See all the pertinent information in Part 1.

***The White House 9:00 AM***

He came flying out of Leo's office in an utter rage. Pinching the
bridge of his nose and shaking his head in defeat, Toby escaped down
the hall. He had to get away from the rest of the Senior Staff,
especially Sam. Toby just couldn't believe what Sam had done. Toby
hadn't taught Sam anything. This was something a green newbie would
do. Not Sam...not after all this time. How could this happen?

Two months of the "Mighty Toby Ziegler" begging and groveling on the
Hill were now completely wasted. Toby hated that style of "political
negotiation" but Leo had ordered him to play nice. Two months of
painstakingly moving the President and this Administration closer to
winning Sam, of all people. Toby knew he had
failed Sam. His Sam wouldn't have carelessly tossed off some foolish
comments about the Bill in a crowded DC restaurant. Toby smirked to
himself...yes Sam, The Post staffers have to eat too.

In the staff meeting, after Sam had admitted that maybe he had
something to do with the Bill being compromised, Toby had gone
ballistic. Every fear he had was coming to fruition. Ranting and
raving, waving his hands wildly, Toby had even suggested that Sam
would be instrumental in their all having a major career change in
another year. From Sam's look, Toby knew the comment had hurt. Toby
hadn't meant to hurt him. He ahd just wanted to shake Sam into gear.
Everyone in the room had given Toby a shocked, angry look. Josh
expected Leo to step in. Suprised when it didn't happen, Josh had
tried to defend Sam by reminding Toby of the Leadership Breakfast
fiasco. Toby only chuckled. "Well'd think Sam would have
known better. You know, would have learned a lesson after seeing all
the times I've made an ass of myself!" And that's when Toby couldn't
take anymore...couldn't do this anymore. He gave Leo a final glare,
turned and left the room.


Time Ticking Away - 4




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