TITLE: All Come Undone
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Part 6
"A boy and a girl."
"Congratulations." CJ wrapped her arms around Leo as he entered the hospital waiting room. She kissed his cheek. "How's Margaret?"
"Good, tired I'm sure, but good." He moved to hug a bouncing Donna. "Give me a few minutes then you guys can see them."
"Congratulations." Toby approached Leo and shook his hand before handing him his cell phone. "It's the President."
Leo smiled and held the phone to his ear. "Hello sir."
"Did I hear right, a boy and a girl?"
"Yes sir. Patrick and Brooke." Leo couldn't keep the smile from his voice.
"Happy....exhausted, she's good."
"That's great. I'm sure you'd rather be with your family than talk to me, so go see them and call me back in a few hours."
"I will. Goodbye sir."
Leo hung up the phone and handed it back to Toby. "I should call Josh."
"Go check on Margaret first."
"Right." Leo hurried out of the room.
"Hey." Leo leaned down and kissed Margaret. "How are you feeling?"
"I don't think I've ever been this exhausted in my entire life." She gently shifted Patrick into his arms.
He sat down next to her. "I love you so much."
"I love you too." She leaned her head against his shoulder.
"If you're up to visitors CJ, Toby, and Donna are here."
She nodded her head. "Let them in."
Leo opened the door and motioned everyone into the room. "You guys can come in for a few minutes."
Donna hugged Margaret. "Wow, she is so beautiful." She looked down at Brooke, sleeping contentedly in her mother's arms.
"Yeah, they are both so....perfect." Margaret smiled at her daughter.
"I agree." Leo sat down next to her with Patrick in his arms.
"They're both very cute." Toby let a smile break through his usually gruff exterior.
"Aw Toby see how sweet you can be when you put forth the effort." CJ patted his arm.
"Just don't tell anyone I have a soft spot for babies."
"Your secret's safe with us." Margaret told him.
"We should get out of here and let you get some rest." CJ hugged Leo again and stood up.
"We'll see you later, get some sleep." Toby squeezed Margaret's hand.
"Bye." They left, leaving Margaret and Leo alone with their children.
Leo kissed her again. "I called Mal, she's in Chicago, but she should be here tomorrow morning."
"Ok." She looked down at the two new lives in their arms. "I can't imagine life being any more perfect than it is at this moment."
"Neither can I."
After Margaret was asleep Leo stepped out into the hall to call Josh.

End part 6..........