Title: Two Weeks
By: Nijijin
Rating: PG-13 (some language)
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Nope...uh,uh...they're not mine.
Notes: Since this is a sequel to "Crack the Whip" it would probably
make more sense if you read it and "Time Ticking Away first." This
covers Toby's two week "vacation" at the White House Residence. This is
a bit more fluffy. Feedback? Yeah...okay not as scared of it now.
Actually, I'm kinda liking it. Archive? Yes, but I still can't believe
anybody would want to.
Spoilers: Mostly "17 People" but other bits here and there.

***A Guest Bedroom in the White House Residence - Mid morning***

"Damn It! What the hell did she do with my shoes?!" He muttered as he
looked under the bed.

Yesterday, after his failed great escape attempt, she had confiscated
any suits, dress shirts and ties that had been packed for him. So in
jeans, henley shirt and slippers, Toby had been looking all around the
room for his shoes, any shoes. As he straightened up another wave of
dizziness unexpectedly hit him. He plopped himself down on the bed and
shook his head ruefully. Maybe he wasn't quite as rested as he thought.

Toby's mind went back to his "tantrum" the day before. Well...Abbey had
called it a tantrum. He had considered it "a well thought out statement
of fact." Okay, it was the 2nd stupidest excuse he had come up with in
as many days.

"Ma am...Abbey, I feel fine. I've had two days of rest and it's not like
I'm going to take on Mary Marsh in a wrestling match. I was just going
down to my office to get a few things to do."

"Okay, so explain why I had to grab you when I came in? Tell me why you
were about to hit the ground?" Abbey asked him in that now familiar
gunslinger stance of hers.

He really was starting to hate it when she stood like that. His best
guess was that the President and Leo weren't too fond of it either. And
yet, there she stood again, waiting expectantly. "Okay, Ziegler," he
thought to himself, "don't screw up. Think of something better than a
"leaf cut."

"Toby, you'd better not be thinking up an explanation with the words
"leaf cut" in it.

"Oh, damn me to hell anyway," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that? Did you just mumble a decidedly unbecoming comment? As
you so often have in the past?"

After enduring two days of forced relaxation at the Residence, Toby was
ready to tear out what little hair he had left. He hated to be fussed
over, treated like an invalid. He especially hated that control of his
life had been relinquished to The First Lady. No, commandeered by, with
relentless intimidation, was probably a better phrase.

Now that he was able to think more clearly, a couple of things were
even a bit scary. Like the flowers and cookies. Granted some of the
roses were actually stick skeletons and the cookies seemed to have all
the blackened parts scrapped off. It was still just a little too
"Martha Stewart" for his taste. He hated that "it's a good thing" sound
byte. Toby had wanted to ask the President two nights ago why the
Leader of the Free World smelt burnt and why Leo had several band aids
wrapped around each finger. He thought better of it, when he noticed
the President and Leo glaring at Abbey. She was just as intent on
trying to ignore their identical glares.

And who exactly had gotten his personal belongs over to the Residence
anyway? Please don't let it have been Sam and Josh, or God forbid,
Bonnie and Ginger. Toby had recently come to the conclusion that his
two assistants were just...well...deranged. Of course, he always
thought of himself as being slightly deranged too. Maybe that's why the
three of them seemed to get along so well? He made a mental note...get my
spare house key back from Bonnie and Ginger. Maybe he would give it to
CJ for safekeeping. Wait...what the hell is he thinking? Like that would
be a good idea? Toby resigned himself to the fact that somebody was
going to enjoy teasing him about rummaging through his home...yeesh...about
his underwear drawer.

"Well, I'm waiting for your excuse."

Toby snapped back into the present and blurted out, "I tripped on my

"You know, maybe you should stick to "leaf cut" reasoning. I didn't
realize your ties were the same length as ones worn by circus clowns."

"Ah hell!"


Two Weeks - 2




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