See all the pertinent information in Part 1.

"Toby, what the hell was that all about back there? Enough already!
Can't you see what you're doing is hurting Sam? You know, if you're
not careful, he's going to..."

"CJ, I don't have time."

"Well, my friend...too bad... you're going to make time for this
little discussion."

Toby turned to face CJ a little too quickly. Exhaustion had made him
physically unstable and he had to grab the table to keep from swaying.
A suprised CJ moved forward to catch Toby, but he stepped back out of
her reach. As if her touch would burn. CJ let her outstretched hands
drop to her side. Shaking his head, staring past her and sweeping his
hand in the air he smiled mirthlessly and yelled, "CJ! THERE'S JUST
NO TIME!" He covered his face with both his hands and dropped into a
chair. CJ went white. After a moment she quietly and gently crouched
down in front of Toby. She didn't want to spook him, but she needed to

CJ laid a hand on his arm and softly asked, "Okay...what's going on
Toby? You look awful and obviously you don't feel well. You've been
pretty harsh with Sam. Showing your disappointment in him is pretty
bad, even for you. Right're scaring me...frankly, you're
scaring everyone."

Toby looked up from his hands. Furrowing his forehead in confusion he
started in a low tone, "Disappointed in Sam? Where do you get off
saying that, CJ? Sam may frustrate me, freak me out, drive me crazy
and okay, piss me off, but HE HAS NEVER EVER DISAPPOINTED ME!" By the
end of his tirade Toby was half out of the chair. CJ tried to calm him
down while getting him to sit again. Toby felt a little dizzy and
looked down at the carpet trying to regain control.

"Toby, I'm going to get Abbey."

His hand quickly shot out to grab her. "NO!" He gripped her arm a
little too firmly. "No, I'll be fine," he quietly said as he lossened
his hand. He didn't remove it all the way though. Instead he gently
caressed the spot in apology.

"If anything, Sam is disappointed in me or a least he should be."

"What?! Toby, did you know you're Sam's favorite writer? He idolizes
you. Why should he be disappointed in you?"

Toby hesitated. "Because I didn't finish. I'm out of time, CJ."


Time Ticking Away - 6



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