All the pertinent information is in Part 1.


The fourth day of Toby's forced vacation at the Residence was starting
out beautifully...NOT.

At the head of the breakfast table, Jed Bartlet didn't want to put the
newspaper down. That would mean he would have to see two of the most
stubborn people in the known universe staring icily at each other. And
that would just ruin his appetite. Were Abbey and Toby at all aware of
how much alike they were? Aww goes nothing. The President
sighed, folded up the paper and put it down on the dining table. When
he saw his wife and his Communications Director, Jed Bartlet shook his

To his left, Abbey was drumming her fingers on the table. Her lips were
pursed, as she gave Toby an evil glare. Jed had been a recipient of
that ugly look before and it sent shivers down his spine even now.

To his right, Toby was playing with the oatmeal he was given for
breakfast. Toby hated oatmeal and remembered once having mentioned that
fact to Abbey. It was obvious to Jed that Toby was in no way bothered
by her attempt to terrify. In fact, Toby's stony look and tightly
pressed lips were pretty intimidating too. Jed now had an inkling of
how Sam must feel at times.

It was only 7:30 AM and the Leader of the Free World was getting a

"Did you know..." Two pairs of eyes tried to shut him up, but the
President would not back down. "the desk in CJ's office was once used
by Michael Nesmith's mother?"

Two pairs of eyebrows rose up.

"He was a Monkee and she invented Liquid Paper."

Jed took a bite of his oatmeal and noted that Toby had good reason to
hate it.

"I wonder if there's a color of Liquid Paper that could be used to
cover up scratches?"

Toby gave the President his "oh your just so funny, Sir" look and Abbey
snorted smugly. Toby decided it was more satisfying to glare at her.

Jed wondered if the remaining Senior Staff was being forced to listen
to this same trivia tidbit in Leo's office. He had no idea that they
were making Leo laugh with "Big Block of House Slippers Day."

"I thought it was about time the Senior Staff came to visit you."

Toby's face lit up, as he put a bite of oatmeal in his mouth.

"It's been quite some time since they've seen you, right?"

Toby swallowed hard. Jed couldn't quite tell if it was because of the
oatmeal or because he was once again being reminded that he was busted.

"I thought we'd have them join us for lunch today."

"I'd like that, Sir."

As Jed started into what they should have, Abbey looked at Toby. His
whole demeanor had changed at the mention of his friends coming to see
him. He was obviously happy about it. She was glad Toby would be here
for them. Abbey looked down at her hand under the table. At that
precise moment, Toby looked over at her. What was she looking at?

Abbey cocked her head at Toby. She put her closed hand on the table.
Toby watched with curious interest. Jed stopped rambling and was now
looking too. She opened her hand to reveal a familiar pink rubber ball.
With a flick of her finger it rolled across the breakfast table towards
Toby and hit his oatmeal bowl.

Their eyes locked across the table and crinkled with affection.



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