All the pertinent information is in Part 1.

Part 4

Toby threw down the gauntlet himself. If there was going to be any
teasing, he wasn't about to give Lucy and Ethel the satisfaction of
verbally ambushing him first. He'd do it himself, damn it.

Astonished, then slightly scared Sam asked, "Toby, are you okay? Cause
I think you just made a purpose." He started looking
around the room.

"Sam, what are you doing?"

"I'm looking for the pod."

"Well, stop looking and find my balls."

Sam stopped and looked at Toby. He quickly moved behind a smirking Josh
for protection from this "not Toby." He pointed an accusing finger at
him, "Okay, you know what...whoever you're starting to freak me

Josh continued to eye Toby as he put his hands on his hips. Josh
dimpled knowing that this was going to be fun. Toby raised an eyebrow
at Josh and crossed his arms. His entire demeanor shouting, "bring it
on, Lucy."

"Sam and I haven't seen your balls." Josh said innocently.

Sam's eyes opened wide as he moved from behind Josh to get a good look
at the idiot that was about to get them reamed.

"Are you crazy! Toby's gonna kill us."

"Oh...I'm sure the two of you have been playing with my, balls." Hah! Top
that comeback, Lucy.

Sam whipped has head around to look at Toby as his mouth dropped open.
Slowly he sidestepped over to the couch not wanting to get caught in
the middle of this fray. As Sam tripped over the laptop left on the
ground, his hand stopped him from ending up on top of the coffee table.
Josh and Toby glanced over at him at the same moment. In a panic, Sam
reached for the Violets and began to wave them like a knife.

"Stay back! I know how to use these!"

Carefully, he backed himself onto the couch. Still holding the potted
plant he gestured for them to go on.

Toby frowned, have they been talking about what transpired on the night
he was bundled off to the Residence? How else would they know about the
"leaf cut" thing.

Josh caught the frown and glanced at a worried Sam.

Sam quickly retorted, "Josh and I may have tossed your balls around a
little bit."

Toby stopped frowning and grinned at Sam. So Ethel wants to play now.

"Yeah...your balls were kinda smooth and soft," was Josh's rejoinder,
"and very pink."

Lucy and Ethel had nothing on Toby. "Really, I hope you weren't too
rough on my balls."

"We were very loving with your balls." Sam grinning lopsidedly was
really starting to get into it.

"That's nice hear. So where are my balls now?" Toby didn't know how
much longer he could hold out.

"Leo has one of your balls." Josh replied as he carefully scrutinized a
non-existent spot on the ground.

"You gave one of my balls to Leo? How could you do that? They're my
balls, not his balls."

"Well, we didn't exactly give your ball to him."

"Go on Sam, how did Leo get his hands on my ball."

"He confiscated your ball."

Toby looked at both of them expectantly. His arms still crossed and now
tapping his foot.


"Not, we Josh, you..."

"Well I was tossing his ball to somebody that looked suspiciously like
you, Sam."

"Point taken, go on."

"Guys, why does Leo have my ball?"

"He said we were getting to rambunctious with your ball in the
Roosevelt Room and that until we learned how to handle your balls
properly we weren't going to get it back."

"You played with my ball in the Roosevelt Room? I only play with my
balls in the privacy of these offices. How could you get my ball

The younger men dropped their heads in guilt, but grinned the whole
time. Toby tried to keep a straight face.

"Okay, that explains one ball, but I have more than one ball you know.
You got some 'splaining' to do Lucy."

Josh pulled at his collar. Sam picked at some lint on his sleeve.

"CJ has the rest of your balls locked in her desk."

"My balls are under lock and key?"

The three blinked at each other. Each with a very different, but
interesting image of Toby's balls." They burst into boisterous


Two Weeks - 5




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