TITLE: All Come Undone
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Part 3
Cassie was halfway down the hall when one of the Vice President's agents called out to her. "Ms. Bartlet."
She spun around. "Yes?"
"He's asking for you, he's got the President on the phone."
"Thank you." She walked back into the room.
"Sir....yes, she's fine....I talked to her....hold on....she's right here." Hoynes thrust the phone in Cassie's direction. "It's for you."
She nodded her head. "Daddy?"
"Oh, thank God." Jed felt an overwhelming sense of relief come over him at the sound of her voice. "Are you ok?"
"Yes, like John said I'm fine. I have a cut on my head and a big bruise on my hip, but other than that I'm fine."
"How's Sam?"
Cassie felt the tears threatening her eyes again. "He's still in surgery." She began to tremble and leaned her body against the bed. "It's not good...they won't know anything for a few more hours."
"How bad is it?" He asked warily.
"I don't know for sure, but I don't think its good." She began to fidget with the charm bracelet around her wrist. "Um, his parents are here, down the hall, I need to go see them. I promise I'll call you as soon as I hear anything. I just... I need to go...bye." She handed the phone back to Hoynes before her father had a chance to respond. "I'll be down the hall."
"Mr. Seaborn?" Cassie stepped hesitantly into the waiting room.
He turned to face her. "Call me Greg. You must be Cassie." He shook her hand and she found herself looking at an older version of Sam, the same piercing blue eyes stared back at her.
"Yes." She tried to force a smile. "Have they told you anything else?"
"No, we're still waiting."
"Is your wife.... I mean ex-wife here?"
He nodded his head. "Coffee."
"Oh." Cassie took a seat next to the door. She began to think that she should make small talk, but he beat her to it.
"So, you work with Sam?" He asked awkwardly.
"Yes, I'm a speech writer."
"You like working for the President?"
"Yeah. I suppose if he wasn't my father I would find it intimidating, but..." She trailed off.
"Yeah.... He doesn't tell us much, or at least he doesn't tell me much. I don't know what he tells his mother. I assume you met at work."
He looked up at a point behind Cassie's shoulder. "Kate, this is Cassie."
Cassie got to her feet and shook her hand. "Hi."
"It's nice to finally meet you. Have we heard anything else?"
"No." Cassie sat back down.
Kate sat down across from Cassie, a few seats down from her ex-husband. "Why is this taking so long?"
"How long has it been?"
Greg looked down at his watch. "He's been in surgery for about two and a half hours."

"I forgot to ask how long I was out for." She absent-mindedly put her fingers against the cut in her head.
"What happened to your head?" Kate looked across at her.
"Laceration, twenty-five stitches."
"Should you be up?"
"I'm fine." Cassie went back to fiddling with her bracelet, thinking of the day Sam gave it to her.
I got you an anniversary present.
We have an anniversary?
We met three years ago today.... I love you. Happy anniversary.
She pushed the memories out of her head in a vain effort to stop the tears from falling. She looked up at the no smoking sign and desperately longed for a cigarette.
Greg followed her line of sight. "You want to smoke too?"
"I haven't smoked since college, but I suddenly want a cigarette." She attempted once again to smile, but fell short. "I don't like hospitals." The last thing she wanted to do was watch another person she loved die.
The door opened two hours later and they all jumped to their feet as the doctor entered the room. "I'm Dr. Phillips, I worked on Mr. Seaborn. He survived the surgery, but he's not out of the woods yet. The next ten to twelve hours are going to be critical. He had some extensive internal bleeding, which we repaired. His spleen was ruptured and we had to remove it. He also sustained some other serious, but not life threatening injuries. His left arm and leg are badly damaged, I think that with physical therapy he'll be able to regain some function, but for a large part the damage may be permanent."
"Oh god." Cassie sat down heavily. "Can we see him?"
"He's currently in the ICU, you can see him one person at a time."
She got to her feet. "You two go ahead. I need to call the White House." She watched Kate and Greg hurry down the hall. "Actually, Dr. Phillips if I give you a number can you give my mother an update on his condition. It would be better if it came from another doctor. That way I won't forget to relay any information and she can explain it to the President."
She wrote down the number and headed warily down the hall towards the intensive care unit.

End Part 3.........
Scenes from part 4.........
She clasped his good hand in hers and pressed it to her cheek. "I love you, I've forgotten how to live without you. You can't leave me now."