Note: This is the last chapter but there is a short Epilogue.

All pertinent information is in Part 1.

Part 11

"Well this is pretty easy." Toby whispered to the group behind him.

Toby and his entourage strode purposefully through the halls of the
West Wing. As they passed co-workers, dignitaries, and the odd tour
group, not an eyelash was batted, not a comment was made, no giggles
were to be heard. In fact, no one seemed to notice them.
Which...actually...was more worrisome.

A Senior Staff member wearing casual clothes and house slippers being
followed by additional Senior Staff members carrying a laptop computer,
a pile of files and a potted plant with pink flowers should be noticed.
So why did it seem like they were nothing out of the ordinary?

Toby, CJ, Josh and Sam weren't aware that a very well dressed Chief of
Staff had already shocked the hallway occupants by walking through
bouncing a pink rubber ball. Whenever anyone took notice of him, Leo
would stop and glare.

"You got a problem with this?" There was no reply from the terrified
fool who made the mistake of looking or snickering. "I didn't think
so," was Leo's terse retort.


Just as the "looky lu" thought it was safe to breath, Leo would whip
around and say in a voice loud enough to be heard in a 10 mile radius
of the White House...

"And I better not hear anything about a certain Staff Member wearing
house slippers getting harassed by anyone in these halls. Am I clear on

Enthusiastic nods of agreement were abundant. Satisfied, Leo stepped
into his office.

"Hey Margaret, look what I found."


They made it.

They had gotten Toby back to his bedroom in the Residence without
incident. Sam hid the laptop behind the television. Josh buried the
files under Toby's shirts in the dresser. CJ placed the African Violets
on the nightstand next to the bed. For just a moment they stood
together. Toby lifted his shirt just a little to reveal several bulging
pockets. They looked surprised. Josh was about to say something
obviously obscene, when Toby pulled out a pink rubber ball...then
another... and another. He handed one to CJ, tossed another to Sam and
Josh went long to catch the third. With one last giggle and grin his
co-workers and friends left to go back to work.

Toby kicked off the damn house slippers and fell back on the bed.
Pulling out the last of the pink rubber balls from his pocket, he
released a cleansing sigh. Toby looked over at his new plant. He poked
it with his finger and smiled to himself. Finally he looked up at the
ceiling and threw his ball up in the air.

The End




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