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Her office door opened. CJ stepped out and turned to gaze at Abbey one last time.

They had gone over *the plan* carefully. It wasn't particularly brilliant, but it was going to be deeply and extremely satisfying.

Each woman had assignments to take care of before tonight's big event. CJ gave Abbey a firm nod and went on her way.

Abbey brushed her suit down neatly. She had a pretty good idea of what was going on. What with Leo's, and then Jed's call this morning. Then Josh and Sam tripping over each other to get to her limo as it pulled up. She still couldn't believe that they thought torturing Toby would solve everything. She made a mental note to talk to Donna if she wanted to get the real story.

While on the phone with Jed this morning, she wisely omitted the fact that Leo was the caller who had kept the phone line busy. At first, she had been a little amused that both men had "hemmed and hawed" through trying to explain why she needed to urgently comeback. But as she began to get the gist of the situation she became alarmed.

When Abbey had confronted Toby about the State of the Union a few weeks back she thought he knew about Jed's promise not to run for second term. Part way through her tirade it was quite clear he had no clue.

Leo was Jed's best friend. She cherished him dearly, but often Leo was blinded to the truth because that friendship meant more. She was just as culpable because of her love for Jed. Wasn't she making him step away from the Presidency, from the right thing, because her love should mean more? Toby, on the other, would never put anything before what was right for this Nation. Not friendship. Not love. It's the reason why his personal life was such a mess. It was the reason why he had written the State of Union with re-election in mind. Toby truly believed that, Jed Bartlet, as President, was the right thing for this country. She hurt for Toby, who now knew that the People had a good chance of losing the right to the truth or a good President. On a personal level, Toby's and the Jed's relationship was interwoven with Leo, Josh, Sam and CJ. Abbey had guessed that rather than chose between compromising his beliefs or hurt all of his friends Toby had decided to simply not believe in anything anymore.

Poor Toby, Abbey thought, he hasn't realized that disappearing is not an option. She only recently realized that forcing Jed not to run for re-election wasn't an option either.

What was that game the girls used to play with their friends?

Crack the Whip.

Crack the Whip - 10



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