All the pertinent information can be found in Part 1.

CJ got back to her office.

"Carol, can you very discreetly get a hold of Ginger and Bonnie?"

Carol grinned, "They're already waiting in your office."

Not really surprised CJ walked in. Standing with their coats and purses in hand, were Ginger and Bonnie.


"Hey. We've got his spare house key. How many days worth do you need?"

"We think a couple of weeks ought to do it."

"Good, we're on our way. When do you need his things?"

"Tonight, bring his suitcases up to the residence, they're expecting you."

Both started to leave.

"How did you guys know?"

Ginger and Bonnie looked at each other and then at CJ. Bonnie spoke, "We didn't...we figured if you weren't going to step in, we would."

Ginger continued, "He's a pain in the ass, but he's ours. Because we're totally deranged we love him and don't want to lose him. We're happy deranged people together.

They stood in a circle and solemnly placed their hands in the middle, not unlike musketeers. They laughed at the silliness of it all. It felt good to laugh again.


"Good Afternoon, Margaret."

"Good Afternoon, Mrs. Bartlet."

"Is Leo in."

"Yes he is ma am, and he's in rare form today. He has no idea you're here and I won't announce you."

"Perfect Margaret. Does he realize how good you are?"


"Well, I think today is just the day to change that."

Striding purposefully to the door Abbey gripped the knob and brusquely pushed it open.

" don't get up. In fact it's probably better for your health to sit still, sit very, very still." and the door slammed shut."

Margaret got up and leaned her head against the door. Mrs. Bartlet was yelling a mile a minute. Occasionally, Leo could be heard saying, "but...but...but." Margaret smirked with satisfaction. Finally, the voices
slowed and began moving back towards the door. Margaret scrambled back to her seat as the door opened.

"And I know what's best, right Leo?"

"Yes, ma am."

"And I'm always right, right Leo?"

"Yes, ma am."

"You will make my husband understand he can not run a microwave oven, let alone a country by himself, right Leo?"

"Yes, ma am."

"And you have something to say to Margaret?"

He hesitated.

"Leo?" It was threatening.

"Margaret, if you haven't checked on those cat bells yet, nevermind."

Both women exclaimed, "LEO!"

He smiled impishly at both of them. "Margaret, you're a good girl."

Satisfied, Abbey walked over to Mrs.Landingham's desk.

"Hello, Doris."

"Hello, Abbey. Glad to have you back."

"I'm starting to feel glad about it myself. Is my husband in?"

"No, but he should be back any minute. And if I may say so, good for you."

"Thank you. I'll just wait inside. Oh and Doris, stick around I might need your help."

"It will be my pleasure, ma am."

Jed Bartlet breezed past Mrs. Landingham towards his office.

"Oh sir, someone is..."

"Nevermind, Mrs. Landingham, now is not a good time," as he opened the door.

"Whatever you say Mr. President."

He looked up to see his wife standing like a high noon gunfighter, hands on her hips. He gulped. Oh...oh.

"Oh, I don't know. I think this is the perfect time." Her sweet smile turned grim. "Spill it, sweet knees!"


Crack the Whip - 11




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