Crack the Whip - 13


See all the pertinent information in Part 1.

With her sunglasses on, Margaret watched the figure move between the rose bushes.

"OWWW, damn it!"

"You know, the whole concept behind picking flowers is to bring nature, living things, into the home. That doesn't work if you pick dead ones."

Leo gave her a hateful glare as he sucked on his wounded finger. He turned back to cutting the rose. As soon as he snipped it, all the petals fell off and he was left with a stick. He shrugged and put in the basket anyway.

"Tell me again why I'm out here doing this...this thing?" he asked while waving the clipping shears in the air. "And why the hell am I having to wear this hideous hat!"

"The First Lady thought some flowers in his room would be cheery. You are wearing the hat to keep from getting sunburned. The First Lady is very concerned about your skin, Leo. Anyway the hat doesn't seem to be working, because for some reason your face is RED."

"Oh right, and I'm to believe this has nothing to do with the cat bell thing?"

"Not in the least. You better hurry it's starting to get dark."


"Damn it!"

"Mr. President, my cookie recipe does not appreciate that kind of language. You are going to ruin them. Besides looking awful, they are now going to taste bad."

The Leader of the Free World, wearing an apron, was cover in flour from head to toe. "Your cookie recipe can burn in h..."

"JUST make sure, they don't burn in the oven."

"Tell me again, why I'm pretending to be Martha Stewart?"

"The First Lady thought leaving some cookies in his room would be homey." Doris giggled a little, "'s a good thing."

"Very funny, I hate that line."

"Oh right, I'm to believe this has nothing to do with my *alledged* disrepect of an old woman?"

"Cut the cookie dough, Sir."


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