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For being a pretty good speechwriter, Toby couldn't begin to explain
to her what these past few weeks had been like.

"Toby, I...I don't understand and now you're *really* scaring me."
When he glanced at CJ, he saw her glassy eyes and knew she was about
to cry. He had to try and make her understand.

"Sam doesn't disappoint me. If anything his idealism keeps me going,
keeps me here. He's a good speechwriter. Hell, he's better now than
I'll ever hope to be. I'm proud of the work he does. I'm proud of

"You could tell him that every once in awhile."

"Very few people will tell him that in the future, CJ. He has to get
used to that. I've been trying to prepare him for it. It's what I've
been training him..." Toby couldn't go on. He realized that his chance
with Sam was probably gone.

They were silent for a moment. "Toby, go on or I'm going to cry all
over you and we both know how much you'll love that."

He smiled at her. She, Josh and Leo were part of the plan. They would
be Sam's support. But now he wasn't sure there was even a future to
plan for.

"Sam is brilliant in a freakish way. Not unlike our current President
I might add. Sam has a sure grasp of what good government should be
like. He genuinely cares for people and they find him appealing too.
Sam is the "whole package" but right now he's a weak politician. He
doesn't know how to handle the "backroom" crap. He needs to count on
his own instincts to make the hard decisions. I thought I had already
taught him to use good judgement. This incident with the Bill was a
glaring example of MY failure.

"Toby, it's not your fault."

He ignored the comment as he continued. "I...I hoped that when the
President got re-elected I would have 6 years to get Sam ready."

"Ready for what, Toby?"

"To run for office, for this Office, CJ."


Time Ticking Away - 7




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