All pertinent information is in Part 1.

Part 6

Toby rubbed his forehead while nervously glancing out the door. His
other hand steadied Gail's fishbowl as the desk shook.

"Come on Josh, how hard is it to break into a locked drawer."

"Toby, it's a very fine art that I haven't practiced in quite a while."

"Josh, you broke into Donna's desk last week, and can I just say, as a
lawyer, how many bad things can happen to us for damaging government

"You mean you haven't been considering how many bad things can happen
to us for damaging CJ's property?"

"Oh God, Toby, no I hadn't even thought of that."

Sam stared off into space while swallowing hard.

" the parade of terrifying images float unbidden before his
eyes," Toby smirked.

Sam stood next to Toby also rubbing his forehead and nervously
glancing out of CJ's door. They caught sight of each other with
identical stances and looks on their faces. Both coughed a little and
dropped their hands, trying to rearrange their bodies so they wouldn't
be mirror images. Toby stuffed his hands into the back pockets of his
jeans. Sam walked over to Josh.

From where he was lying on the ground behind CJ's desk, Josh had missed
the exchange.

"Stop worrying...nothing's going to happen to us. If we get caught, we
can just say it was a matter of national importance. We did it for the
sake of Toby's balls."

"Oh yeah right. I can really envision CJ spinning *that* in the Press



"Uh, Sam why don't I hand this...uh...letter opener to you."

"Oh, no way, man. That's gonna only have your fingerprints on it."

Toby came around the desk to stand next to where Josh was lying on the
ground. The dark mahogany of the drawer now had a light colored raw
wood line from the lock straight down. Toby rubbed his face.

"Okay, forget my balls. I don't need my balls. I can stop playing with
my balls. Let's just destroy all the incriminating evidence and get the
hell outta here."

"Will we have to make Gail disappear? Cause you know, she was a

Sam pulled open the drawer just above the locked one. "Maybe it's one
of those trick drawers. You gotta open the drawer above it to trip the
secret mechanism. He leaned down to see if there was any kind of button
or switch in the drawer.

Josh blinked up a Toby, who was blinking down at him. "Since when did
you become so CIA, Sam?"

Sam pouted at them, "It could happen."

"You guys never did tell me why CJ locked up my balls."

Since when had they all gotten so bad at not hearing people sneak up?
It all happened so quickly...

Her feminine voice drifted into the room, "because I though you
wouldn't appreciate these two manhandling your balls."

Josh pushed the open drawer shut before trying to sit up. Just for a
moment he thought Donna would be so proud that he had remembered not to
hit his head. Of course, he hadn't realized that Toby was standing on
his tie.

Sam straightend up a millisecond after Josh had shut the drawer he was
looking in. Woah...he had barely missed getting his nose taken off. Of
course, he hadn't realized that part of his tie was still in the

Two ties that were slack suddenly tightened.






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