Burn for You

Part 6

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After her father dismissed the staff from the Oval Office Cassie wandered up stairs into her bedroom where she found Zoey sitting on the bed, a dazed look on her face.

"Zoey, what are you doing in here? Are you okay?"

"I really need to talk to you, are you busy?"

"Nope, daddy gave us the rest of the day off? I'm here for you, that's what sisters are for." Cassie said, taking a seat on the bed next to Zoey.

"I'm pregnant. I just found out this morning." Zoey said in a shaky voice.

"Have you told Charlie yet?"

"No. I've been sitting here all day. I figured no one would look for me in your room."

"Have you thought about how you're going to tell daddy?"

"Yes, constantly. What if he reacts the same way he reacted to you? I don't think I can handle that. I not nearly as strong as you are."

"That won't happen. Mom will kill him if he ever acts that way again." Cassie took Zoey's hands into hers. "I really believe that he's learned from the past, he won't repeat it with you. He's not going to be happy about this, but he loves you and everything will be okay."

"Promise." Zoey asked weakly, looking up hopefully at her big sister.

"I promise." The sisters hugged tightly. "Congratulations." Cassie said softly into Zoey's ear.


"Oh, god I almost forgot. How are you feeling about this?"

"Happy, terrified, happy."

"That's normal. You need to tell Charlie, he's probably still downstairs somewhere."

"I'll go find him. Thank you."

"Sure." With that Zoey got up and left the room.

As soon as she was alone Cassie laid down on her bed. Her mind filled with thoughts of Margaret, Zoey, and her mother. Three pregnant women in the White House, must be something in the water. Thinking back she wondered if Zoey knew that her mother was also pregnant, she guessed not. Cassie wondered if she should have told her, but she remembered that her mother had sworn her to secrecy. She ran her hand over her thin, scarred body and couldn't help but feel a small pang of envy, but quickly pushed it away, no point in dwelling on things she couldn't change.

She closed her eyes and was almost asleep when she felt lips on her forehead. Cassie opened her eyes and found Sam sitting on the bed next to her. She smiled up at him and pulled him down onto the bed with her. They began to kiss intensely. There was a knock at the door, but neither heard it. Sam had begun to unbutton his shirt when the door opened, revealing Jed.

"Cass, you in here? You're mom and I have some..." He stopped mid sentence when he saw them. Hurriedly Sam began to button his shirt.

"Sir, hello. This isn't what it looks like, I have to go." Sam grabbed his shoes and attempted to hurry out of the room when Jed stopped him.

"Sam, sit." Jed commanded. At this point Cassie began to laugh, causing Sam to give her an exasperated look.

"Sam, he's not an idiot. This is exactly what it looks like and he knows it. And daddy, did you ever hear of knocking?"

"I did, no one answered, so I just came in. How long has this been going on?"

"A few months." She answered quickly.

Jed gave Sam a nasty look. "Isn't there something you should be doing in your office right now."

"Sir, you sent us all home for the day."

"Well then go home, I don't care where you go as long as you get out of my sight in the next ten seconds."

"Yes sir, bye Cass." Sam hurried out of the bedroom.

"Was that really necessary?" Cassie asked.

"Yes. He's damn lucky. The only reason I'm not chewing him out right now is that I know your mother will yell at me if I interfere in your life."

"Good for her." Cassie said adamantly. "What were you saying when you barged in here."

"Huh? Oh yeah, right, you're mom and I have some exciting news and as soon as she gets here..."

"I already know that she's pregnant." Cassie interrupted.

"Oh, then I guess we don't have any news."

"Congratulations daddy."

"Thank you honey."

"Where is mom anyway?" Just then Abbey walked into the room and laid her head wearily on Jed's shoulder.

"Mom, how are you feeling?"


"Abbey did you know what was going on between Sam and your daughter?" Jed asked.

"No. What are you talking about?"

"Sam and I have been seeing each other for the past few months." Cassie stated calmly.

"Oh. All right, good to know. Jed, promise me you're not going to start acting like an insanely overprotective father." Abbey said sternly as she gave Cassie her 'we'll talk about this later' look.

"But Abbey I..."

"Promise me."

"I promise." He said hanging his head.

"Thank you dear." Abbey kissed him softly.

All three of them turned when Zoey entered the room with Charlie in tow. "We need to talk to you."

"And your mother and I need to talk to you." Jed said, grinning broadly.

"Us first." Zoey said, nervously.

"Okay, what's your news?" Abbey asked.

"Um...well...you see...it's not like we planned this, but sometimes things happen. What I'm trying to say is...mom, dad I'm pregnant." Zoey said looking at her feet.

Cassie looked over at Charlie who was standing off to the side with a terrified look on his face. She could tell that he was afraid the president was going to kill him; she couldn't help feeling bad for him.

Jed opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it when Cassie gave him a severe glare. He decided that it would be best to let Abbey speak first.

"What?! Have you lost your mind?! Are you sure?" Abbey asked.

"Yes, mom I'm sure." Zoey said, hesitantly looking at her mother.

Abbey looked at Jed, who looked like he was about to pass out. Worriedly Abbey said, "Zoey, you and Charlie go into the living room and sit down, we'll be there in a minute." They quickly left the room.

"Dad, are you okay?" Cassie asked, moving to stand next to him.

"What the hell is wrong with them?" He asked, angrily.

"Watch it." Cassie said severely.

"Do you have any idea what they've gotten themselves into?"

"No, dad I have no idea what Zoey's going through." Cassie said, her voice drenched in sarcasm. "She's terrified that you're going to spend the next two years not speaking to her. She's afraid that you're going to start acting like an idiotic jackass again. I can't say that I blame her."

"I would never do that to her." Jed said desperately.

"Of course not. This time around it would hurt you too much in the polls to do that to your child." She remarked bitterly.

"This isn't about politics. Everything is going to be fine. Zoey and Charlie love each other and they'll be fine and I'll be very calm and supportive just like a good father should be." He said with a great deal more certainty than he felt.

"Good, she needs that. God knows it's a hell of a lot more than I ever got from you." Cassie said, angrily.

"Both of you stop fighting right now. We're going to go talk to Zoey and Charlie right now in a calm and orderly fashion." Abbey said. They all left the room and entered the living room where Zoey and Charlie anxiously awaited them.

End part 6

To be continued...









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