All pertinent information is in Part 1.

Part 7

Sam and Josh were sitting on CJ's couch rubbing their throats. They looked up sheepishly as Toby and CJ came back into her office, each with a glass of water in hand. Both glanced at Toby expectantly. He shook his head. Damn...he hadn't been able to smooth this over with her.

The force of CJ passing Josh his glass caused water to splash right into his lap. He had the good sense not to comment.

"Thank you, CJ."

*No response*

Toby and Sam both stared at the newly formed wet spot and began to chuckle. They stopped dead however, when CJ shot them an evil glare. Both also started to cough when they realized staring at Josh's crotch was probably not a good thing.

Toby gently handed Sam his glass of water, making sure not to spill.

"Thank you, Toby."

"You're very welcome, Sam."

Oh sure, Sam gets the "not mad" person. Josh caught Toby's subtle looks at the empty glass in his hand and CJ. What the hell was Toby trying to tell him?

"CJ, could I please have some more water? throat hurts more than I thought." He tried to say it in a croaky voice.

CJ looked at him in disbelief. Was he kidding? Josh played his puppy dog eyes, although they were never as good as Sam's. She shot a "death ray" glare at each man before grabbing the glass and huffing out of the room.

They let out a collectively held breath. "Guys, we are so screwed. I don't think I've ever seen her so pissed."

"Yeah...well you don't have to contend with the double header of CJ and the First Lady." There was no doubt in Toby's mind that CJ intended to tattle on their little escapade. Sam and Josh cringed at the thought and offered Toby their heartfelt sympathy.

"Aw, man, that's going get ugly. CJ and the First Lady...I'm getting chicken skin just thinking about it."

Toby had a pretty frightening image of gunslingers in his head again. He also realized how exhausted this little adventure had made him. He reached for the arm of the couch. Sam was the first to notice that Toby was struggling a bit and started to get up. He felt Toby's firm hand on his shoulder.

"No, that's okay, I'll be fine right here."

Sam searched his boss' face to be sure. Toby gave him a reassuring smile, which seemed to satisfy Sam for the moment.

Toby perched on the edge of the armrest. He propped up one leg sideways causing his house slipper to dangle precariously from his foot. Josh and Sam began to snicker.

"Hey Tobes, I forgot to comment on your sense of style," Josh whispered.

"Yeah...well...they're probably going to get confiscated, so take notes on this latest fashion trend."

"So, you did try to escape yesterday and the First Lady did take your clothes and shoes." Sam grinned up at Toby."

Toby glared at both of them. " you guys get play-by-play at the staff meetings? Is that how you knew about..."

"the "leaf cut" thing? Or maybe the "tripped over my tie" excuse?"

"God, why am I not dead yet?"

"Because God, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed that any "smiting" will be done by me. He will be satisfied that I "" CJ
dared anyone of them to comment.

It was like fingernails on a chalkboard when Sam and Toby heard it. But it was in their best interest not to mention her mangling of the English language. CJ handed Josh his glass of water as she pursed her lips at Toby.

And then she saw it...the dangling house slipper.

Her eyebrows quirked up at the incredible sight. Josh saw it as possible chance to turn the tide of the battle.

"We were just mentioning to, Tobes, that he probably just invented a new fashion icon."

Toby and Sam's minds began to crank. Okay, what was Josh trying to start? Where was he going with this? Thinking quickly, Sam jumped in next.

"Yeah, I was thinking maybe this could be like another "Big Block of Cheese Day" thing.

Toby followed, "Right, instead of putting a two ton Block of Cheese in the foyer, President Bartlet would be known for putting...two tons of house slippers out there." This was quite possibly the 3rd most stupidest thing he had said in as many days.

Three sets of incredulous eyes looked at him. It was Déjà vu. Toby put his hands to his face and shook his head. He was just going to shut up now.

"Tobes, I think you better just shut up now." Josh and Sam had been doing so good up until then.

Choking on their ties, watching Gail slosh in her bowl, seeing Toby's dangling house slipper and the image of a huge mountain of house slippers in the White foyer for all to wear, was...just...too...much.


She grabbed Toby's slipper and smacked each of them on the forehead with it.

They wore identical stunned looks. CJ stood firm, a death grip around the slipper, breathing hard.

"So, do you think we've been smotted now?"

"Well I certainly feel smotted."

"I don't know, I think need to be smotted again."


Part 8



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