right, so here's the plan."

Crack of the Whip - 7




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