TITLE: All Come Undone
DISCLAIMERS: See part 1.
Part 2
By the time the plane landed Cassie and Sam had finished revising the Vice President's speech, including all the changes Leo had insisted were necessary. Sam handed a copy of the speech to the Vice President. "Here it is sir."
"Thanks." He glanced over the top page. "I want you two with me in the limo so we can go over this."
"Yes sir." They followed Hoynes off the plane and into the back of the waiting limo.
"Do you have any concerns about our changes?" Cassie sat down next to Sam, across from the Vice President.
"Give me a minute to review them." He said as the car began to move.
"Yes sir." Cassie leaned her head against the window. "If there's a problem...." She was cut off by the sound of squealing tires. She felt a sharp pain along the side of her skull just before everything went black.

The first thing Cassie was aware of was the sticky feeling along the side of her face and neck. She opened her eyes to the bright light of the emergency room. "Where am I?" She sat up unsteadily, the white room spinning around her. "What happened?"

"Whoa." The doctor touched her shoulder. "Miss, I need you to lay back so I can finish stitching your head."

"Who the hell are you?" She blinked as his face slowly came into focus.

"Miss Bartlet. I'm Dr. Matthews. You're in the emergency room. You were in a car accident, you have a deep laceration in your scalp. I'm almost done closing it up, and then Dr. Lewis, the neurologist on call, is going to have to take a look at you. He'll probably want to do an MRI, but I think you're going to be fine." He fell silent as he finished closing the gash. "All done." He stood up. "Do you feel any pain anywhere else?"

"My hip really hurts."

"I need to take a look." She pulled the hem of her dress up over her hip, revealing a large spot that was clearly on it's way to becoming a bruise. "Well that's definitely a bruise." He gently touched it with his fingers and heard her sharp intake of breath. "Sorry. I'm going to feel your abdomen to check for internal bleeding."

"Fine." She rubbed her temples. She could feel his gloves pressing into her skin.

He slid his hands down to the bottom of her abdomen and looked up at her. "How old are these incisions?"

"Two and five years. Why?"

"I want to make sure we don't have to worry about anything rupturing, but since they're not recent it shouldn't be a problem." He lightly touched the scars. "I don't feel anything out of place. You're going to be fine."

Cassie knew there was something she was forgetting. "Sam?" She sat up slowly. "Where's Sam? Is the Vice President ok?" She pulled down her dress.

"I don't have any information on that, I'm sorry." He snapped off his gloves as another man in scrubs approached her.

"Miss Bartlet. I'm Dr. Lewis, I need to do a quick exam and then I want to take you upstairs for MRI, just to make sure everything's fine."

She was beginning to get frustrated. "No one is fucking touching me until I find out where Sam is."

"Mr. Seaborn is still in surgery, it will be a few more hours until we know anything." He tilted her head upward and aimed his penlight into her eyes. "Look to the right.... now left.... good.... look up.... down.... good. We'll everything looks ok, but I still want you to have the MRI."

Cassie felt her mind becoming clearer. "What happened to him? Why is he in surgery? What about the Vice President?"

"The Vice President is fine, a little banged up, but nothing serious."

"And Sam?" She asked desperately.

He took a deep breath. "I'm not sure as to the extent of his injuries. All I know is that he's in surgery right now. Come upstairs with me and I'll see if I can find out more for you." He signaled for an orderly to bring over a wheel chair.

She got unsteadily to her feet. "I can walk, it's fine." She waved off his assistance.

"I think you should...."

"I fine. Can we just do this please so I can see Sam?" She snapped at him.

"Alright." He acquiesced and took her arm. They walked slowly to the elevator.

After the MRI was done a nurse approached Cassie. "Miss Bartlet?"
"Yes. Please tell me you're here about Sam." She said desperately.
"Mr. Seaborn is currently in critical condition. He injuries were fairly extensive; if he makes it through the surgery his odds improve. I'm sorry, but it will be a few more hours before we know any more."
"Oh my God." She sat down slowly. "Where's Hoynes?" She needed to see a familiar face, even if it was one she didn't particularly care for.
"Right down the hall. Room 430."
"Thank you. Will someone come and get me about Sam?"
"Yes ma'am."
Cassie got slowly to her feet and walked down the hall. She stopped in front of the Secret Service agents outside the door. "Can I go in?"
"Just a minute." One of the agents disappeared into the room. He reappeared a moment later. "Go on in." He held the door open for her.
"Mr. Vice President, how are you?" She attempted a weak smile.
"Under the circumstances you should probably call me John." He gestured to a chair next to his bed. "Sit down before you fall down."
"Thanks." She sat down.
"Did they talk to you about Seaborn?"

"Yes." She put her head in her hands as her body began to shake. "He might not make it.... Oh, God.... I should call his parents they're probably..."
He stopped her. "It's taken care of. They're actually in the waiting room down the hall."
"Thank you John." She said sincerely, noting the cast on his right arm. "How's your arm?"
"Broken, along with a few ribs. They want to keep me over night." He took her hand in his. "He'll be fine. He's a stubborn SOB."
She felt her dislike of him dissipate and she squeezed his hand. "I hope so."
"Do the doctors know you're wandering around? Your head was bleeding pretty badly."
"They stitched it up and the nurse knows where I am. Besides, the MRI was fine. I'll live." She looked up at him, brushing away the tears that had begun to run down her face. "How do you know about my head?"
"I was conscious, I saw you."
"Oh." She finished drying her eyes and stood up. "I should go see his parents."
"Yes, you should, but you should clean that blood off first." He indicated the side of her face.
She walked unsteadily into the bathroom and washed her face and neck as best she could. Cassie emerged from the bathroom and headed toward the door. "Goodbye John."

End Part 2.........