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Part 8

CJ leaned forward and put the now crumpled house slipper back on Toby's barefoot, patting it back into place. She left her hand on his leg.

"You know why I hate you?" They looked at her expectantly. "Cause I never can stay mad at you for very long."

She burst into laughter as Josh jumped up to hug her. Sam joined in. After a moment they looked over at Toby who was hanging back nervously. He knew she was still mad at him from before. CJ stepped up to him, lifting his chin to look at her. There was a twinkle in her eye.

"Leaf cut? Toby, you don't even have any plants in your office."

Toby blushed in his beard. "I do now. Sam tried to threaten us with it."

CJ shook her head. Smiling, she gently kissed his cheek and hugged him. Toby let out a sigh of relief, as he buried his face in her hair and put his own arms around her.

Josh cleared his throat. "Okay, guys, as much as Sam and I love to see this touching soap opera moment..."

"I like soap operas," Sam volunteered.

Josh looked over at his best friend with deep concern.

Sam blithely continued, "they have very interesting plot lines."

Josh tried to start again without success.

"I also like to read fanfiction..."

"Like *I* was saying...Tobes here...can I just say, I have indeed noticed that you, my friend, are not ripping my head off when I call you I'm assuming you actually like it...anyway...Tobes...has been AWOL for quite a while now and before the Secret Service hunts him down, we should probably get him back to his cell at the Residence. Actually, Josh was just as concerned as Sam that they were wearing Toby out.

CJ looked down at Toby, as if for the first time realizing he wasn't suppose to be here. She placed her hands on her hips and began to glare.

"Uh...oh, gunslinger alert," Toby mumbled under his breath.

"What was that, Tobes?" Sam asked, thinking his boss was hallucinating.

Toby shot one of his most intimidating glares at him. In retort, Sam's blue eyes crinkled and the corner of his mouth twitched. Ah, the Toby he knew and loved.

"Sam, if you value your writing hand, you will think twice about ever calling me that again."

"Okay, that is just so wrong. First, I'm ambidextrous. Second, why does Josh get to call you that?"

"Well, I think, Tobes, would allow his oldest, and dearest friend to call him that too." CJ declared smugly.

One would not have thought it possible, but Toby gave her a glare that was more frightening than the one bestowed on Sam."

"Well...maybe not. So how come Sam and I don't get to play?"

Josh rolled his shoulders in triumph, "CJ don't whine it's so unbecoming on you. It's quite obvious that I hold a special spot in Toby's heart. And I honestly can see how that could happen." Josh gloated as he touched his own heart.

Toby rolled his eyes and looked at them. He would someday tell Josh how much he reminded Toby of a sister that still calls him that name...his favorite sister.

"You're not going to tell us, are you?"

"Was I ever? Get real guys. How are we gonna get me outta here?"

"Tobes, you got down here all by yourself."

"That would be very true, Josh. All the rest is on you though."

"I got it!" They looked at Sam with hope. "We walk together as a group. We put Toby in the middle. We're all taller than he is. Nobody will see him. Nobody will notice a difference." Sam smiled at his own cleverness.

"Sam...we are going to look like a really bad synchronized swimming team. Not to mention there's going to be an extra pair of legs with house slippers on them."

"Yeah...well I didn't say my plan was perfect. You guys try to think of something better, while I go get Toby's stuff." Sam turned and left the office.

Josh smirked. Lucy still wanted to play.

"CJ...Toby wants his balls."

CJ played along.

"But I like having Toby's balls locked up."

Toby began to squirm. Stuffing his hands into his jean pockets again. Why was it different when CJ was teasing him?

"Toby's balls are meant to be free."

"Toby's balls are endangered and should be kept in captivity."

"Very true...but don't you want to experience the beauty of Toby's balls in their natural habitat?"





"What a spoil sport."

"Tell me about it."

"Give him his balls back before he has an aneurysm."

CJ walked around to her desk drawers. Panic registered on both Toby and Josh's faces. Josh began to scramble out the door, Toby trying to grab him.

"I gotta go...I got this *thing* to do... right back in a bit... uh...after Toby explains." And he was gone.

Toby began to scrub his face with his hand. He waited, hearing her rustling behind his back. CJ was confused. What the hell was that all about? She moved her chair out of the way and held out her key to unlock the drawer.

And then she saw it...the huge scratch running the full length of the drawer.

She went ballistic. Toby didn't hear the keys anymore and he knew she was going to go ballistic.

"I can't believe you guys! You defaced government property. My property! How in the hell do you expect me to explain that? You guys had better think of a way to make that look pretty again. Or so help me..."

It was later agreed by all, that a workshop entitled, "Catch A "Sneak Up", Before It Catches You," would be a good thing to attend.

"I personally use a dark brown permanent marking pen to color in scratches. Margaret never notices the difference."


Part 9



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